Have a good week FGR you’ll never hear me criticise tipsters. Sure there are the very good and the not so good, but if I’ve learnt one thing in getting my head down and really playing with level staking and following tipsters with said amounts is that it is incredibly hard, much nerve is required, the ability to stand long losing runs is a must, and patience is a given. I’ve tried explaining what I’m doing to a minority of work colleagues, and an even bigger minority are ‘getting it’ and why, but for those outside of ‘the game’ the roller coaster of wins and many more losses on the road to a profit based on BOGS and SPs is much beyond their comprehension. Thankfully I have the backing of the Mrs and she’s been happy when I’m making withdrawals, but touching on Autumn being hard I’ve not made a withdrawal since August and have trodden water at best, managed to just about maintain the betting bank but it’s had more downs than ups, however it’s still there and I’m still in the game for year two. Sometimes the short heads fall our way, but in losing runs it seems they don’t, just when we needed them most! Like you say, be lucky.

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