Ray Thompson

Cheers George, just got Jack back home after 45min e/w drive, the forms to fill in etc were another half hour and I’ve now had lunch. I have an appointment with the cinema in 30 mins so bear with me and I’ll zoom through what’s left! Hi, Paul and welcome Richard. Here are today’s selections, I’ll update the rules and whatnot this evening when I have more time.

Chepstow is a left hander showing a five year profit on Handicap Chase outsiders of only +£90 (before 5% commission) and is negative on H/C Hurdles. Also it’s best month for ousider winners is April. The weather today (going-wise) is soft to heavy here which might be interesting for the 2.30HcCh with Paddy The Oscar, Nail ‘M, Georgian King and Basford Ben worth a £2 win punt.

Fairyhouse 3.15 and Warwick 3.20 also worth a go. Nov/Dec best months win/profit for both courses and both disciplines.


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