Ray Thompson

Hi Paul, good to hear from you again. Everyone should use exchange betting if they want to make money, especially if they’re after the bigger fish that are inevitably priced much higher than ISP. It’s illogical not to. Hi, George! Didya enjoy episode 2?

Because of the weather we have really restricted fields on the jumps today. If you are having a bet, right-handed Ascot is bang in profit over the CHASE course and Nov is the top month for outsider winners. Haydock likes Mar/Apr and Oct-Dec, also profitable on chases only. My only bets today are at Asc 1.00MH Heresmynumber 20/1 (40) and Max The Minister 25/1 (50) and I don’t yet know how maidens are going to perform in soft ground.

Some good fields at the AW this evening so I’ve done 30 at Wol and 29 at Dundalk (both on ATR). At The Races is on Sky 415 and if you’ve any sort of Sky package you can add ATR for a mere £1 per month extra. Bargain!!

Friday Club this afternoon for a drop of cider and total trivia. Can anyone tell me when Batman left Launceston aboard the Enterprise?


P.S. Small profit of £19.30 after comm and stakes yesterday with one winner from each of Lin and Cfd. 🙂

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