Hi Matt nice to see you on here! I agree in general with the others regards moderation and self-policing, it’s good to have a forum where people aren’t talking nonsense and moaning about our resident tips the moaners annoy me so I can only imagine the effect it has on yourselves. To be fair to most racing forums for regulars they do seem to be used by people who know the game, rather than short termers who don’t understand the long game. So hopefully it can grow for the better for you and us all.

Well done recently chaps, and again FGR, I won’t always be able to follow all of your tips unfortunately as being a night worker I put tips and bets on early then go to bed but will catch what I can. The rankings are a nice guide to have overnight for on a Saturday morning and I can use them now before having a nap then up earlier today for my afternoon of sport. Cheers chaps, be lucky, if you are I might be too! Dave.

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