After Sunday’s post I have finally got my money back from Boylesports but not without a little more hassle. I had a further email asking me for a letter from my bank confirming that my current debit card was indeed a replacement. Such B/S from B/S was like a red rag to a bull, but when I am angry I start to get writing in a patronising manner. I went through in detail why I had changed the card; that it was good practice to delete old cards from all websites and that B/S were treated no differently; that it was unreasonable to expect a debit card to last the life time of any account; that I appreciated that they needed to be cautious if it had been a large sum of money or there were regular and suspicious deposit and withdrawal patterns that could indicate fraud or money laundering but this was clearly not such a case. Finally I reminded them that the withdrawal of funds was as a result of their decision. Whether it was my eloquence in arguing my case or they realised what prats they were being, a reply came back within minutes saying that I could use my card to get my cash back. So I immediately set about getting the dosh. Two days later and it finally appeared in my bank tonight. Funny how you can deposit immediately! In the meantime I have had six emails from them. One, yesterday, finally told me that my account had been restricted, three promoting bingo, casino and slots and two asking me to complete customer service questionnaires! Bearing in mind that their customer service only appears to exist to deliver B/S from B/S about their trading department (probably just a poorly programmed computer) I am not sure that I will bother.

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