Ray Thompson

Damn power outage this morning! Huge storm during the night with wind howling and rain/sleet drumming on windows then after falling asleep eventually woke at 9.30 to find power drainage, no lights, no electricity. Eventually realised the gas was working as long as an old-fashioned match was available to light it! Cuppa tea, some biccies, a stand up wash and voila! Je suis eveille!

Nice result with Derryogue at Leics, although I’d backed early and taken the 25. Still, after subtracting the stakes and comm I was left with a small profit of +£13.50

Plumpton no use today so I’ve stuck with the AWs and invested in 24 at Kem and 16 at good ol’ Wolves. Where a lot of selections are possible – for instance the 5.20 – I’ve cut back to three after looking at each runner’s credentials (oo-er, missus!). In the 3.20 I’m reluctantly on five potential outsider winners, but hey, what’s a guy to do?

I’ll find out the results this afternoon after Monday Movie, Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies starring Tom Hanks.

P.S. The nice outsider on the Geegeez shortlist today has been withdrawn. 🙁

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