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    Steve Packer

    Thanks Jerry,
    Yesterday was a bust with 2 from 6 winning, but overall it’s a good way to spot the false favourites. In some races the stats for the first 3 favs are awful so its probably best to avoid, or better still look at the bigger priced runners. There is also the reverse of this, which of course is positive reinforcement of the favourites. There was a race last Saturday in Lingfield where the trainer Scott sent 5 runners in handicaps on the turf there, with 3 different winners. His horse duly obliged @4/1 making it 4/6. Even yesterday A’obrien sent out the fav in the first in galway where he is very strong in non handicaps and won in a canter@2/1.
    I don’t have much time these days to post, but definitely filter the full form on the favourites
    The main filters I focus on are trainers and sires. I reference and cross reference most of the other filters til I see a pattern. Some stats just completely stand out, especially when the ground/distance/class are added
    Here is a classic example
    17.10 Beverley CORKED Trainer has 150 runners over the last 2 years in the class with only 2 winner and both of those were on AW. He had 86 runners in Class 6 races with 0 winners and only 14 places and yet the horse is tissue 7/2 and currently 5 to lay on betfair. The sire for the same horse is 1/23 for distance/age. Of course it could be a stat buster, but there is no way that I would back him. Is he a lay possibility yes, but unfortunately the stats on the others aren’t great either, to be truly confident.
    Anyways best of luck

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    Steve Packer

    14.10 BLAUSEE Trainer 0/21 age/handicap 1/23 going/handicaps Sire 1/17 class/age/ handicaps (1/29 overall) 0/14 distance/class/age (1/31 overall)
    14.40 BUHTURI trainer 0/6course/age 0/8 course/class Jockey 1/13 course/age Sire 0/17 going/age

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    Steve Packer

    14.00 RIVER CAM Sire 0/22 going/age 1/22 distance Trainer 0/7 course nhcap, 1/8 class/age/ nhcap
    15.00 ATHOLLBLAIR BOY 0/11 course &run under 10 days Sire 1/28 class&going 1/28 distance
    16.30 CALL ME GINGER Trainer 0/56 flat&aw +60 days Sire 0/20 +60 days 0/39 nhcap

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    Steve Packer

    3/13 today. The combined BFSP on the losses was -10.64, so the overall today was +2.3.
    18.00 in Kempton was a bust with the 2 lays the first 2 home. They might be worth following as they went against the grain on the stats. Same could be said for MOTAGALLY. He did his job well to give the trainer his first winner at the course for 2 years. Silver linings eh

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    Steve Packer

    MOTAGALLY @3.25so far is the only one who beat the stats with 1 more to run.
    Looking at the even meetings now
    16.55 CASTEL ANGELO Trainer 0/21 all weather 2yr old runners 0/7 for class at Kempton Jockey 1/13 class/ distance (2/30 over CD)
    17.30 PROGRESSIVE RATING Trainer 0/8 course/ age (0/20 on all weather) 1/32 class/all weather Sire 1/10 course/age
    18.00 INFLAMED Trainer 0/11 age CD, 1/23 age / distance/AW, Sire 1/7 CD/age 1/9 class/course
    18.00 GLEN ESK Sire1/19 class/age/handicaps Trainer 0/29 age

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    Steve Packer

    13.50 BENI LIGHT Trainer 0/7 at the course 0/16 class in chase Sire 1/8 on ground (BENI LIGHT) 0/3 in class, all unplaced Jockey 1/16 in chase including hunter at the distance
    14.20 SEVEN DE BAUNE Trainer 0/17 with 60+ break with chasers in class Sire 0/12 in chases
    14.00 WOTS THE WIFI CODE Trainer 0/8 age/ class 0/7 CD Sire 0/ 9 CD 0/23 course

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    Steve Packer

    13.40 MOTAGALLY Trainer 0/13 at the course, 1/13 in distance/class on turf Sire 0/16 distance/class on turf (1/25 overall)
    14.10 GREAT AIM Trainer 1/20 distance/age/ nhcap on turf (3/40 overall) Sire only 4 runs all unplaced Jockey 1/6 in nhcap at course
    14.40 BARRSBROOK Trainer 1/17 in handicaps with horses racing under 10 days Sire 0/6 distance, nothing placed Jockey 1/10 total
    15.10 IT’S HOW WE ROLL Trainer 1/16 going/class in handicaps 1/11 at the course Sire 0/17 going/class
    15.40 TURNTABLE Trainer 0/6 course 0/6 in handicaps with 60+ days in class 1/11 in age/class/ distance Jockey 0/14 in age/class/distance handicaps Sire 1/11going/distance/age
    16.40 BIG TIME MAYBE Trainer 1/60 class turf Sire 1/24 class/ general configuration

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    Steve Packer

    Thanks Sunchu,
    ORANGE SUIT defied the stats and won @ 2.86. MINA VAGANTE was a NR
    That’s 2/19 so far

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    Steve Packer

    13.55 GODDESS Trainer&Jockey 1/9 over C/D with age in non handicaps Sire 1/15 with age class and going and 1/26 in age class and distance
    15.00 ALBIGNA Trainer 0/16 age with 60+ days since last run. Sire 0/13 on turf for the age with 60+ days
    14.15 NEWYORKSTATEOFMIND Trainer 0/20 in distance class handicaps Sire 0/11 in handicaps
    15.20 ORANGE SUIT Trainer 1/11 in class under 10 days, also 1/11 with distance and age Sire 0/15 under 10 days in handicaps with courses with general configuration

    Ffos Las
    14.35 HOT SUMMER Trainer 1/20 over course and class Sire 1/35 age and class on turf (1/40 overall) 1/9 under 10 days since last run
    15.10 MIDNITEMUDCRABS Trainer 1/13 in distance class handicaps Jockey 0/24 with age/class/ general configuration Sire 0/6 class/age/handicaps (2/19 overall)
    15.45 MADELEINE BOND Trainer 0/6 course 1/16 in class/distance Sire 0/7 age/going 1/12 class/going
    16.20 MINA VAGANTE Trainer 1/13 in distance/class/ general configuration 1/9 in going/class Sire 1/17 going/age and 1/19 going class

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    Steve Packer

    Nearly a clean sweep, but alas Super FLORENCE did me in the end @4.33. If I recall correctly only 1 other runner finished in first 2.

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    Steve Packer

    Just a few more in today’s races
    15.45 JUMIRA BRIDGE Trainer 1/16 with class/age/handicaps and 1/22 in age/distance/ handicaps Jockey 0/9 distance/ general configuration
    16.20 STRICT TEMPO Trainer 1/14 in handicaps at bath Sire 1/44 flat handicaps and 1/14 distance
    17.30 MORE THAN LIKELY Trainer 1/31 in age/class and 0/11 in age/course Sire 1/18 in class/age/general configuration Jockey 0/7 at course
    16.05 QUEENOFTHECLYDE trainer 1/15 age/handicaps
    17.15 MUHALLAB. Trainer MUHALLAB last win disguises trainers woeful record 1/15 in handicaps going right hand also his -10 days is 1/11 on turf due to the win
    19.15 SUPER FLORENCE Trainer is 0/23 on horses run -10 days at the course Sire is 0/19 in the class handicaps under 10 days as well

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    Steve Packer

    Here are a few that the trainers have a good strike rate over today’s courses in either handicaps or non.
    R Whitaker is 5/17 with horses that have ran within 60 days in handicaps at Pontefract in class 5 races. He runs ROUND THE ISLAND in the 20.05 and PENNY POT LANE in the 20.35
    S Bin Suroor is 6/14 in Leicester nhcap and 4/7 in 3 yr old nhcap. He runs 2 in the 4.30, AL MUREIB and GHALY
    M Johnson is 8/31 at Windsor with horses that have no equipment and 5/10 in nhcap. He has ETON COLLEGE in the 18.15

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    Steve Packer

    W Stone is 6/22 over the last 2 years in Brighton handicaps (4/17) in last year. He runs both DIAMOND LADY 3.05 and TIGERFISH 3.35

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    Steve Packer

    The Brighton 2.00 should be easy peasy, as my QT shows up lays for 2 horses and a positive for the other one.
    IVOR is a Cjt for R Hannon, whilst TAXIWALA is a lay 2 yr old sire ( going 0/34) and INYAMAZANE trainer, is 0/10 on course and class
    Interestingly Hannon is 7/ 24 for age , class and course over the last 2 years.

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    Steve Packer

    O greenall has had 9/26 winners in class 4 hurdles races, that have run within 60 days of last race, over the last 3 months. He runs BOSSINEY BAY in the 19.40 in Warwick today.
    I also have positive trends for PASSING DREAM and SO LONELY and feel that they are combination forecast (6 bets)and tricast (6 bets) material

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