Weekly Systems Trial Update

A difference of opinion…

...can be good to spark a healthy debate and that's what has happened after the lateat set of results for the top earner in the

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup for 10/12/2015...

Last week, I said that a return to form for Bookies Enemy No.1 was exactly what I expected and after being 3rd on our weekly list last week with £225 profit, they reached the No 1 spot this week with a profit of almost £430 ( all the bets are listed here). It's a service I've followed for some time and one I like but, Ernest, our reviewer isn't quite as keen, more on that later!

The test of this week's top 3 was filled by a couple of football tipping services, namely Football Advisor who added £84.24 to their bottom line (Phils' review is right here) with Paul Ruffy's high flying Match Day Profits not too far benid on £61.13 (click here to read Barry's review) on a week where we had six profitable services clocking up £657.22 between them.

Our other nine reviews showed a combined loss of £364.44, meaning that if anyone followed all 15 services this week, there would have been a net gain of £292.78.

The ones to avoid this week were Head 2 Head Sports who just haven't got going at all and whose review now shows another weekly loss of £33.35, whilst next in line is the Each Way King who couldn't follow up last week's excellent effort, as they gave £50.75 back to the bookies (details of that here).

Our to worst performers of the week were BETS2U whose £75.00 loss came at just the wrong time, as that means they ended their trial period in the red, but they did at least avoid the Geegeez Wooden Spoon, which goes to Max Racing Tips after a loss of £86.58. They're still in profit, mind you, as verified by Chris T's detailed report.

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And here's the overall picture...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Match Day Profits £791.00 (at day 39) 39 £61.13 Click Here
High Rollers Betting £737.66 (at day 45) 45 -£44.00 Click Here
Football Advisor £530.04 (at day 49) 49 £84.24 Click Here
Bookies Enemy No.1 £479.32 (at day 60) 60 £429.92 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (WIN) £390.00 (at day 60) 60 -£20.00 Click Here
Classic Racing Gold £213.85 (at day 18) 18 £19.50 Click Here
Each Way King £118.05 (at day 34) 34 -£50.75 Click Here
Football Fever £73.63 (at day 28) 28 £36.72 Click Here
Max Racing Tips £37.77 (at day 50) 50 -£86.58 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (LAY) £23.45 (at day 49) 49 -£2.26 Click Here
Pav Sports £14.02 (at day 15) 15 -£22.34 Click Here
Head 2 Head Sports -£33.35 (at day 10) 10 £25.71 Click Here
Lucrative Portfolio (PLACE) -£58.06 (at day 58) 58 -£23.51 Click Here
BETS2U -£64.27 (at day 60) 60 -£75.00 Click Here
Bet Alchemist -£263.49 (at day 33) 33 -£40.00 Click Here

As always, clicking the name of a service takes you to their homepage,
where you'll find plenty of information on the product and also the opportunity to sign up, if you wanted to.

It goes without saying that we're currently very impressed with all of our top three, but we won't nail our colours to the mast just yet, so let's turn our attentions back to number four on our list, Bookies Enemy No.1 who finally ended their trial with a healthy looking profit of £479.32.

Ernest Anthony spent plenty of time compiling this review and it certainly had its ups and downs and spent much of its review time in the red, which is a part of the reason why he awarded it a neutral rating, but I've had the benefit of following this one for over a year and it's one I really like. I'm happy to recommend it, Ernest is undecided.

His review is an excellent read and I've no disagreement with his analysis, but I do have the benefit of a longer view and I feel we just caught Bookies Enemy No.1 at a bad time, when many services were struggling. A closer analysis of the results show that the singles bets are far more profitable than the multiples, a feeling backed up by the vendor in a chat I had earlier this week.

So, my final thoughts would be that I'm happy to recommend you give Bookies Enemy No.1 a try, but stick to the singles bets only and as a bit of an incentive, if you join via this link, the first month is at half price (£19.99 instead of £39.99).

Thanks for reading,

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