A Fakenham Placepot (by way of P6)

New form indicators

New form indicators

In this video post, I wanted to introduce some of the new elements of the geegeez racecards, which are currently residing in a test area but will soon appear live on the site for all Gold subscribers to use.

I've chosen today's Fakenham meeting, and a placepot bet framed around it, as the subject matter. So the video serves two ends.

Actually, it serves a third to some degree as well: it illustrates one or two of my own betting methodologies in practical form. It's quite long, but may be worth persevering with over a mug of tea.


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  1. deecaldee says:

    Will look forward to a pre Derby tinker with the cards 😀
    As your Banker in the first is a nr I’ll flag this one – Bushel has been backed by some who follow the yard

  2. Matt Bisogno says:

    Well that was a bit rubbish. At least the place lay at 1.25 meant no major damage done… 🙁

  3. sondrio2 says:

    do you always do a place lay like you have in this example matt when attempting the placepot, to be honest ive never had a stab at the placepot, always seems to complicated.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Sondrio

      I usually do, yes, especially if banking in first or last leg. First leg, the place lay is to cover all or a subset of my stake, depending on how likely I believe a negative result to be. Last leg, always to lock in a profit on the bet, based on what I calculate the minimum dividend to be.

      There are some occasions when I already know that I won’t be able to cover my stakes with the returned dividend. In those case, I let the bet run, though it is still more sensible to hedge the loss in such cases.

      I hope at least some of that makes sense.


      • tonyb65 says:

        I find the tactic of a place lay to cover bets very interesting. I play the placepot regularly and this certainly seems to be an interesting approach. Is there any chance you could expand further on the topic at some stage? Good video Matt

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Tony

          There’s not too much to expand on, I’m afraid. Essentially, I’d be looking to side with the shortest priced horse on the card if I think it has solid place credentials for its race. Due to the shortness of its odds, it can be laid in the place market for very little money.

          Using the Bushel example, he was 1.25 to place lay, meaning a £16.20 placepot stake would be covered by a £4 or so lay bet. Now, of course, that makes your outlay nearer £20 than £16, and it far from guarantees you success in the ‘pot. But it does insure the position on the race in question, and is especially useful in the last leg.

          Another thing you can do in the last leg in short fields where there are only two places available, is to perm any unselected placepot horses in a combination exacta.

          Hope that adds further food for thought, Tony.


  4. MICKOOOOOO says:

    Looking forward to upgrade this week.

    Funniest placepot ever (think someone bribed half the horses to have a bad day !).

    “Squeeze me” in the last was a good piece of timing by the jockey imo and shouted that one home after a poor days efforts on my part.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Can be a really tough track, Fakenham, and I didn’t show myself in a great light today as a consequence.

      The first fence unseat of Full Ov Beans was a particular lowlight, perhaps rivalled by the clunker put in by Bushel in the first.

      Onwards and downwards, as I’m fond of saying…


  5. sondrio2 says:

    thanks matt, that does make sense, love the videos by the way, great to see you putting the features through there paces, look forward to seeing more in the future.
    cheers george

  6. Chris says:

    In the last race, when you clicked on the pace analysis, three of the jockey names disappeared. Any reason for this?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      Yes, simply a coding thing from way back. A different team member built the pace tab, and we’ve not got round to integrating that yet. Also, some of the silks images appear as broken on that tab, which is a bit ugly. The core data, however – the pace figures – is sound.


  7. proctor says:

    Thanks to new cards just had £201.00 forecast in the 20.00 at Yarmouth. Great thanks.

  8. deecaldee says:

    The new tweaks probably make the cards something Carlsberg would liked to have done! ;D

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