Geegeez Reviews Update

A good week for the newbies…

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup 17/06/2015

Our latest weekly roundup shows that two of the three best performing services over the last week were actually the two that we only starting reviewing 9 days ago!

Top the weekly pile was Race Bet Formula, a variable stakes service from WIN. After a shaky start early last week, they've picked up some decent results and in the last 7 days have advised 7 winners from 35 bets (20% SR) for 35pts profit (every selection is here). Their average bet size is around the 3.3pts mark, so we're running this review on a £3 per point basis and they're already £130 to the good.

More on Race Bet Formula here...

Our weekly runner-up is a familiar name, as the Big Race Bookie Busters added another £94 to their bottom line. I've talked about BRBB at length in the past, as it's a service I really rate, but if you don't know much about, click here for details. They're almost £700 in profit since coming under review and every bet is listed in our full review.

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Our other successful newcomer is Trendsmania which forms part of the Tipster Street portfolio and over the last seven days, they hit 6 winners from 18 selections to record level stakes profits of almost £49 at Betfair SP (less 5% commission, of course!). This service is really easy to follow, as you 'll see from our review, or you could always click here to find out more about it!

Where there are winners, there also has to be losers and there were some hefty losses incurred elsewhere this past week with the three worst performers losing over £415 between them!

Winning Trends continued their horrific run of poor form, shipping another £75.80 (details here), whilst it was a rare off week for the Racing Consultants, who handed back over £103 of their previously earned profits, but our review still shows a very healthy profit, as you'll see below.

Yet both of those losses above were dwarved by the not-so-super performance of Super Tips, who lost £236.50 over the past week and have now lost almost £400 in a little over a fortnight (each bet is here).

And here's how all that fits together...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Racing Consultants £1,043.33 (at day 51) 51 -£103.50 Click Here
Big Race Bookie Busters £688.02 (at day 57) 57 £93.92 Click Here
Race Bet Formula £130.05 (at day 9) 9 £133.05 Click Here
Trackerman £34.55 (at day 45) 45 -£5.00 Click Here
Trendsmania -£1.06 (at day 9) 9 £48.94 Click Here
Serve It Up -£69.43 (at day 29) 29 £21.87 Click Here
Winners Enclosure -£150.27 (at day 46) 46 £42.20 Click Here
Racing Specials -£170.74 (at day 14) 14 -£19.07 Click Here
Super Tips -£397.55 (at day 16) 16 -£236.50 Click Here
Winning Trends -£713.04 (at day 51) 51 -£75.80 Click Here

Clicking the name of a service takes you directly to their own site,
where you'll find more information and the oportunity to subscribe.

As you can clearly see, both Racing Consultants and Big Race Bookie Busters look untouchable at the head of the table, but their trials are soon to end, meaning we'll be looking for one of the others to seize the initiative, but the current form of most of them is so poor that Race Bet Formula's good start is enough to send them straight into our top 3.

At the bottom end of the table, I'd be very surprised if any of the bottom four made it towards a break-even point, such has been the abject nature of their performances to date, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

As always, time will be the judge of that!


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