[VIDEO] A look at Friday’s reports…

I've recorded another video. In it, I walk through the Geegeez Gold reports in search of some Friday winners. There are horses of interest - from shorties to 33/1 pokes - throughout the recording.

It's long. Just over an hour in fact. But it may well be worth the time, if you can spare it.

The video is more about the general 'how' and 'why' rather than Friday's specific 'what' and/or 'who', if that makes sense. Either way, I hope you get something from it. You can make the video bigger by clicking the square icon in the bottom right corner.

IMPORTANT: If you're having problems with the audio, please try this direct link


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18 replies
  1. Hugster says:

    May just be me, but I’m getting no sound, unfortunately…(via Safari on iPhone)

  2. andrew mcgahey says:

    Excellent video matt i have learned so much on all the different things to consider on the tools you can use to come to your selections

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Glad you got something from it, Andrew. Thanks for commenting, and best of luck!


  3. bob90 says:

    interesting vidio first time for me had no problems with sound or vision looking forward to next one learned a bit more of how it all works cheers matt.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You’re welcome, Bob. I really should do more of these – and will commit to do more!

      Thanks for the feedback,

  4. John Polockus says:

    Just got round to watching the video ..quality as ever ,keep up the good work matt…

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