Geegeez Reviews Update

A lot can happen in 3 weeks…

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Reviews Update we'll see in the
Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup for 09/09/2015.

Unless you've been away yourself, you'll know I've been on holiday and that there has been no roundup for three weeks. During my absence, we had four reviews come to a conclusion and five excellent performances to take note of.

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Let's start with the high-flyers...

  1. The Knack made £451.35 profit thanks to hitting 14 winners from 42 bets (33.33% SR) since my last report and each of those bets are listed here.
  2. On The Nose wasn't far behind with an excellent return of £425.46, after brilliant run of form that saw them find 17 winners from 41 selections (41.46% SR), all of which is detailed in Ernest's review.
  3. Next in line is the Curate's Egg that is the Elite Ratings System. There's no doubt that the service is an excellent one and recent profits of £245.05 back up my statement, but a quick read of our review and the comments left by readers suggest the customer service isn't quite what it should be and I'll be chasing the vendors up about that this week!
  4. Prior to my holiday, The Specialist had set about recouping some early losses and he continued to do so in my absence, clocking up profits of £235.49 in the process. Ernest's review shows 23 winners from 53 selections in the last three weeks.
  5. And the last of the noteworthy profits came from Racing Methodology. Sadly, their haul of £175.25 wasn't anywhere near enough let them finish their trial in profit (see here why!), but it did at least allow them to leave on a high.

And here's how all of the above affects the bigger picture...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Elite Ratings System £941.40 (at day 49) 49 £245.05 Click Here
On The Nose £923.50 (at day 60) 60 £425.46 Click Here
All Weather Profits £613.18 (at day 35) 35 -£193.47 Click Here
Value Backing £598.00 (at day 60) 60 £38.00 Click Here
The Knack £331.85 (at day 47) 47 £451.35 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (BTD) £121.10 (at day 37) 37 -£20.50 Click Here
The Specialist £95.51 (at day 43) 43 £235.49 Click Here
Percentage Form Edge -£8.83 (at day 34) 34 £54.77 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (DC) -£47.30 (at day 30) 30 -£27.20 Click Here
Bank Builder -£98.53 (at day 60) 60 -£3.99 Click Here
Racing Methodology -£399.17 (at day 60) 60 £175.25 Click Here

As always, clicking the name of a service will take you directly to their own homepage,
whilst there are links above directing you to each of our current reviews.
Plus if you want to read a review of a service we've completed in the past, you can do so by visiting the system review section right here.

And now onto the four services whose trial period finished whilst I was away. So, in order of success...

  1. On The Nose not only had an excellent time over the last three weeks, they also finished with an overall profit of £923.50 and get the coveted Geegeez Seal of Approval. Our review will give you an overview of the service, whilst clicking here will get you more information along with the oppotunity to sign up!
  2. We're also happy to endorse Carl Nicholson's Value Backing service. This is an occasional service that only offers advice whgen Carl is extremely confident that he can produce profit. Our review of the service saw just 50 bets at £10 each , but still returned profits of £598 and you can get involved right here.
  3. It wasn't quite such a happy story for the Bank Builder, who not only failed to build a bank, but actually ended up with £98.53 less than they started with two months ago. It's not a huge loss, but we clearly can't suggest you subscribe to it!
  4. And the last of the four departing services is Racing Methodology. I'm not sure whether we just caught them in a bad spell in the early stages of our review, because the last 25 days of the trial saw 22 winners from 50 (44% SR) and almost £200 profit and I think that I might just keep an eye on this one for another month or so.

I'll go into more detail about the current triallists next week, when I'll hopefully have some new reviews to publish for you, but until then, have a great week!

Chris and the review team (who coped manfully without me!)

Your first 30 days for just £1
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    fredcm says:

    Hi Chris welcome back really appreciate these reviews unfortunately whenever I follow one it goes tits up.
    Best regards Fred

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    Bubbles180 says:

    Thanks for the update MATT been following a couple of these, do any of these services offer geeggez members a free or reduced trial period, if not is their any you would highly recommend adding to a portfolio, at present im extremely happy with my geegeez subscription and never won as much from the bookies as i have over the last 10 weeks, I would like to make a good portfolio of services especially for the NH season and then for the AW and Flat Turf for next year.

    Your comments are always appreciated

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