A master of all trades?

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Reviews Update

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup, 30/09/2015

In a week where not a great deal happened on the review scene, one service stood head and shoulders above the rest.

We've had 11 active reviews on the go this week and 10 of them either made a small loss (Bet Alchemist's £80 loss was the worst ) or they made a small profit (Draw Day Demolition made £30 from the BTD strategy), but no real stories to tell, except for...

...The Sports Guru, who had an excellent week, adding £204.30 to the bottom line after 34 winners from 65 selections from a whole host of sports including Football, Rugby, NFL, Baseball, Speedway, Tennis and many more (a full breakdown is right here), making them masters of all trades this week.

Your first 30 days for just £1

As there wasn't much movement this week, the overall positions are probably largely unaltered, but...

...let's take a look at the current state of play....

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Elite Ratings System £1,048.90 (at day 60) 60 £12.50 Click Here
All Weather Profits £526.78 (at day 31) 31 £13.60 Click Here
The Sports Guru £171.30 (at day 15) 15 £204.30 Click Here
The Specialist £159.70 (at day 60) 60 -£21.10 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (BTD) £6.80 (at day 58) 58 £30.00 Click Here
Bet Alchemist -£17.50 (at day 8) 8 -£80.00 Click Here
Daily Nap -£29.40 (at day 9) 9 -£9.40 Click Here
Q Racing -£53.14 (at day 7) 7 -£22.09 Click Here
Max Racing Tips -£56.19 (at day 7) 7 -£12.90 Click Here
Percentage Form Edge -£68.73 (at day 55) 55 -£17.52 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (DC) -£69.60 (at day 58) 58 £13.50 Click Here

Click the name of any service for more details.

As you can see, it was the end of the review road for two triallists this week and despite both making a profit, they got differing final verdicts from our reviewers.

Ernest reviewed The Specialist and despite this one making £159.70 profit, he said..."It is difficult to dismiss this service as a failure and I feel that the results may have improved due to the author adopting a different selection method. I therefore award 3/5" You can read his full reasons for a neutral verdict in his review right here.

On the other hand, Ray was very effusive in his praise of Elite Ratings System, which topped out at £1050 profit at £5 per point from their 60-day review. The trial wasn't without its ups and downs and Ray's full review touches on some areas for improvement, but that aside, it's a service we're happy to recommend.

We added two more racing reviews this week and there'll be two more new ones next week too as we replace those coming to the end of their trials. We're always looking for new products to road test for you guys, so if there's something you'd like to see, let me know!


Your first 30 days for just £1
4 replies
  1. whiston01 says:

    What a bad time to be reviewing Bet Alchemist.This is a service that amassed good profits in 2013 and 2014.However 2015 has been a poor year so far with over 40 pts lost and only a couple of months where small profits have been achieved.
    Nicky is a top man and will talk to anybody in an open and frank way.I really do hope he turns it around but his losing run although not terminal is definitely worrying.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi whiston

      I know Nicky well, and he’s a very good judge, especially on the Irish scene. Like you, I’d be confident he’ll turn things around: form is temporary, class permanent and all that.

      Let’s see what the review brings before condemning it so early. An eight point loss is roughly equal to half of one winner at the sort of prices Nicky plays. The profits will be back, but clearly nobody can say when. (If only!)


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