A New Beginning for geegeez.co.uk?

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end

Jim Morrison had it about right, when he warbled the above with The Doors.

After deep consideration, and with a very heavy heart, I've decided that it's time for me to walk away from geegeez.co.uk.

I have every hope that the site will continue to exist, and most likely in a very similar format to the current setup. But that's assuming a buyer can be found who shares the vision and ethos you've come to expect from this little dot in the pointillist digital landscape of the internet.

There are two reasons I've reached this decision, and they're linked.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Firstly, I've subsidized geegeez to a significant degree from my other business interests over the past year, and that's not something I can justify any more. More on the paradox of this in a moment.

And secondly, I'm tired and I need a change. Frankly, I think geegeez probably does too. This has been my lifeblood for five and a half years now, and it's come a very long way since that first post in August 2008.


The very beginning...

The very beginning...


Focusing on the first of those reasons for a second, I decided about this time two years ago to really kick on with geegeez.co.uk. It was doing well, providing me with a good living from talking gubbins about racing, and about betting systems and services. And it would have continued to do just that, but for one thing. I was bored.

geegeez virtually ran without input from me at the time, especially as I had help - firstly from Paul and, since June 2011, Chris has been my invaluable right hand man. That support gave me the space that every entrepreneur needs to stop being tactical - i.e. living from day to day, doing the same thing - and to start being strategic, i.e. develop a 'grand plan' for the way forward.

The grand plan had a simple mission statement: to make geegeez.co.uk the best free independent UK racing site on the 'net. I like to think we came close.

Of course, a business plan involves making money. After all, the first rule of business is that if you're not selling anything, you're not in business. (It's amazing how many businesses actually don't get that!)

geegeez was selling quite a lot of systems and services which had been reviewed on the site and our brilliant independent reviewers (thank you, guys!!!) were happy to recommend. It was thanks in part to their hard work that we were able to offer so much for so little. Or for free, to be more precise.

My new strategy involved publishing the racecards each day, and results, and having all sorts of cool - and easy to use - form study tools and reports. It also involved more interaction, through competitions and a tipping league.

Plus, I wanted to showcase some of the hottest new writing talent I could find. I couldn't afford the 'name' writers and, in any case, they've generally got too much to lose to say anything of real interest.

Indeed, the biggest 'name' I've been lucky enough to host on geegeez is Tony Stafford, senior member of the Fleet Street racing mob for many a decade. The cost of his services? A cup of tea and a bacon roll every other month. This tip top man, an absolute encyclopedia of racing, rises early most Sundays to pen some thoughts on the sport's to's and fro's of the last week or so. Plus, he hurls in a spot of Arsenal bluster here and there, but I can't begrudge him that! He does it gratis, bless him.

The writers published on these virtual pages have been expert in their areas, and have had pithy observations to make. Very little fence-sitting, but plenty of ballast to support their arguments. Just how it should be, and - though I say it myself - just how I wanted it.

But, Mr Stafford aside, they cost. Not fortunes, but they cost. Collectively, it comes to a fair sum each month. And there has never been any charge for that quality insight.

I'm sorry to say that I've had to stand the entire writing team down, with effect from the end of the month. Mal Boyle, the daily stats man; Andy Newton, and his Saturday TV and trainer trends; Tony Keenan's Irish views; Martin Pennington's excellent point-to-point knowledge; and, of course, Ian Sutherland, my news writer, for whom this particular news came in the week of his 1000th post on geegeez.

There have been others down the years too, but it's never easy to let people go, especially when they've not actually done anything wrong. It's a tremendous testament that some of the above named have offered to continue to write for free, a) because they love writing for people who actually show their appreciation for what they're doing, and b) because they'd like to write for the new owner(s), whoever that might be.

Then there's the racecards. For someone who spent ten years managing major software projects, it was an eye-opening experience getting those into being. Bootstrapping has been the order of the day. Scrimping on development costs by calling in favours from friends, and friends of the site who have become friends. My massive and sincere thanks go to Nige and Dave, whose hard work for little financial return - certainly compared to the market rate - has produced those things of beauty that help you find your picks each day.

Johanne, my intern, has created perhaps the biggest business asset in his year with me. A raw rookie in work experience terms, he came to me with a first in creative computing for his degree, and he's learned more in one year sat in the office with me than he did in three years at university (by his admission). I want to record my thanks to him too.

Even employing an intern and 'mate's rates', the development exercise was expensive. Especially so after a failed outsource operation (mostly my fault rather than theirs, I should add). It was also time-consuming.

And who knew that when you have all this clever stuff happening on your website, and people are actually using it, that you might need more than £2 a month hosting?! 😉 Well, I do now...

Whilst doing all this, I dropped the ball a little on the system/service review side. In other words, at the same time as spending a ton of money on developing the site, I also reduced the incomings from the review side. Careless on my part.

In the end, it's been a hell of a year with staff and an office and data licensing costs and project management and and and.

Oh yes, and there was the small matter of being dad to a fantastic little lad, and wanting to spend as much time as I can with him.

I'll be honest. For the first time since geegeez.co.uk squinted its virtual eyes into the bright light of cyberspace, it has felt like having a J-O-B this year. But not just any old job. No, a job where you work doubly hard, are responsible for the livelihood of other people, and earn almost no money, because you're ploughing it all back into the business.

And that brings me onto my point two above: I'm tired.

As well as being dad I have had the business to run, a double life which millions of men carry off with staggering élan on a daily basis. Fair play to them, but it's taken me to the outer limits of my capacity and, if I wanted that I'd have carried on being an overpaid consultant to over-earning financial institutions. That's what I left back then to do this...

I've been marketing director, chief correspondent, managing editor, third line customer support (and first line too), chief operating officer, accountant, clerk, secretary, syndicate manager, and a bit more besides. Again, plenty of people do that. After all, it's what running a small business generally entails. And most of those poor bastards don't get to watch racing every day!

So, no sympathy required. Rather, I'm trying to articulate how we... I... came to be where we... I... are... am.

I always said I'd give this project until the end of the year to 'wash its face', but it hasn't, and I need to be a man and walk away. The weird thing - for me, not for any potential buyer - is that having gone through the nuts and bolts over the weekend, 2014 looks full of promise.

Most of the heavy lifting - development costs, data licensing, and the like - is now done. With the vast majority of the development work to produce cool reports and tools for those who want to bet on horse racing completed, for someone - most likely an existing racing publisher, I guess - this will make a great 'turnkey' investment.

I've given five and a half years of my professional life to it, and to you, geegeez' visitors and readers: its loyal and valued subscribers and, in many, many cases, friends. It's been the second best thing I've ever done, and to all who have supported me down the years, your part will sincerely never be forgotten, in the same way that it's never been taken for granted.

But I have to face harsh reality. I've never borrowed a penny in this business, and the fact that I never will is why I have to stop. I'm not commercially aggressive enough to make the investment of this year pay in the very short term, even as I can see the point where investment and return on investment pass each other.

My biggest 'mistake' has ultimately been to give too much away for nothing, when it was costing me something. Cumulatively, a pretty something. I've always believed in being inclusive and my lack of background in marketing has found me out in the end.

So when I recently invited you to trial the Gold service, most of you politely declined. That might have been because you were busy doing other things (apparently something quite significant happens in December each year - the King George on Boxing Day?). It might have been because you've got no money, or no desire to pay for an upgrade. Or it might have been because you get all you need from the free stuff on the site.

There is one other possibility: it might (very well) have been because I did a less than stellar job of 'selling' the free trial to you. For instance, you might not even know that Gold trialists currently have a hot-off-the-press Harry Fry stable tour, with a very dark horse expected to win first time out after a long layoff and a change of stable... 😉 Oh, and I probably ought to have said something about the 6/1 winner for the little system on the Gold subscribers' page too...

You see, whilst I have a very good model for selling products on a one off basis - as plenty of my now peers in the industry can attest - I've never really quite nailed the 'building an asset base' side of things in the way I'd probably have liked to. And that's because I keep giving high quality stuff away. It's hard to feel bad about that, and I don't, but I do feel it maybe should have worked out better than it did in the finish. Anyway...

The options as it stands then are:
1 - Sell up and walk away
2 - Find an investor and re-visit the current 'free line'
3 - Downsize back to a little blog site

Option 2 is not really an option for me. I don't especially want to 'co-habit' with an investor. I don't want to have to consider someone else's opinion in key decisions (notwithstanding that I recognize they might be far better placed to determine the right path).

And I really, really don't want to re-visit the current 'free line'. Put another way, I would find it nigh on impossible to justify charging for something like the Race Analysis Reports, which have been adored as a free facet of the site. That would feel a bit like a pusher offering crack for a few months before asking for money. I guess.

It's not something I can do, and I don't feel any compulsion to reconsider that stance. So Option 2 is a non-runner.

Option 1 - sell up and walk away - is my preferred option. It would, of course, be conditional, as I have a duty of care to those reading this to ensure that a prospective buyer shares at least the guts of my ethos for geegeez. It is also conditional on my valuation being met. Because of the first condition, I am prepared to take a hit on the second. What I'm not prepared to do is, excuse me, be bent over on this.

Which brings me to the third possibility...

Option 3 - downsize back to a little blog site - has some appeal if my valuation isn't met. But things would change markedly, and you and other readers may not derive the same value that you currently do from such a route forward.

Firstly, those brilliant writers would be scarcely affordable. Secondly, it's quite likely that I'd have to tear up the data licensing contract and, thus, the racecards and related reports would go too. The tipping league is driven off that data as well, so that would be out.

Like I say, it'd be back to me writing random thoughts on horse racing, a few tips from Chris and myself (Chris is now more indispensible to geegeez than me!), and some system and service reviews.

Moreover, because I'm completely 'cream crackered', I'd have to take a month out - at least - to recharge my flat batteries. So it'd be a quiet time for a while.

My preference, as I've said, is for Option 1. But I'll not sell you - or me - short on that, which does bring in Option 3. After a rest. (Bizarrely, if someone does step forward to buy the site, I'll likely end up working with them for a couple of months to handover, but will most certainly take my leave of absence thereafter!)

I do have a prospectus for interested parties - serious enquiries only please, and some demonstration of viability will be required before data is divulged - so if you might be interested in what is a brilliant opportunity for the right company, either to synergize with existing titles, or to take a first step into the racing niche, then please do contact me.


I must start to close by saying that this is very sad for me personally. Very sad. And it's desperately disappointing that it's come to this. It's also been really difficult telling people whose contributions I value so much that I can no longer showcase their talent. But that's where we are, I'm afraid.

So what happens next? Well, for the next few weeks, you're very unlikely to see any difference, except that there will be less content on the site after the end of the month. That likely means I'll be doing a bit more writing myself, so apologies for that in advance. 😉

Gold membership and the racecards will continue, at least until April, when the break clause in my license can be activated. So need to do anything just yet if you're a member of that esteemed community. (And if you're not, now might be a fine time to register...)

Thereafter, during January, things will be winding down on the editorial side unless/until a buyer is found. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please get in touch. Serious enquiries only please.

We've had a great run since 22nd August 2008 - five and a half good years. And before that, since 23rd February 2007 when I wrote my first post on nag-nag-nag. That's nigh on seven years of blogging. As a consequence of my digital scribbles, I got to write a weekly column for The Irish Field, and a Cheltenham feature last year for attheraces.com, as well as having geegeez.co.uk featured in the Racing Post (though the assertion that the site had "a few serviceable posts" still rankles!)

This year, the site has had 786,454 visits from 220,189 unique visitors. They - you - have collectively viewed 3,913,990 pages. And over 73% of you are return visitors. There have been over 10,000 posts, and 17,645 comments (none of which are spam, and all of which have been manually moderated by myself or Chris).

More good news for a potential buyer is that those figures are a step up on 2012, and offer solid evidence that the site's popularity continues on an upward curve.


Some tidy numbers for geegeez this year...

Some tidy numbers for geegeez this year...


Since February 2007, I've personally written well over two MILLION words. In fact, with comment replies and the like, it's probably over three million!

Given that your average novel weighs in at somewhere between 80,000 and 120,000 words, that's close to thirty volumes in seven years. No wonder I've got RSI. (Did I mention I'm starting to get RSI?!)

So we've done a lot right. Unfortunately, I've done one thing wrong. I've not made enough money to pay the bills, and to keep my family in a way I'd want to. Bills which grew considerably in 2013, and a family which has also grown by 50%, as I've tried to take geegeez to the next level.

Although the bills will be a fair bit lower in 2014 with a number of one off costs now sunk, I remain knackered.

I don't regret trying, though I'm disappointed by my failure to achieve the business objectives I set out for geegeez. And it's perfectly fair to say that I under-estimated the enormity of the challenge, with all the management decisions - be they technical, marketing, strategic, or logistical - posted through one door: mine.

So, for now at least, many thanks for reading this post - and the likely large number of previous contributions you've perused at this virtual address - and please keep dropping by, as nothing will change in the short term. Plus, how else will I keep you updated of any developments on the future?!

In the meantime, if you'd like to encourage a potential buyer (or just help cheer me up!) by demonstrating the affection you have for the site, then please do leave a comment below. In any case, you have my heartfelt thanks for being a part of this adventure for so long, and I hope you understand my reasons for arriving at the crossroads I am now.

Thank you.


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Your first 30 days for just £1
173 replies
  1. John Begg
    John Begg says:

    I will miss you and the geeeeez Matt. Having met you personally I know what effort you put in. You deserve to find a buyer.

  2. luciano
    luciano says:

    You’ve created easily the best racing site on the net Matt. Whatever decision you arrive at you’re success is assured (Nap).

  3. RonCombo
    RonCombo says:

    Blimey Matt, that’s a bolt from the blue for a Monday morning! Appreciate your honesty and straight talking. Sad news ‘though, very sad. Thank you for, well, everything you have given us. I think most people (me especially) have no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes. Good luck finding a buyer.

  4. Matt Bisogno
    Matt Bisogno says:

    Thanks, John. I’m sure I’ll still be around somewhere, and in some capacity. I honestly haven’t even thought that far ahead yet, though.

  5. Frank1954
    Frank1954 says:

    Sad to see you go Matt. Really enjoyed your input and opinions. Wish you every success and happiness for the future…

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Frank. To clarify, I’m not gone yet and, unless/until a buyer is found, I will still be around to some degree or another.


  6. Brian Farrow
    Brian Farrow says:

    I do hope you get a buyer Matt. For me, this is the best racing site I have used. The race cards are an innovative way of expressing form and I find it much easier to sort out the horses to concentrate on using the ‘traffic light ‘ set up.The amount of other information is excellent with loads of stuff for everyone

  7. Alan Slinn
    Alan Slinn says:

    As one of the many people who has benefitted massively from your freebies I would like to thank you very much and wish you lots of success in what ever you do. A S

  8. tony3663
    tony3663 says:

    Matt,I am certain all of your “customers” will join me in saying,”Well Done” for your wonderful site over the years.Family must come first,in all aspects,but I hope that we do not lose you altogether.Take care,get some rest,and remember,we enjoyed your company.

  9. Graham Ashford
    Graham Ashford says:

    A big thank you for this site over the years
    Always been the most interesting site on the web.
    The depth of content has been fantastic.
    Hope Geegeez carry’s on and a big thank you Matt and everybody on the team that run this site.
    Matt what every you do it will be a success.

  10. barry
    barry says:

    Matt, This really is a sad day for the industry. The honest opinionated articles from the team of writers will be sorely missed. We will be back to the dribble for the usual suspects now, which as you know just isn;t worth reading. Best of luck for whatever you decide to do. Happy Christmas to you all.

  11. Chris A
    Chris A says:

    Fully understand where you are coming from Matt, got a young lad, older children and a wife to look after and it is not easy. Always admired the effort that has gone into making geegeez the best racing site on the web and a big thanks from me for reinvigorating my interest in horse racing over the last couple of years – you have made it fun again and for that I will always be grateful. However, kind words of appreciation, although they make you feel warm and fuzzy, don’t pay the bills!!

    Good luck in the future, whatever that holds and I hope that in this 21st century world of social media, I will be able to keep in touch with Matt Bisogno, whatever he may be doing.

    Cheers, Chris

  12. britwriterinphilly
    britwriterinphilly says:

    Dear Matt,

    I echo RonCombo’s thoughts almost precisely – what a profound shock on a grey Monday morning with the rain lashing down. Feel I should put on some appropriate music like Faure’s Requiem. 🙁

    Bear in mind please that most of us who are not privy to your inner thoughts will be trying to assimilate the news and a decision that you have obviously thought about long and hard. We’ll catch up soon Matt but give us a little time.

    From a business point of view I can’t help feeling that you’re pulling the plug far too soon. It seems only yesterday that you announced the Gold Trial.

    I wish you all the very best and hope to see you at a racecourse some time in the future.

    The very best of luck and I wish you and your entire family happiness and health in the coming years.


  13. Colin Gall
    Colin Gall says:

    As a not too serious, more of a fun, punter I have enjoyed reading your huge input over the years. I have wondered from time to time just how you managed to do all the ‘stuff’ for free, I thought maybe you had been an anonymous lottery winner!
    Sorry to hear you are proposing to leave the enterprise. I wish you success in your next venture, whatever it is. I hope that you can arrange it so that you can have plenty quality time with your family. Best wishes. Colin

  14. Norman Goodman
    Norman Goodman says:

    Thank you for spelling it all out so clearly. I am sad, too, that you have to call an end to something that you created and have given so much of yourself to. You make it very clear why you have come to your decision. And that has to be respected. Thank you for many years of massive enjoyment. All the very best for the future, wherever it takes you.

  15. Lockerdave
    Lockerdave says:

    A very sad day Matt. Always a very informative blog and will be sadly missed as it will not be the same without you. I wish you every success in what ever you chose to do in the future.

  16. Lucky123
    Lucky123 says:

    As stated earlier, what a sad start to a Monday morning. I was already sad at the news of Peter O’Toole passing, and this makes me doubly sad.
    I really do hope you find a buyer as I would love to see Geegeez continue, although I will miss the particular insight that you personally bring to the site.
    Best of luck mate, and thanks for everything.
    Kind regards

  17. debeers
    debeers says:

    Matt. Sad news for a wet Monday morning. But as you so rightly say, if it’s not making money then you have to stop especially if it is a JOB. Always remember ‘charity begins at home’ particularly with a new family member.

  18. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    As some singer sung once…Simply The Best! Completely understand though.Just don’t feel disappointed at what you may perceive as failures. Life is full of ups and downs and in this game we all experience them on a regular basis. Thanks for everything Matt

  19. John Evans
    John Evans says:

    Not a lot more can be said after your statement and comments from above. After meeting you on a number of occasions,and following your site, I can only wish you and your Family all the very Best for the Future. I myself will miss you with Sadness.
    John Evans.

  20. Ian
    Ian says:

    Matt; you deserve the utmost respect for what you have achieved and your (always) honest and professional outlook. The world would be a lesser place without geegeez and I hope that it can continue in some form. As you know I run a couple of tipping sites and a far inferior (to geegeez blog) called the Saturday Speculator and I too know how mentally and physically tiring it can be to get up 7 days a week 365 days a year with the remit to find both winners and to be creative on a daily basis. The personal rewards can be great but the inevitable IT issues and the occasional brickbats can hit hard. Whatever you do I am sure that it will be a great success but family and finances MUST come first so in making that bold and brave decision you have my utmost respect and admiration.Of course we readers can and do I am sure individually and collectively wish you the very best and I personally wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year and that applies to your excellent colleagues too…..and we will await the comeback as I am sure at some point refreshed and reinvigorated you will return in some guise.

  21. o2badon
    o2badon says:

    I don’t like Mondays at the best of times, but with that news, its just made this Monday a damn sight worse. Geegeez is a great site and I hope you find a buyer, but even then without your input, things will not be the same. A sad day…..

  22. Alan
    Alan says:

    Wow. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us amused and informed over the years Matt. Hope you get what you wish for. Best Wishes for the future.


  23. lifestyles4u2
    lifestyles4u2 says:

    I know how you feel Matt,having run a business (not in horse racing) before, which fell victim to competition from people with MUCH deeper pockets than mine and insane regulation! And yes, we all make mistakes which are easy to spot with the benefit of hindsight! All the very best for the future, whatever you decide to do.

    • Iain
      Iain says:

      This is like losing a member of the family….I’m stunned and still in shock….watch your health…recharge your batteries and get back to living again…all the best and thanks for everything

  24. peterjcole
    peterjcole says:

    Talk about Black Fridays – this is a Black Monday and a half! Will miss you horribly Matt but most love affairs come to an end….. Thank you for everything and for the best site on the net. Wishing you the very best of luck in whatever else you do. I will miss your Placepots most….any chance of your sharing them – for a fee, of course?! Peter

  25. maisie17
    maisie17 says:

    Matt. You will be missed, a lot. Geegeez is the best of all the sites I look at, mainly because I trust you and your team.I will be really sorry to see you go. Thanks a MILLION for all the FREE information we have had over the years.
    Best of lick and kind regards.Joe

  26. roy
    roy says:

    A sad day indeed after all the work you have put in building the best blog around.I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

  27. Joanne Jones
    Joanne Jones says:

    So sorry to see you have decided to go, but I do understand your reasoning. Many thanks for all your hard work and for educating me in some of the finer details of horse racing which I have picked up. Good luck in the future, you will be missed.

  28. phill
    phill says:

    A sad day for all of us when one of racings few honest, straightforward, non rip off people hangs up the reins- you have given us all a lot of insight into the real issues in racing, and many great tips last years arc winner 33-1 for example and the brilliant racecards if they discontinue I will be back in the losers paddock PDQ – phill golddick…errr gold member

  29. Eric
    Eric says:

    Sad news and quite a shock. I had assumed you were doing increasingly well, financially, as the site grew. We, on this side of your business, seem to have let you down. I can’t see you being lost to racing because your knowledge is so vast. You must be very disappointed. Thanks for everything and best of luck with the site sale and your next project.

  30. otterman
    otterman says:

    What a shock. Especially after all your hard work and massive improvements to the site in recent months. But I can understand your reasons. At least you have an asset which is worth something (hopefully!) Good luck.

  31. Billp64
    Billp64 says:

    What a shock and surprise when I opened this mailing, very sad to loose a genuine guy so I hope you will continues on the net in some way. Will miss this great site if it closes so hope you find a buyer. All the best for the future what ever and thanks.

  32. Mark
    Mark says:

    Matt – thanks so much for all your open and honest comments. I’m quite new to horse racing stuff. 3 years ago I was a complete novice (or is that numpty?) Your guidance and sound advice has helped me make great sense of the area and a few quid too. Enjoy whatever’s next and have fun. Very best wishes, Mark

    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
    Thomas Edison, 1847-1931, Inventor

  33. MikeA
    MikeA says:

    Best of luck for the future Matt, geegeez is by far the best racing website I have seen (including the paid for ones). Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to trial “Edge Your Bets” on the site, ultimately not successful but your support throughout was greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing how geegeez moves forwards, whatever happens, and expect to hear plenty from you in the future.

  34. om0202
    om0202 says:

    Sad to hear the news Matt, but you have been a victim of your own success You’ve spoiled us by giving us too much free stuff so that when you ask us to pay a little via the Gold Service, we are too lazy to get off our arses and do something. I only subscribe to one site (horseracebase) but if faced with the stark choice of losing this site or subscribing, I would willing pay a similar amount. Perhaps you should ask us to do that?

  35. Malcolm Dow
    Malcolm Dow says:

    Sad news Matt but very understandable. When it is your own ‘Business’ whether a profitable enterprise or not you never really get a break. If you are salaried or waged you normally get time off…. I guess two things have changed, firstly you do eventually get tired and secondly having a child changes the way you see the world and your place in it; time to step back, take stock, look at your future and what you want it to be.

    It is perhaps ironic that, IMO the site is now the best it has ever been, the result of a lot of planning and effort I suspect. On the positive side this should make it a far more attractive to a potential purchaser.

    My thanks for your past efforts, you should take pride it what you have achieved.
    Best wishes for the future, whichever path you choose.


  36. courtney833
    courtney833 says:

    This is a very a very sad post Matt but exceptionally well delivered.
    It has been a privalige to know you over the years from the very start and I wish you every success in whatever route you take at this junction and hope we can keep in touch in the future.
    What happens to the “Slipper” ?
    Very Best Regards
    What happens to the “Slipper”

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks David. Slipper is entered Friday night at Wolverhampton, and will hopefully give a better account of herself than last time. The trainer remains sure she’ll win a little race or two, so we’ll see.

      Catch up with you in Newmarket some time.


  37. frank
    frank says:

    so sorry to hear this but good luck for the future Matt, one point not touched though is what now happens about trainers 2 which like myself I am sure there must be plenty of members

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Frank

      Everything outside of geegeez continues as it is. That’s a good point, and one I should have made in the post. Thanks for raising it, and

      Best Regards,

  38. ynwajim
    ynwajim says:

    All I can say is thank you Matt. You cannot underestimate your influence, and that of geegeez, on someone starting out with an interest in horse racing – geegeez has been invaluable to my own ‘development’. From a 0 base, thanks to you and geegeez, i now have some kind of clue about the game!!
    I hope you find the right kind of buyer and wish you luck for whatever the future may hold – I believe that you make your own luck in life- so i have no doubt that the future will be very bright indeed!
    Enjoy the festive season and re charge those batteries!
    Josh W

  39. Peter
    Peter says:

    Fair play Matt. I wish you the very best in the future. Your site is a credit to you and there is no shame in walking away, only pride in giving it a right good go.

  40. Colin
    Colin says:

    Sad news to a site that l have always consulted. A sad reminder that costs fo0r everything have risen during the past few years and ultimately money does not grow on trees. All other sites are eager to take money from the regular punter , some for rubbish returns so l salute what you have done for the average joe over the years. I wish you the very best and hope all turns out as you would wish.

  41. bob
    bob says:

    Hi Matt,

    Ive only been with Geegeez for relatively short time,and found the site to be friendly, informative “with lots of opinions”, love the race cards & tipping league. Excellent free site.

    Not once have I recieved a barrage of emails offering all sorts of sytems at various costs, and whilst I appreciate not getting the emails, to a degree I understand that to reinvest you need to generate income and sell stuff.

    People speak highly of geegeez, so they know where you have come from and what you have achieved.

    I hope this is not the end of Geegeez and that their is a potential buyer out there.

    As an entrepreneur you tend to see the bigger picture, just make sure in future the you have an expert in Marketing on board!

    Wish you all the best for the future when you eventually handover the reigns.


  42. Dennis Laity
    Dennis Laity says:

    No matter what you do in future, your honesty and integrity will be rewarded.
    Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the future.

  43. carl
    carl says:

    Matt all the best in whatever you do next. This site has been superb and I’ll certainly miss it. This has been my go to site, most days it sits in the corner of my screen in a little minimised window ( it gets tricky working in the office and betting especially since the race cards appeared). Quality writing and a quality site. Thanks.

  44. Clive
    Clive says:

    Not only a great site but a thoroughly decent and,if you don’t mind me saying, ordinary chap, which, judging by the comments above, everyone agrees. I know you aren’t departing just yet but all the very best for the future.

  45. Joe Quirke
    Joe Quirke says:

    Very sad news Matt but I understand where you are coming from. You have done an amazing job for little reward and provided an incredible service to all us Racing fans over the years. Before purchasing any Racing product I always always checked if there was a review of same on the Geegeez website and if you gave the thumbs up that was good enough for me. Your honesty was refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insights and thoughts on a daily basis. I also enjoyed my brief stint at doing the Irish Racing Review a few years ago and appreciated your encouragement and assistance with that. And of course I had a blast being involved in the Khajaaly and Sail Home syndicates with you. Hope we can stay in touch and can meet up for a pint of the black stuff on your next racing trip to this side of the pond. Thanks for everything and best wishes for the future to you, Carole and Leon.

  46. Dick
    Dick says:

    Could someone please confirm, it is Monday 16th, and not still Friday 13th!??

    Yet more sad news, and I’m lost for words! Whatever you do arrive at next Matt, I feel certain will be yet another success for “The Bisogno Clan”.

    Here’s to your future Matt,

    Take care


  47. Kieran
    Kieran says:

    Hi Matt,

    Knowing you as I do, the lyrics of The End are not in the least appropriate in this context. It is merely the beginning of your next (undoubtedly successful) venture.

    It’s been a pleasure to read just about every word you’ve written over the last 5 years and I look forward to more of you, in whatever form it takes.

    Thanks for everything


  48. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Best regard to you and the team in your future ventures , From my neck of the woods in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies i think you had done your best so far, but as every things else need’s that % of success to keep your head above water. Whatever , keep up the good works .

    Best Regards,

    Trevor James

  49. bones1966
    bones1966 says:

    Sorry to hear you’re going – sad news on a miserable Monday morning. The effort you’ve put in over the years is obvious and considerable. Geegeez is solely responsible for getting my love for the horses going again – as a site, it is about 20 lengths ahead of the rest. This is because YOUR love for the game is there for all to see, as opposed to the anonymous lot who are prepared to take punters’ money for a couple of tips and little else. Thanks for the info, banter, tips and interesting articles – good luck, Matt, and a Merry Xmas to you and yours!

  50. Nigel
    Nigel says:

    Hi Matt, your pain comes through in every paragraph and I have immense sympathy for the position you find yourself in. Thanks for all your sterling efforts and if you do just end up writing a blog then so be it, you are always a good read. Most of all, do what is right for you, you owe yourself that, and I hope you achieve your favoured scenario. Good luck Matt, you deserve it

  51. Hugh Fowler
    Hugh Fowler says:

    Hi Matt, Very disturbing news and I am sure something that has tormented you for some while.

    I have been a follower since the early days of NagNagNag and am one who has benefited enormously from all your hard work.

    In my time in the leisure business I have started and built up 3 businesses one of which I sold very successfully, one of which I sold after some setbacks but which in hindsight was ahead of its time and had I stuck at it or brought in some external money would now be a major national player (one imitator was recently sold for 10’s of £M’s) and one which was a complete disaster.

    It strikes me there is a similarity between the situation in which you find yourself and the second of the above examples.

    If you want to meet up for a chat, if only to hear the full story which might be helpful in this context, email me or give me a call. I think you have my mobile no on record. I also have a potential contact that if not interested for his own online publishing company may well have some useful contacts.


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Hugh

      Thanks for this: both the comments and the suggestions.

      I have given thought to taking a partner, but that would ultimately entail the same amount of effort – albeit shared effort – as now. And I’m tired (as I may have mentioned!)

      Nevertheless, would be good to meet up, and chew the business fat. Drop me an email, and we’ll sort something out.

      Thanks again for the insights, and kind comments. I know how long you’ve been suffering my blurb… 😉


  52. tony
    tony says:

    Thank you very much for the information and all the help in the last 5 and a half years . whatever you decide to do, ,spend as much time as you can with your son or you will miss all the important times and you can never get them back. And MERRY CHRISTMAS

  53. Robert Grimes
    Robert Grimes says:

    Hello Matty,

    A sad sad day, I started following you a few years back, whilst I was recovering from a stroke, which had left me disabled and staring at four walls, you gave me an interest, and a new hobby, at 68 years old(then) I was learning new tricks, I had never gambled before in my life, and although I have bombarded you with many many questions of `how and why` you have always answered with enthusiasm and honest replies, you have been my`go to man` in
    regards to `betting` I shall miss you greatly.

    In my younger working days, I spent weeks away, working abroad for many years, so I appreciate your decision regarding your family.

    Your `GeeGee s` site has been brilliant and free, I don`t know how you did it, but thank you very much for many hours of entertainment, and a few good winners, I shall stay with the site.

    All the very best of good fortune in what ever you may do, I wish you well.

    Bob Grimes

  54. martin
    martin says:

    Hi Matt a sad day for all. have enjoyed the site for a number of years and so refreshing to read honest opinions instead of the usual don’t rock the boat rubbish.
    I feared this was coming when in a recent article I thought you half hinted that you may give up if you couldn’t make it profitable.
    I can only echo the thoughts of everyone and wish you all the best for the future and hope sometime when you feel recharged you will be back and maybe just write one blog a week as we would love to hear you opinions, without have the pressure of running the best site on the web.
    thank you

  55. Stevedee
    Stevedee says:

    Hi Matt,

    in this industry you are one of the few faces that one can genuinely trust, and rely on to give an unbiased and honest view. I hope that you will remain in the horseracing world, because your views, and help, are a breath of fresh air to so many.
    Thank you!


  56. Gary
    Gary says:

    Hi Matt

    I know exactly how you feel I’ve just been through the same emotions with a business of mine. 6 years and now on to pastures new. All the very best never met you but feel I know you.



  57. William Napier
    William Napier says:

    Your site is easily the best on the web, and after reading the many replies to your article, I am not alone in this opinion. Whatever happens in the future, Matt, I wish you and yours well over Christmas and New Year. I will certainly miss your views and you have taught an old man many valuable lessons. For that I thank you.
    All the best, Matt,


  58. Ian
    Ian says:


    I would like to echo many of the comments made – how many sites would receive these kind of comments? About two maybe three years ago I took up betting on the horses in a “serious” way. I was a complete novice at the time. Now I remain a newbie but am learning. Of all the people who have helped you are up there with the best. An hour and a half master class on how to read form and create a system using horse race base – I have never seen anything like that since. Big race previews – an insight into how to analyse a race. My other “mentor” is “Hairy Ben” and my biggest expense is “Proform” but it is excellent; my ambition is to win enough to cover its cost!

    When you asked for a sub. to the Gold membership you hardly asked for much and it just has to be good value; but I am afraid you have spoilt us and it has clearly cost you. What a shame but family, good health and happiness are worth having and not worth sacrifice. I am sure you have made the right decision.

    Best wishes


  59. Albert pearce
    Albert pearce says:

    Living in australia matt,Thanks for a top site and Top reading for all the racing Info sent out.The bottom line Matt, if you are losing money and at the same time not Enjoying what you are doing anymore ,PULL THE PLUG, and enjoy your family to the FULL,All the Very best Matt for the future, and have a Peaceful Xmas and most of all ,AHealthy New year to you and your family

  60. Shaunie
    Shaunie says:

    Matt, hope not to lose you, it is the highlight of my day reading your blog and very intelligent tips. I am an OAP, I am a supporter and would miss you lots. You help me find winners, when all around seem to be losers. I remember having a husband and 3 young children and doing nightshift (nurse) to try to make ends meet, I remember being exhausted like you. Take care of your health Matt, have a rest, we will be waiting. Why don’t you have some days off every week?? Anyway Best of Luck to you. Thanks. Muriel.

  61. Jim Cannon
    Jim Cannon says:


    Like so many on this site, I cannot express how much admiration I have for you and all you have achieved. This site IS great and the recent extra elements have been superb.

    Thanks for everything – including the many trips on the rattler and the shares of horses – and best wishes for Christmas and beyond.


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot, Jim. Unfortunately, you’ll have to suffer my company plenty more in coming months!


  62. james
    james says:

    What a sad day for a truly open and lovely fellow, Matt you have been too busy to make money.
    regards james.

  63. pightle
    pightle says:

    Best wishes from another OAP who has enjoyed the site very much over the last 2 years. Keep well, look after the family and many thanks.

  64. tam
    tam says:

    like a lot of the previous comments matt i was a complete novice when i started with gee geez. i learned so much from your site.best of luck with whatever the future hods for you.

  65. Devastated and Angry
    Devastated and Angry says:

    Can I echo all the sensational plaudits from everyone.
    The site for me has been an absolute delight for the past year that I have used it.
    Being a huge trends backer,your TV race trends guide on a Saturday morning has been incredibly useful and found some good priced winners.
    Where else Matt apart from Irish Trends can I get a regular Trends service? I have subscribed to 2 this year, that have now disappeared!!!
    With many thanks

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Dear Devastated and Angry,

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m very pleased you’ve enjoyed the site, especially Andy’s TV Trends.

      There are a number of great trends guides. I personally love Gaving Priestley’s http://www.festivaltrends.co.uk. Gavin is a very close personal friend, and his trends guides are extremely comprehensive.


  66. Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson says:

    Hi Matt, Just like to echo all the comments above, quite a shock to hear it! many thanks for a great site, you will be missed when (and if) you decide to go. Many thanks again Matt, and all the best to you and your family Paul

  67. rogkay
    rogkay says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have been visiting Geegeez and receiving your emails from the first days, and have joined in many of your other ventures including the laying system.
    We haven’t always seen eye to eye lol, the world would be a boring place if we did, but I have enjoyed the ride.
    I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next, and hope that we might meet one day. I’m sure that I would recognise you if I see you on course after looking at your mug shot on here for the last 5 years lol.
    All the best,
    Rog Kay

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rog

      Agree completely about always agreeing – where’s the fun in that?!

      And sincere apologies for plastering the internet with my ugly chops for so long… It still wont’ go away next year, as I’m sure I’ll turn up somewhere or other (though absolutely nothing in mind at the moment).


  68. Jim
    Jim says:


    Best of luck for the future. I echo many of the sentiments already mentioned. You gave me the opportunity to enjoy my first (hopefully not last) experience of ownership through the Khajaaly syndicate and what an experience it was. I’m an avid reader of your site as it provides so much for the horse racing fan and as you state, gratis to. Its a website that I’m sure people feel part of rather than just a reader/viewer. I guess the responses to your news show that. I look forward to your continued presence on the site until you go and would be happy to receive news of any future ventures you undertake. All the best to the family, have a great Christmas/New Year.

    James, Karen, Olivia and Alfie.

    P.S. Your not selling up to become a trainer or assistant trainer are you? I’m sure you would have the required skills/knowledge. Not sure what your riding ability is like but you’d soon pick it up!

  69. Freddie Bond
    Freddie Bond says:

    Hi Matt, I don`t usually reply on blogs. But as you were my first step into online racing I had to reply.
    I am sorry to hear that you have had to make this decision but your family and your health are your main priority.
    They can`t keep a good man down so I am sure that you will bounce back after a good rest.
    Enjoy your son and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  70. Noel Ryan
    Noel Ryan says:

    Matt, sorry to hear that you might have to call it a day. Excellent site which will be sorely missed. Daily racing wont be the same without it.

  71. cbuk1957
    cbuk1957 says:

    Has to be said, I’m not an avid user of “GeeGeez”. (That said, I’m not an avid bettor. I planned to be, but with limited funds for betting banks, and the few tipsters I tried invariably tipping losing favourites – it never happened)

    From a business prospective, could you not make it a low cost membership site? (although that still leaves you with the onus of writing) How about switching it over to your Facebook page? (Using apps, you can place HTML pages on the site, rather than the rather limiting “time-line”) And comments might make the content aspect a little easier. If push comes to shove, you could always put the site on Flippa.

    Now, not wanting to appear to give a “puff” for my own venture, (it’s not live yet anyway) maybe you and the team might one day write for one of my membership sites. The concept is each “co-admin” person writes 2 articles a month. With 25 “co-admin” – each of whom keep 100% of memberships they sell – there are 50 new articles per month for people to read.

    I’m tempted to follow my own advice and start a Facebook group, and offer my own software via a “fan-gate”, (where you have to like the page or fill out a form to see the content – a way of adding people to your list.)

    Whatever route you take, Good Luck with any future business ventures.

  72. Nobby67
    Nobby67 says:

    Hi Matt

    I would like to keep this short and readable, so please accept a heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for us readers over the years.

    I have enjoyed the ride and most of the things you have done and don’t blame you for now trying to sell it and to recover some of that investment. From a purely selfish point of view, I enjoyed it more when it was small and whilst it was inevitable the site would grow and more people would get involved, I enjoyed the early and more intimate days of the site more.

    I recently had to review my own betting as it has stopped being profitable and apart from one angle, all my betting was done through your site, or associates of yours or people you recommended. It was totally my own fault, but I had stopped being objective having been swamped with information and through lack of time was not getting best odds etc. In other words I would be delighted if it went back to how it was, but that is highly unlikely and would deny you a potential sale opportunity.

    Whatever happens good luck and merry Xmas to you and the family.


  73. Tigerdang
    Tigerdang says:

    Best wishes and kind regards to you and your family Matt. I’ve not been with GeeGeez very long but I have to say it is the best betting information site on the web. Hopefully a buyer will come along who will keep it in its existing format which you worked so hard for. I’m sorry you are leaving but understand it is for all the right reasons. All succesful businesses take their toll eventually and you have done exceptionally well to keep it all together for this length of time including family commitments. I take my hat off to you. All the very best for any future ventures.
    Have a great Christmas and good luck for the New Year. David Iles

  74. dennis
    dennis says:

    Hi Matt, I was one of your first clients , because you were the first one that i felt was on the punters side, rather than in it to make a fast buck.That opinion has never changed.My only critisism is that you are a bloody Cherry supporter..c’mon you Lions.All the best to you

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Dennis. I appreciate your support over the years, despite you supporting a team from South London. 😉


  75. Denis Mason
    Denis Mason says:

    Best of luck and making your own luck in the future. I have used the site primarily for the reviews of systems which have been an excellent asset. I was considering Gold membership but because of my inability to changeover into consistent profit and other financial difficulties was delaying my application until after Christmas. I am cautious,
    I would however like to make some comments about Geegeez. :

    1. I believe you set your sights too high. i.e. to be the best site on the web and that goal was not entirely an accurate description. I think that you really wanted to be the most comprehensive business.
    2. In a book about statistics/ mathematical formula etc., one chapter poses the question ‘ Why do very clever people make mistakes?’ The answer in the book is that they over complicate everything. When there is a simple answer they ignore it. (This is my paraphrase).
    3.The Geezgeez stats are very comprehensive. My mother had a saying ‘ You can’t see the wood for the trees’. (This is problematic for newcomers to racing particularly is jargon is used).
    4. Are you practicing your own advice regarding losing runs?.

    I respect your decision, of course, I want to give my heartfelt thanks for for all your efforts to help the ordinary punter to survive.

    Farewell, hasta la vista, Arriverderchi, au revoir.



  76. mozzer
    mozzer says:

    This is by far the most genuine horse racing site I have aver come across and has helped me on my way of me making a reasonable living out of trading of horses.This is very sad news and has put a mighty dent in my armoury.I wish you all the best for the future matt and thanks for all your help.

  77. loadie42
    loadie42 says:

    Not quite what I expected but having read your post, not entirely unexpected.
    As one of,if not, the most respected person in the betting industry it will be a sad day if Geegees does succumb. Good luck for whatever the future holds and a Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


  78. Dave McAuley
    Dave McAuley says:

    Hi Matt

    I totally understand the cost both in terms of time, money, effort, sanity and family time that it takes to operate such an online endeavour and you should be applauded for doing so for so long and providing a tremendous resource for punters. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours and also wish to congratulate you on the tremendous effort and contribution you have made to the online betting world in providing informative, educational and entertaining content for such a long period of time.

    Best of luck mate and you know where I am 🙂


  79. Colzoss
    Colzoss says:

    Feel like I’m losing a friend.Hope you keep going even in a small way but if not thanks and I’ve really appreciated all you have done.

  80. Tony Coleman
    Tony Coleman says:

    I can only echo the comments that have gone before. As a retiree I really appreciated all the free (and profitable) stuff you gave out and I suppose I’m one (of too many, I suspect) of the guilty customers who enjoyed the ride but was never prepared to pay anything for it!
    You certainly need to get a balance to work/life/income so it’s with a genuine heart that I say a big ‘Thank You’ and to wish you and yours every success in whatever direction you take in the future.

  81. Joe Quirke
    Joe Quirke says:

    Hi Matt,
    I posted earlier but it seems to have got lost in cyberspace! Just wanted to say how sad I felt to read your e-mail this morning but I understand where you are coming from. Many thanks for all the fab work you have done for all us punters over the past few years. Your reviews of Racing products were invaluable to me in making decisions on whether to purchase or not – if endorsed by you I always was interested. Also very much enjoyed being part of the Khajaaly and Sail Home Syndicates with you. I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully having a pint of the black stuff with you on your next racing trip to this side of the pond. Best wishes and thanks again Matt.

  82. Blueeyes
    Blueeyes says:

    A dear friend is departing. I looked forward every morning to reading your site. I now feel mean for paying nothing for all the enjoyment and winners (and a few losers). Every good wish for the future and thanks for the past.

  83. Mrlucky
    Mrlucky says:

    Hi Matt,I suspect this time of year is not the best to launch for obvious reasons.More importantly it’s vital to be aware of the right time to walk away from something that is beginning to erode body and soul.You are wise not to let emotional attachment cloud your better judgement.
    Best wishes always. Brian

  84. gsm5 (Geoff)
    gsm5 (Geoff) says:

    I’ve read all the previous postings and can only agree with all the positive comments. I’ve found you friendly,honest,knowledgeable, hard-working and the ultimate professional.

    Your family and health is far more important than the business. I have been in a similar position myself in the past and I’m sure that after a long break you’ll see the future more clearly and who knows, you might even reinvent the existing business or start a slimmed down paid-for version as I’m sure that this is where your real interest and future lies.

  85. Johnners77
    Johnners77 says:

    Just got home and logged on to the geegeez site as usual and feel the same sense of ‘loss’ as your legions of supporters have so articulately expressed. Your contribution has seriously increased my enjoyment of the sport and you have my utmost respect for the decision you have made, tough though it is to swallow. Good luck for the future Matt and keep us in touch with any future ventures. I will miss geegeez terribly with my only regret being that I never got to meet you despite us owning a horse together – go forth and prosper!
    Best wishes
    Mark J

  86. Johnners77
    Johnners77 says:

    PS Forgot to add my thanks to the rest of team (Chris et al) who must also feel shellshocked – they have all made a significant contribution to the success of geegeez.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Mark, and especially for mentioning the others (as I know other kind commenters have too).

      It really has become a team effort this year, and I’m just the biggest mouth – or at least the one whose digital pen contains the most virtual ink – in that team.

      Sure we’ll catch up one day. Maybe at Newbury in February.


  87. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hi Matt, as you will be lingering around for a while I, for one, won’t be writing you off just yet!

    Your demise ( in Geegeez terms of course) is not yet confirmed as terminal. Some rest and recuperation, time to ones self, with the family, followed by a lie down in a darkened room to collect your thoughts may give you a different perspective in the months to come.

    Until your “obituary” is confirmed I will continue to enjoy your insight until the sad day is confirmed.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  88. diesel2
    diesel2 says:

    A very sad day. Perhaps there is one more thing you could try if you want to continue but it is only the lack of money that prevents it. You say you will continue until April because of licence agreements. Why not STOP all free content from January 1,2014 with an option at £5 per month to March 31 or £10 for the 3 months. The problem as I see it with the Gold Standard was that there was so much free content left that we weren’t really “encouraged” to sign up. Hopefully enough people would be up for it to give you food for thought. At the least you would get my £10!

  89. barefootplacekicker
    barefootplacekicker says:

    Hi Matt. It’s always sad when something comes to an end. Always worse when it feels like it was forced on oneself. However, as I read your post it felt like it was most certainly the right decision by you, as the last thing you want to do is drag something out until you end up hating the very thing you started out of love. I can guarantee that that is what would have ended up happening. So – big deep breath – and say goodbye. It was a pleasure to work for you in the past and I’m sure you’ll come back stronger. I wish you well with whatever that venture may be. Graham.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good to hear from you, Graham, and thanks for the kind words which are much appreciated. Hope you’re keeping well and the forex markets are looking after you.


  90. Ian Nichols
    Ian Nichols says:

    I can only say the same as the others you have been very good to me and put me in the right way of think about the way I bet
    But have TIME with your family they will grow very fast just the best of luck in what ever you do
    Ian Nichols

  91. chrish2
    chrish2 says:

    Some time back in 2007/08 I came across Matt’s TTS and for a very, very small investment I got a well researched and easy to use system, which gave me a fair few nice returns on my various doubles, trebles, trixies and yankees and none more so than in March 2009 – so I have to say 48,886 thank yous to Matt for that.

    If you ever decide to make a comeback with anything half as good as TTS I’ll be breaking your door down to get at it. In the meantime, enjoy the little one.

    One day, Matt, I will get you that pint of Guinness. .

  92. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to see you go, I read your posts every day, mostly because they were so well written beside some others. I always thought if I could write as well as you I would write books, your descriptions of you trips abroad were always enjoyable and witty. Try writing some short stories and then the novel, I would buy all of them, they don`t have to be about racing.

    One final complaint, “he’s learned more in one year sat in the office with me” grammar dear boy, grammar.

    Some ideas for your novel,

    50 shades of sleigh. (Christmas book)
    50 shades of weigh. (Cook book/slimming book.)
    50 shades of slay. (Horror).
    50 shades of Monterrey. (Travel book)

    Best of luck.


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:


      You truly are a pedant after my own heart. I will leave the crass error in the post as a monument to my carelessness and your eagle eye.

      Thanks also for the book titles. I always thought to write a book. Perhaps I could curate some of the drivel I’ve compiled on geegeez/nagnagnag over the years!

      [I should say that I think my writing was generally better in the ‘old days’, when I had less other things to occupy my mind. That’s been bugging me lately…]


  93. Phil Jacques
    Phil Jacques says:

    Open and honest right to the end.
    Thank you Matt and my very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and beyond………..

  94. Ian
    Ian says:

    Sorry that it has come to this point. Especially since I can see the potential in the Race Card Analysis and Pace Angles. If I had more available time, and I wasn’t already subscribing to 2 ratings services which I hardly use, I would have at least taken the free trial.
    Personally I see little advantage in having the details the night before when A) At least some ‘family time’ is required and B). A change in going might change the whole complexion of the race. But I suppose it is useful for those who start work early in the morning.

    I know that family (especially a very young family) trumps everything , but from a business point of view I feel your timing could hardly be worse. Having invested so much time and money in such a major development and releasing it at an unfortunate time for attracting subscribers, you have a totally unproven income stream which may or may not attract a buyers interest. Hardly the best way to give your vision a chance to repay your investment. But I know that sometimes like a punter on a losing streak or a financial trader in a bad trade, losses have to be cut even at what seems like the worst possible time.

    All the best with your future ventures,

  95. Brian Heselden
    Brian Heselden says:

    I can only agree with the comments from the previous bloggers. Probably too little too late, but I’ve just taken out a Gold Membership – would have done so much earlier if I’d realised the situation.. Like the Alan Sugar trailer on the BBC today for Father Christmas’s ‘Business Model’ too much offered for no return! Perhaps you should have started charging for membership when the Racecards came on stream – was easily worth £12 a month to me. Perhaps a consortium of your wealthier members might like to consider investing? Or maybe all of us with a small amount (Like MyFootballClub.com). But I understand about the work/homelife balance as I went through it a few times in my career. Now happily retired but with hindsight wish I’d given more time to my family when they were growing up. My very best wishes to you and yours and thanks for everything you’ve done for us with GeeGeez.

  96. neil dawkins
    neil dawkins says:

    Matt very sad to hear about Geegeez, which I would say it is/was the best independent Racing site, I really enjoyed so much of the info and your own tipping was pretty good to be fair. I also enjoyed doing a number of reviews of various tipping sites as part of your team, some hard work involved but did find one or two gems.
    I can only wish you the best, and look forward to seeing you somewhere on-line, maybe the smaller blog will return, as I’m sure you’ll find it difficult to leave alone.
    Best wishes to Chris as well who really does graft away in the background doing a tremendous job.

    Best wishes for the future Neil

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks a lot, Neil, for your contribution to the site too. It’s an important point to note that geegeez is the work of almost 40 authors, many of them impartial volunteer reviewers like yourself, over the course of the five and a half years it’s been going so far. As for Chris, well, he’s just a top man. 🙂


  97. dixonmg
    dixonmg says:

    Thanks for everything: it’s been a great site and will be missed but I fully sympathise with your reasons for giving mup. All the best for the future.

  98. Colin Blamire
    Colin Blamire says:


    To, give all this up must be like kicking the baby out – totally heartbreaking

    Matt, I am sure you have support at home – when my first business got into trouble to an extent I am sure your has not, my wife’s clear headedness got us to a “cut the monsters head off” situation, one that also gave away too many freebies.
    We started again and NO freebies , and we are now comfortably off

    You have always been totally honest and true to your principles – When it has all been resolved am sure you soon want to be involved again – make sure you remember that at least the 100 plus (and growing) who have replied to this are your online friends and supporters and am sure that number will grow – do remember us if your new ventures are relevant to us – and charge from Day 1 !

    My thanks for our debates and your kindnesses

    Colin B


  99. Boggy2
    Boggy2 says:

    Matt, I don’t naturally engage with an online community such as that which has developed around your work at Geegeez I’m happy to sit quietly in the background and observe. However your post today requires me to come out from my shell and comment.
    Geegeez has been a valued and trusted part of my life more or less from the beginning (fortunately) you and your team have consistently demonstrated immense knowledge and understanding of the racing business and always written in a style that provides, humour, integrity and most importantly humanity in a business that can be cut throat. Ultimately the reason that I have stayed faithful to Geegeez when i have given up on so many other sites is simply because I TRUST you and your team. That trust has been hard won but once awarded remains through thick and thin.
    If there was a choice between paying for the content or losing it I for one would certainly be signing up and the only reason I haven’t taken out the gold option is because the vast majority (if not all) of what I use is still free content, so provide the same but for a fee.
    I wish you and your family every success in the future, I think you are a complete star, and your support of the cherries is simply an added bonus for me.
    Take care, pete

  100. Chris
    Chris says:

    Hi Matt so sorry to see you go and I wish you and your family all the best. For what it’s worth , I set up a business (nothing to do with horse racing), put 5 years of blood , sweat and tears into it , got tired , had 2 kids and near the end couldnt wait until I was able to walk out the door! Sound familiar!!!! However , some fairy godmother was looking down on me one day and I successfully found a buyer who paid me a royalty fee for 12 months so he could try the business. After 6 months of annoying my wife every single day I started to get ‘itchy’ and discovered that I missed the business and couldnt wait to get it back. The 12 months complete break I had was the best thing I ever did as I came back with new ideas ,more get-up-and-go etc. I was so glad I didnt sell but ‘leased’ instead as who know’s how you will feel in 12 month’s time. Whatever you do I wish you all the best!

  101. Pete
    Pete says:

    Hi Matt,………Well what a blow that was on a dismal Monday morning. I can honestly say I
    enjoyed your honesty and suggestions each time you put pen to paper.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do,I’m sure Mrs Matt and junior will be more than
    happy to see more of you eventually. If by any chance I should see you in Bournemouth I
    will happily buy you a pint (or two).
    Good luck Matt,

  102. crippen
    crippen says:

    I have been a committed horse player for over 60 years, and have seen all types of ‘chancers’ come and go; but I have never seen a SITE like yours. I think it is unique. Some of the content is not my cup of tea, and from time to time I wondered how you managed to make any money from it. But I would say to myself ,, he knows what he is doing; after all it is a business. Frankly in my view, it needs pruning and perhaps after a few tweakes here and there, I am sure you will still attract a sizable audience. Very best wishes over the festive season,

  103. Peter Hodges
    Peter Hodges says:

    I’m surprised, and very sorry to see you go Matt. I’ve enjoyed reading your informed racing opinions very much over the years. I wish you lots of luck for the future.

    JOHN GIBSON says:

    Hello matt,sad to read the news.but lovely to read the comments for a genuine good guy.its your wife and family that come first look after yourself.And have a happy Christmas and peaceful new year John g

  105. Robert Day
    Robert Day says:

    Dear Matt, how can any one of us not be grateful for all you have done over the years,
    I doubt any of us realized how much work went in to preparing the data, I for one did not.
    However I am sad to hear this as I am doing so well laying with the info from the race cards
    that I am considering retirement in April away from the Taxi world.
    Perhaps you could consider a small fee over all I for one would jump at it, I will also look in to
    the gold service.
    I will also make you a promise I keep trying the scoop 6 I’m not to far away some Saturdays
    so If I win it out right I will give 25% to carry on hows that!.
    If you do find a buyer make sure he knows his stuff.

  106. dolphin68
    dolphin68 says:

    Sorry to see you go Matt….this is a brilliant website and don’t think one website can match it anywhere else on the net! Geegeez is largely you (and your team of writers) and I would fear that anyone inheriting Geegeez would change the site for the worse.

    All the best for your future Matt.


  107. chuckle
    chuckle says:

    hi matt
    i can only echo all the above comments geegeez has helped to change the way i bet .
    its been a pleasure being a part of it.
    all the best

  108. womble
    womble says:

    Just found out the news and totally gutted.
    This site is far better then any others. Really enjoyed reading your race analysis at the big meetings even if i didn’t always agree but thats what racing is all about.
    Hope everything works out for you in the future.
    All the best

  109. lurch6
    lurch6 says:

    Hi Matt,
    So sad to hear the news,but understand why you have to.
    Although not commenting much,I have really enjoyed Geegeez over the years.
    Didn’t realize how much work is needed, and can only congratulate you on the 5+ years
    you have put into it.
    I would consider a fee for you to carry on with Geegeez,as I too think that if you sell on,it
    won’t be the same.
    All the Best for you and your family for Xmas and the future.

  110. huey
    huey says:

    Somewhat of a shock. But at least you gave it a fair crack of the whip. Must say i personally was never interested in race cards and the like on this site. In fact i never even viewed a race card on here. I came here for the tips/previews you done and especially liked the placepot articles. Also read some of the other columns that caught my interest.

    Will you still be doing the festival/breeders cup previews somewhere that you use to sell Matt? And if so where would we get them from now? Be a shame to miss out with Cheltenham not overly far away.

    Thanks for all the hard work, you guys put in here.

  111. Paul
    Paul says:

    So gutted to hear this news Matt , you have really showed that integrity in our favoured sport goes a long way and I for one have really benefitted from the advice and information you have shared. I wish you and your family a very bright Xmas and New Year and of course new beginnings for you in particular , I hope you fined the solutions you are looking for .

  112. Dave Bett
    Dave Bett says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the years of pleasure the site has given us all, also the great days we spent with the racing club, even though i nearly lost fingers to a young foal at Newmarket Stud, Seasonal wishes to you and family, Thelma, Freddie (not to good at moment) and Dave

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      Good to hear from you and your remaining fingers. Lucky escape there.

      Very sorry to hear Freddie’s not so good just now. Wish her well from me.

      All best to you and the family,

  113. matthew
    matthew says:

    very sorry to see u go,i did say u put a tremendous amount of time in building and improving it to be as good if not better than a hell ov a lot of other sites,dont mean this in a bad way but when u put the amount of time in that u did there is always a price to pay,its been a real pleasure to have used the knowledge u have put in ,wish u all the best for the future(and christmas)will be looking out for any new prospective site,thanks matthew.

  114. lickybits
    lickybits says:

    i felt so bad for you whilst reading your article, you really poured your heart out (respect to you)
    i hope you the best for the future

  115. Graham
    Graham says:

    A very sad but understandable decision to make, Matt. Without doubt, a fantastic site full of quality reads. Thank you for all your time & effort. Wishing you & your family a merry xmas & a prosperous 2014.



  116. Peter
    Peter says:


    This excellent site just HAS to continue. You have made a hard decision, but business is business and I would strongly suggest that you should make the whole site subscription based and be done with it. THAT would be a hard business decision and I’m sure you would lose a lot of people who expect all the value for free, BUT you would, I’m sure, retain a lot of your loyal visitors as paid subscribers for the whole site. People would understand that as a business decision and the site could continue AND ensure that you were adequately rewarded for your efforts. Just a thought.

  117. Lee
    Lee says:

    Hi Matt, love your site mate as it provides some cracking content. The honesty you have provided and sticking to your principles should be congratulated, especially as others in the game are only concerned with pumping its followers for cash whilst publishing shabby content.

    I hope you get a buyer for all the hard work you and the team have put in. I have no doubt you will have people looking at gee geez as a real asset to purchase.

    Finally, may I wish you a lovely break to recharge your batteries, and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.


  118. Paul Liversuch
    Paul Liversuch says:

    Matt, I think the many comments above say it all. I must admit I have only used the site to check reviews mainly, but I have noted the respect that you have earnt over the years from your peers and after all your input I’m sad that you haven’t got to the stage of sitting back and letting other people do the day to day running whilst you reap some of the benefits! (aka Richard Branson)
    Like most of the people above I get a lot of e-mails from so called experts trying to sell me the latest junk system that’s ‘earning’ about £100 a month after doing hours of work whereas your outlook and site stand out from the crowd.
    I do hope that you not only get a decent offer for the site, but that it continues to run and excel and maybe you can continue your relationship in some way shape or form without it continuing to be a ‘job’.
    All the best for the future and like many of the above I hope to continue to hear from you in whatever new venture you take up., best regards, Paul

  119. nongnut36Roy
    nongnut36Roy says:

    Hi Matt, Thanks for all your hard work and take your time enjoy some time with your family. Have as much time out, your health comes first. Best regards. Roy M bedford.

  120. Paul Leonard
    Paul Leonard says:

    Hi Matt

    Totally gutted about how you are feeling but can see your position entirely. I think maybe you should bite the bullet and consider two things. A previous poster mentioned the benefits of a sabbatical, could you not take a couple of months out and review the situation. Secondly reading between the lines I believe you are a bit disappointed by the take up of the new registration. Personally i think you should strongly consider stopping the free info and take a monthly subscription for the lot as soon as the free trial period ends. I have signed up and to be honest there are a lot of posts here wishing you well and valuing your FREE help over all this time but now removing support once a paltry £12 a month fee comes in.

    Just my two penneth.

  121. Ross
    Ross says:

    Will be sad to see you go Matt, your deep understanding and knowledge of racing will be sorely missed by all. Best of luck with all future endeavours and of course with finding a buyer at the right price!!!

  122. Debra
    Debra says:

    Hello Matt, I can only echo the above comments. When I read your email title ‘Why I’m walking away from geegeez…’ I thought it must be a play on words of some sort. When I read the contents it came as a complete shock – very, very sad. Your name (and face) have become synonymous with the word ‘Trust’. I’ve often wondered how you could provide everything that you have provided for free – now I know what the actual cost to you has been. A huge thank you to you and your team – I sincerely hope that the future is bright for each one of you. Don’t go too far away – I think every comment posted here shows just how much you’ll be missed!

  123. Ben Aitken
    Ben Aitken says:


    Wow! Shocked but understand your reasoning fully.

    I’m sure what ever happens with GeeGeez it won’t be the last we see of Bisogno!

    The growth & development of both my sites, NTF & BDH, owe plenty to the monster (monster in the best possible terms!) that is GeeGeez. If GeeGeez does end up out of your hands then the online racing community will be much poorer for it…

    Enjoy recharging those batteries Daddy B!

    (Hairy) Ben (NTF)

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Bless you, HB. Always a top man, and thanks for those kind words.

      I’ll definitely be kicking around in some form or another. Perhaps I’ll be allowed to do a spot of guest posting here!

      Catch up with you soon for a (long overdue) beer.


  124. Diane from Truro
    Diane from Truro says:

    Devastating news from someone who has been with you from the beginning. I very much hope you are not lost to racing blogging as there are very few decent ones around. I also have made a lot of profit from some of the services independently trialled and reviewed by your excellent researchers and although many failed their reports/reviews a few have been shining beacons for me like nag3 and an All Weather expert reviewed about 2 years ago and last year an Irish service called The Irishman from the Tipping Supermarket.Thank you for all of your hard work and that goes to you and especially too to Chris and the Reviewers and helpers.

  125. Chris A
    Chris A says:

    Hi Matt

    I did leave a comment yesterday, but it is strange, almost feel like I’m losing a friend, although we have never met and only once exchanged correspondence when I e-mailed you about the horse ownership syndicate (you were helpful and honest with me, as reflects your character), so reread your post and just wondered what your long term vision was for the site?

    You said that your mission statement was “to make geegeez.co.uk the best free independent UK racing site on the ‘net”. You think you came close, I think you did better than that and achieved that goal. But, and it is a big but, for the site to be a viable business, it needs an income stream and I guess this is where the gold membership comes into play. I have to confess I have not yet joined, in part because there is a hundred other things to do each day, but also there remains so much excellent free stuff on the site, there is not the urgency to commit. That said, and as many other posters have noted, if the site became subscription only, I would happily pay a monthly fee. Is this something you would consider?

    However, a monthly subscription for me would come with one big proviso and that would be that Matt Bisogno still had input onto the site. I know it is a team effort, especially with Chris’ invaluable input, but I don’t think you should underestimate that geegeez main attraction is you Matt and even with a buyer for the site, without you at the helm, I think the site would lose a lot of its appeal and that certain something that makes it so special.

    Anyway, whatever the future holds, best of luck Matt and thanks again for bringing the pleasure back into my punting.

    Cheers, Chris

  126. Gary
    Gary says:

    It was with a heavy heart reading your reasons to walk away from gee-geez Matt, I have been with you for over 3 years now and your input has been second to none. Also your commitment to help with all our problems and queries without question. The last week of Novembers tipping league I was with a shout of winning in 5th place and had problems logging on, I contacted you and you found the time to place my tips on manually yourself. I sincerely wish you and your family all the best for the future and maybe see you on the odd occasion I visit Newbury races. Cheers, Gary.

  127. gareth
    gareth says:

    Understand completely but gutted ESP as I have shouted about the race cards and signed up straight away I do not like paying for anything I can do myself but you and geegeez are worth every penny – people reading this sign up I have had a 37.00 winner from race cards and 16.00 from pace report in last two days Plus other winners it is and will be invaluable. Happy Xmas all.

  128. blade1
    blade1 says:

    hi mate look gold but to busy to join can only reiterate other comments would join tomorrow if you are still in charge. t

  129. simon
    simon says:

    Hi Matt sorry to hear you are packing in. Having found the site a little while back I have seen it grow and my knowlege of the racing game has grown with it. I have even had a go at some of the reviewed systems …some successful some not so, some I have carried on with and others have been let go , therefore there is a little in the kitty for a monthly subscription . With enough like minded members surely either you or a potential investor could get an income stream whilst maintaining a affordable service for us mear mortals.
    All the best with what ever direction you take….you will be missed

  130. Ian Atkinson
    Ian Atkinson says:

    Can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said above, so it’s just thank you and good luck for the future.
    Ian A

  131. MJ
    MJ says:

    Matt – By far the best racing site out there and I have viewed most ! Your previews have been a joy to read and I have found them very infomative and your logic has been sound – Best wishes however this turns out,it will prove to be a steeping stone to better things for you no doubt. MJ

  132. Alan Leonard
    Alan Leonard says:

    Hi Matt, It`s a brutal world that we live in,and your news comes as a real shock. What you have built , and given freely to so many race fans is a great credit to you and the rest of your team. Enjoy your planned break, you`ve certainly earned it. Have a good xmas, and may you have success in whatever direction the future has in store for you and your family.

  133. tom
    tom says:

    Ur the man. put ur feet up and who knows u might click a goliath. wot goes around comes around. defo deserve it

  134. Paul
    Paul says:

    What Matt has said about helping folk without recompense is of course perfectly true. He is the man who made it possible for me to launch ‘The Racing Horse.’ Without his time and encouragement we would not exist and I would not be having the fun that I am now! In a very minute way I know of the hidden cost on time that one has to allocate to a site – it takes over your being completely and it is possible to lose perspective on other things!
    I have no doubt that Matt will find another project and his knowledge resurface.
    He is/was the most articulate man of his field and I would like to thank him again through this comment for all the help he has given to me without charge!
    I look forward to his next step and wish him and his family all the very best…

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      Thank you very much – that’s lovely of you to say. I was happy to help you, and think you’ve done a really good job with your site there. Well done, sir.


  135. onthenod
    onthenod says:

    One of my favorite racing sites without a doubt, always enjoyed your unique perspective and lucid writing style. Good luck and success in all your endeavors, and thank you for the many, many hours of free advice and interest found on your great site. God bless GN

  136. jockeytips
    jockeytips says:

    Good luck Matt. Wouldn’t mind a chat sometime. Haven’t been around as long as you but struggling to make the affiliate model work on our little project at FatJockey. FWIW I think trouble with providing useful content as you do is that you don’t attract the losing punters bookies want. Paying for content is a non runner. I have found that my personal punting has improved but not sure it best use of my time either.

  137. Graham
    Graham says:

    Excellent site. Always enjoyed reading your views as they were honest and not the usual kiss arse, don’t rock the boat stuff which appear in the racing papers or given on Channel 4. You are obviously are aware that you gave too much away free and it now seems a shame that all your efforts and developments over the last months will not benefit you.I think you may be pulling out too early. I don,t know what your plans will now be but I know you will miss the daily racing ‘buzz’ because I did when I walked away from the game. I do hope you will rise again, like a Phoenix from the flames, Once again, thanks for a great site,will miss it.

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