A New Horse…

Short post today. I blame the nights drawing in. And the boy not sleeping. As a consequence of the latter, I'm up an hour late, and as a consequence of the former, the first race at Sandown - where I'm headed - is slated for 12.35.

But there is still a good bit to share. News of a new horse, running today. And a competition. Plus why on earth am I goofing off at Sandown anyway?

Let's start with the horse.

The New Horse...

The New Horse...

I was approached through a friend - Tony Stafford, your Sunday Supplementer, no less - about getting involved in a new nag. It was an interesting and cost-effective proposition, and I watched her in her first run for her new stable seventeen days ago.

That was a two mile juvenile novice hurdle, on heavy ground. She was third, beaten eight lengths. And she failed to comfortably clear a single timber obstacle.

Previously, in Ireland, she'd been trained by a fellow called John Joseph Murphy, and campaigned at between five and nine furlongs. She even won at a mile.

But her new trainer, Noel Quinlan, feels she needs much further. In fact, he thinks Slipper Satin (4.30 Wolverhampton) will be better over further than the mile and a half she races this afternoon.

Despite that, she is expected to improve a fair bit on her Irish mile form and, if she does, she ought to have a good chance. She's 7/1 just now, and I'm on for the Christmas expenses.

My ownership only extends to a quarter, and I share that with 'Councillor' Jim Cannon, who some of you current or former geegeez syndicate members know. She runs in the geegeez colours today and, while I'm very hopeful of a decent run, it's a race full of if's and but's.


Your first 30 days for just £1

Slipper Satin's chance is somewhat improved by the fact that I can't be at Wolverhampton today. As seems to usually be the way, the geegeez horses run best when I'm elsewhere, and I committed some weeks ago to a Christmas booze up meeting with some of my colleagues in the business.

So this afternoon, I'll be in the restaurant at Sandown drinking discussing ideas with the likes of Darren Power of Bet School, Michael Wilding from Race Advisor, the Agora boys, Matt Watson, Nick and Andrew from Cleeve, and - I think - Matt Nesbitt from Oxfordshire Press.

Yes, we should get very drunk lots of inspiration this afternoon!

I'll try and get a picture of this most roguish of rogue's galleries... if I remember!


Now then, we've another competition running on geegeez just now, which is based on Sunday's UK racing. There are two meetings, one at Kelso and one at Warwick, and your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to predict the total winning distances from the fourteen races hosted at those two tracks on Sunday.

If you're closest, you'll win all - or a share, in the unlikely event of a tie - of the £100 free bet pot up for grabs.

It's a simple enough competition, and doesn't really require a lot of skill. Just think of a number, and enter it here.


And finally, thank you very much to the almost 500 new subscribers who worked through the registration process in the last couple of days. A few of you - and it was only a few in the grand scheme of things - had issues, with which Chris and I are doing what we can to assist. We will, or perhaps today I should say, Chris will, continue to help.

But do please bear with us. And thanks again for taking time to be a registered member of your geegeez community.

I'll be back tomorrow with all the weekend specials news. In the meantime, have a great Friday, cheer on Slipper Satin, and enter that compy!

Oh, and if anyone has a good hangover remedy, leave a comment in the box below. 😉


Your first 30 days for just £1
21 replies
  1. Mal
    Mal says:

    Good luck with Slipper Satin today Matt and If you will take the advice of an old drunk, just don’t mix your drinks, it’s as simple as that. Or should that read ‘as Dimple as that’?!!!

  2. matthew100 says:

    have a good day.from what i see you work extremly hard.and remember all work and no play makes jack/matt a dull boy.hope your horse wins.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Matthew – it helps when you love what you do, and work with great people. 🙂


  3. Ben Aitken says:

    It’s very simple Matt, Irn Bru is the best hangover cure in the world! Trust me, down a couple of those tomorrow and you will be right as girders!

    Enjoy the day…

    Ben (NTF)

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Cheers Ben – I’m looking forward to trying these hangover remedies in combination. Will be like an I’m a Celebrity challenge!

      Hope you’re keeping well, mate.


  4. ynwajim says:

    Have a great day Matt, from my experience of a couple of bad hangovers, a pint of water, with 6 teaspoons of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt does the trick! picked that up from some medical ‘expert’ – but it seems to work for me!!

  5. Mike course says:

    Best hangover cure by far is to drink water through the day of boozing keeps you hydrated this no hangover. Well it worked for me last new year at least I think it did.

  6. barry says:

    Matt, great hangover cure for ye: solphadine, berocca & alka seltzer! Mix the three together in a glass of water. Known in some quarters as a resurection!! Works everytime. Best of luck and enjoy.

  7. acky109 says:

    have good day hopeyou pick some winners take alittle water with it imean the epsom salts tomorrow he he
    lol matt

  8. Pat Dennehy says:

    Goo luck today you’ve got a good lad on board in Ben Curtis another positive

  9. Roger says:

    HI can u tell me whats happened 2 the race card site please/90 second race analysyer.many thank Roger

    • Chris Worrall says:

      Hi Roger,
      The racecards and race analysis tool are working just fine here, what seems to be the issue?


  10. PAUL says:

    Good luck today and my tip is after 8 pints switch to bacardi and coke gets you though the night and the hangovers not to bad

  11. alpha2 says:

    If it was a 2yo then catching a Quinlan horse 2nd time out seems best so the omens are all good apart, from it being a 3yo, oh, and on the all weather.

    Very best of

  12. britwriterinphilly says:

    No comment on Slipper Satin’s performance, Matt? I’m interested in your take on the horse’s price of 10/1 at the start having been 17/1+ on Betfair shortly before the off.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      I still haven’t spoken to the trainer. It doesn’t really matter what I think; it’s much more important what he thinks. So yes, no comment at this stage.

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