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Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews a stake if your strike rate is high enough and that's why most of the services we review here at Geegeez are tested to a 1pt level stake.

One of our current triallists also believes this to be the best policy as seen in the name of 1PointWins, who we have been reviewing for just nine days so far, but they're already clocking up the winners. Nine winners from twenty-eight selections is the current tally and the profits of 7.7pts represent an ROI of over 27.5%, as can be seen if you click here for Ernest's full review.

We do like to keep Ernest busy, as he's currently got two other active reviews on the go at present. One of them (Bookies Enemy No.1), however does reach the end of its 60-day review period tomorrow (Thursday), but I'm hardly jumping the gun when I say it will be getting our seal of approval. A record of 48 winners from 192 bets for profits of 97.6pts is excellent going and Ernest has logged every single selection and result in his review, which is right here.

The third of Ernest's reviews is that of the new version of the Midas Method. We reviewed a previous version with great success a couple of years ago, but we felt it wasn't particularly user-friendly. It has since been revamped into a fully automated service and in the two days we've been looking at it, it has found 6 winners from 27 , but has incurred a small 5.4pts loss. The two days' worth of selections can be seen here, whilst the original review from two years is still on our database via this link.

Meanwhile, Iain MacMillan is currently reviewing two services from the Betting Gods portfolio, namely Master Racing Tipster and Systematic Racing, with the latter outperforming the former. Just one win from eight this week for MRT taking their overall tally to 18 wins from 80 for a loss of 7.9pts to date (full details here), whilst both arms (backing and laying) of the Systematic Racing service are currently in profit and with a quarter of Iain's review left to run, they have accrued a modest profit of just over 9pts to date.

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David Sutton is currently reviewing the slow-burning Hawkeye service, which has only had 10 selections in the 37 days we've been looking at it. Just one winner so far means a current loss of 7pts to date. There's not much to read, but David's review is just here. We will however be hearing much more from David, as he has just started to compile a fairly extensive report of a ratings service for us, more on that next week!

That new ratings review from David will sit alongside the two separate viewpoints we're taking on Focus Ratings : Chris Thorogood is putting the hard yards in by sorting out the daily races into code and trip and then recording the results of backing the top three in each race. We don't expect to see a profit from this, as this is not how ratings services should be used, but we feel some interesting pointers will arise. heavy losses have been incurred so far, but the short distance A/W races are bucking that trend, as you'll see in Chris' review.

Jim Cannon is our other man on the Focus Ratings and Jim is analysing top-rated runners only and is also looking at the performance of those with a particularly high rating as a best bet type of scenario. And if you click here to read Jim's report, you'll see that these are proving to be quite profitable already to tune of 14.8pts and 7.7pts respectively.

Our other remaining review is that of Wootton Racing, a straightforward daily tipping service that John Barley is following for us. This one, unfortunately has got off to a poor start, finding just five winners from thirty-0ne selections in nine days. This means a current loss of 11.3pts, but it's still early days for this one and John has logged every selection/result right here.

That's the current position of the Geegeez System Reviews and we'll be adding more reviews in the next few days, so keep an eye out for those appearing in the System Trials section of the site, where all our reviews live.

If you require more information about any of the services I've mentioned here (of if you want to sign up to them!), simply click their name(s) on this page or drop me a line at the usual address (

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Chris & the Geegeez Reviews team.

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