Weekly Update

A Torrid Time for Tipsters

Weekly Update 17/9/14

Weekly Update 17/9/14

Hi everyone,

I was just looking back through the system trials and the performances of many of the featured services have mirrored my own fortunes of late.

It has been a difficult period recently and although my own activities are making some small profits, it really has been a torrid time for some of the tipsters we're reviewing.

This was certainly the case for Systematic Racing, which was pulled from the market last week, because the laid horses were winning and the backed horses were losing! Quite simply the service struggled throughout the review and when stumps were drawn last week, it stood at a 10.6pts loss in 54 days.

It was also a bit of a struggle for the ratings services we're looking at. It's hard to quantify the success of a ratings service, but blindly backing the top rated doesn't seem to be working for Focus Ratings, but their A/W ratings are making plenty of money, as can be seen in their review. Post Racing also suffered a lull this week with the reviewable aspects of the service losing just over 7pts (see here for details).

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Elsewhere 1PointWins lost 4.5pts in the last 7 days,which dropped them into negative equity after 23 days on trial with us, whilst the occasional Hawkeye service continued to fail to find a winner! No wins from five this week takes their overall record to 1/18 for a 16 pt loss in 51 days, every selection is listed here.

The biggest losses of the week were incurred by the Midas Method, who lost 16.4pts over the last week. wiping out over 75% of their previously accrued profits (all logged here) and it was a slow start for multi-sports service On The Ball. In eight days, they had four winners from nine, but at low odds meaning a loss of just over a point so far on their review.

This week saw the end of Master Racing Tipster's trial and although they closed out with two winners from four for a 4pts gain, the overall review shows a loss of 1.15pts in 60 days. It's not a massive deficit, but we can't recommend a service to you that didn't make money whilst on trial.

It was a better week for Wootton Racing, though, who had got off to a slow start, losing over 13pts in as many days action, before a recovery mission this week saw them hit 9 winners from 20 selections on their way to clawing 5pts back. As with all our trials, a full breakdown of the selections is right here.

And all that just leaves me with last week's two new football reviews to tell you about. Both have made a good start so far and in 8 days have made 6.15pts between them. Footy Lay Profits has a perfect 4/4 record for 3.8pts (those bets are here), whilst Football Fever has hit eight winners from nine, albeit at fairly short odds, but still enough to make 2.35pts (26.1% ROI) profit. That review is right here.

And that's a full roundup of all the current/recently ended reviews featured in our System Trials section of the site. I add new reviews pretty much every week, so why bookmark this link to take you to the dedicated review area?

If you need/want any further information on any of the services we've covered, simply click their name(s) anywhere on this page (highlighted in blue), whilst the corresponding review(s) can be found via the red links.

You can, of course, always email me at the usual address if you've any queries.

Until next time, have a great week,

Chris & the review team.

PS I had hoped to bring you a review of Trainers Quotes this week as requested by several of you, but I haven't quite tied them down yet and hopefully we'll have it for next week, along with soe other new starters. if you've any suggestions/requests for reviews, feel free to let me know.

Your first 30 days for just £1
32 replies
  1. Avatar
    sondrio2 says:

    its been a tough week indeed chris, ive been following the midas method myself with small stakes,and ive also been using the live method where as ernest is using the before method, and both have struggled, especially the live method. fancied horse,s with the money piling on them just are not doing the business.

  2. Avatar
    Roddo says:

    What about the wonder kids at Cleeve. Everybody and their grandma was saying how they were the best thing since sliced bread and go and purchase their festival selections.Lost at York and another 17 pts down the pan at Donny.Never did like sliced bread!

  3. Avatar
    chris says:

    The focus ratings trial shows how much a consistent (AW) racing surface can influence results – and produce regular profits. Something us turf punters are in the habit of forgetting. With the winter approaching, it’s a timely reminder. Not that the AW tracks are this consistent a surface during the cold and wet, but with the introduction of tapeta as a new variable, the present results are encouraging enough.

  4. Avatar
    ianker says:

    Who needs tipsters when you are a Gold Member.My betting bank has never been as healthy.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      A good point, well made 😀

      However, there are some decent guys out there too, it’s just not always easy to find them. And that’s where the reviews come in.

    • Avatar
      sondrio2 says:

      good point ianker, i have a few methods and tipsters that i follow daily, i keep them all on a spreadsheet side by side, stat of the day and the daily double amongst them, but the one consistent green day after day is the geegeez cards system i use, ive had the odd red day, but on the whole its very reliable. its must be called gold for a reason lol

      • Avatar
        Fatboyjim says:

        Hi Sondrio, would love to know what system you have devised from the Geegeez race cards

  5. Avatar
    Enida says:

    Assuming I even had the talent the last thing I would do is become a tipster. People’s expectations are wholly unrealistic and the short term nature of many people’s timescales for judging a service are woefully inadequate. I am a member of just two services – one (previously reviewed here in the past) has been simply on fire for months but has endured a fairly brutal fortnight absolutely bleeding cash. Some of the abuse directed to the tipster on the member’s page was simply hard to fathom though as anyone joining in the last 6 months would have barely noticed the dent. It is possible the person had joined a fortnight before admittedly but even so a look back at the record should have been enough to giving the person a bit more time before venting spleen.

    I barely register a week’s tips anymore (either from my own systems or from a tipster’s selections). I might be a bit up or a bit down that week but unless I went and looked at my records I couldn’t tell you. I review every 3 months or every 100 bets whatever comes first. Making decisions on the basis of a very bad (or indeed very good) week is simply not rational. You need to take a wider horizon. That is one reason why anyone following any of Geegeez reviews should be waiting the full trial period before deciding to join. If there are a low volume of bets I would suggest paper trading for a while when joining.

    Its been a tough few weeks alright on the flat though. Not sure why either as conditions have been relatively stable ground wise. Tired horses maybe? Entering another volatile start of NH season as well.

    • Avatar
      sondrio2 says:

      yes your right enida, another testing few weeks ahead with the nh season upon us again all of a sudden. but we love it, the ups and downs are what make it all so exciting. mind you, id like more ups than downs ha ha

    • Avatar
      Jon says:


      Be interested to know what tipster it is you are following , I agree things should be looked at in the long term.

      However as you mentioned the guy might have joined only a few weeks ago , as I have with a couple of new systems and one betting 2% stakes to a £ 500 bank was upto £ 800 within a couple of weeks , to now six weeks later langushing at £ 200 a loss of 40 plus points in the month . it is difficult not to vent ones anger as having not been part of the previous 12 months profits one does sometimes wonder how accurate the previous results were.

      • Avatar
        sondrio2 says:

        i can see enida,s point jon, but i have to agree that if youve paid money for tips you have the right to vent your anger if results suddenly drop off the cliff,
        ive yet to see a tipster who warns you prior to signing up clearly that there results could nose dive, yes they give you the usual warning that gambling is a risk, but primarily they tell you how much you are going to win blah blah
        its only when you sign up that the reality is unmasked, midas is a good case in point, in all there sales promo,s they tell you how much the method as made, but when you sign up and the results are nothing like the historical one,s they say to expect down periods, but thats never mentioned in the sales pitch, anyway enough of my whingeing, good luck to all today.
        by the way chris i dont put you in the same bracket as other tipsters, you have clearly stated the ups and probable downs of your selections, a refreshing change in the tipster world.

        • Avatar
          Chris Worrall says:

          No offence taken.

          I think a modicum of common sense and more than a pinch of salt is needed when reading sales blurbs from services.
          They’re no better or worse than any other form of advertising, though.

  6. Avatar
    kenneth says:

    i have received a letter from ross york-johnson tel-phone 02071125399 could you tell me if you hatestve done a test on this tipster

  7. Avatar
    sondrio2 says:

    chris, have you heard of the swiss binary bot, not horseracing i know, im being inundated by affliates from all over the place telling me to get involved, just wondered if you had come across the same email barrage these last few days.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      I’ve seen the sales stuff myself, but it’s not an area I’m familiar with.

  8. Avatar
    Blokeshead says:

    Currency trading, isn’t it? The money made by all those wealthy bankers has to come from somewhere. Someone out there seems to think you ought to be providing a little of it.

    Cynical? Me? Never. Although I did trade futures and commodities for a living for 6 years back in the 90s, meaning I might know a bit about the subject. Not looked at it since 98 though, and haven’t actually checked what “binary” systems are.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      I always thought binary was a system of counting using only the numbers 0 & 1.
      If I got involved it’d be case of “1 for you , 0 for me” 😀

      I’m not saying it can’t work. I just don’t know anything about it.

      • Avatar
        sondrio2 says:

        like i said earlier i dont know anything about it either, but a trusted source as got it and apparently you set it on auto and thats it , its 25 euro,s min trade and you have to deposit 200 euro,s to get started, there,s very little chance of losing your initial deposit,
        and they want users to recommend it once they start charging nearly 5k for a annual licence, i still have alarm bells chiming in my head though so am leaving it alone.

    • Avatar
      lickybits says:

      there was a programme on tele a few days ago showing the trading world, and showing how allthese traders were making huge profits on the stock market, sounds great but with all these people making so much money whos losing it all?

      • Avatar
        sondrio2 says:

        thats a great point lickybits, for every winner there as to be a loser, ill stgick to the footy and horses

  9. Avatar
    Denis says:

    I am glad I was too busy to bet today.The tipsters I follow got 2 wins from 19 bets!

  10. Avatar
    lickybits says:

    i’m weary of tipping services, i used to subsribe to one where i got the tips at 11am each morning but by then the odds had dropped on the horses,

  11. Avatar
    Dave McAuley says:

    Not all tipping services should be tarred with the same brush, some people do treat it as a professional business, back their own tips with their own money and so have a primary goal of achieving profits for their subscribers and managing their expectations.
    Any tipster worth his salt should be able to generate long-term profits and show results at least at BSP with 5% Commission deducted as that is generally ‘reality’ and achievable. That is why I find results by the likes of Pricewise & co. so laughable. They advise a lot of ‘early odds’ prices, that are quite frankly unachievable in this day and age for any amount of serious money, if they are consistently good. The tipster should also have historical data behind them going back years so the subscriber can have faith in them. Peaks & troughs are part and parcel of the ‘game’ though and September is a turnover point form-wise for a number of reasons I won’t go into right now. I personally reduce stakes as soon as I start to hear the words ‘St Leger’ and monitor things for signs of an upturn, history has taught me that is ‘on average’ a good strategy.
    However I’d say that if a subscriber is paying for tips then they shouldn’t really vent anger over short-term losses if that tipster has proven himself historically for a long time-frame. Failure to see the longer-term & not having the psychological make-up to deal with those troughs, is a problem with a LOT of punters, often hopping from tipster to tipster, strategy to strategy with no discipline or steady method. Punters should be able to ride the ups AND downs and treat it as an investment, both financially and also an investment in the expertise of the tipster to generate long-term P&L for them.

  12. Avatar
    sondrio2 says:

    some really interesting points from dave, very good post, i suppose the key when following a tipster is finding one of good standing with a decent record and who is transparent with his results, not easy in this cyber world where there appear to be hundreds of get rich quick systems and tipsters to follow, chris made a really valid point earlier about the value of the reviews which can point you in the right direction if your looking for a tipster, of course some review sites are not to be trusted either, not like the geegeez one which i trust implicity.

  13. Avatar
    scouse says:

    It’s not only backing horses that’s losing money I have been hit this month with my lays.
    It seem always to happen in Sep/ Oct I think the reason is all the good stuff is resting they
    have don the biz and we are left with the nags that are sent out to run the season down,
    I’ve still got a good bank, but this month unless I get lucky I will blow my brains out, if I have any that is, we all need a brain scan in this game, but it’s good fun if you don’t weekin.
    I will continue to soldier on to days lay is Daisy Boy shouting my mouth of now you watch!
    ouch, visit to the PSYCHIATRIST.

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      There’s a perverse kind of logic which tells me that when backing horses loses money, laying will too.
      For example, the horse you think will win gets beaten and opens the door for the one you laid.
      Double whammy.


  14. Avatar
    scouse says:

    Just looked at a comment on the Swiss binary, I too have had emails regarding this
    and I take them with a good dose of salt these scammers have friends, family, relatives,
    and uncle tom cobly backing them up, If I remember right one email said I could win
    $15,000 a day well if you believe that you’re very naive or unfortunately very desperate.
    My advise is to delete them don’t even open them up as most contain a virus, and we all
    should know what that means. There is no short cut to riches unless you get very lucky on the
    LOTO or an ACCA. TO be honest I said before that my lays have been hit but I have turned
    $100 in to $1500 it took time and I hope to increes it further or keep banking my profit.
    Their is one service I am getting tips from that looks promising very cheap they give out
    a luck 15 to a $1 stake yesterdays won $69 and a number of their e/w bets come in, can’t think of the name off hand but I will find it later and post.
    Yours Bob.

  15. Avatar
    scouse says:

    Yes I know it came 1st bad jockey on the fav got level should have pushed on as Daisy boy
    was gon but allowed it to gain the lead I was not impressed.

  16. Avatar
    scouse says:

    Their is only word for that oh s–t.
    Have any of you had dealings with Andrew Pen bought a bot of him and I would like some help
    but cant find him any where on Google, if you have please post his info, may be you have Matt
    would be obliged if you could help.
    Yours Bob.

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