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As some readers will know, I have been a member of the Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF) since its inception in late 2015; and more recently I became the Chair of that group.

Last week I was interviewed about HBF, geegeez.co.uk and a range of other horse racing betting-related subjects, and those videos are now available below. It's in three parts, the first being the longest. See what you think.

[N.B. The interviews were content for a bookmaker website so please forgive the branding within them, it's not an endorsement - though, to balance that, I don't have any negative opinion of them either. And, to be clear, I received no payment from, and am not affiliated with, them in any way. Phew, right here are the vids...]

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4 replies
  1. jimw
    jimw says:

    That was a very impressive interview – fair play and well done to both of you. It was a unusual pleasure to listen to two people with different perspectives and interests discuss these politely, seriously, intelligently and imaginatively.

  2. LittleBitHorse
    LittleBitHorse says:

    Very good interview!
    Was interested in the bookies restrictions !
    On that point how do you guys keep accounts open if you’re looking to make a profit ? Do you keep the money in there or withdraw ?

  3. Peter Nicholson
    Peter Nicholson says:

    Very interesting conversation,
    Matt. I do hope the minimum bet liability comes in at some stage but I haven’t heard of any discussion regarding price restrictions. I am effectively banned from on-line accounts so I go to my local bookies in Exeter. In Betfred, Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power if I want a bet I can only have SP regardless if their advertised odds are BOG or not. Obviously if I want to bet at SP then Betfair is best. My normal bet is £20 so I cannot be classed as a professional. I think it is wrong that the bookies can advertise prices and offers all over their shops and in their windows and then discriminate against me.

  4. acranea
    acranea says:

    Any bookmaker that can’t support a minority of winning punters isn’t fit to hold a licence. it’s as simple as that. There’s very little point having a “competitive” marketplace when that marketplace contains two-bob joke outfits like Betway & bwin who close you down after a handful of winners. The big boys let you go a little longer but same result in the end. I’ve been betting for 41 years. Never had a bet bigger than £25, never had a 12 month profit in excess of a grand (& that’s spread across a few bookies, not just one) & yet I’m restricted to (literally) pennies by Paddy, BFSB, Victor, Betway, Boyle’s, Racebets, Unibet, 888, Hills. All in the last 3 years.
    This is a multi billion pound industry we’re talking about. No other business of comparable scale gets to treat it customers this way. Presumably because gambling has always had a slightly degenerate image I guess. Nobody cares much about degenerates & how they get treated.
    Well, it’s a mainstream industry now so it’s long after time it behaved like one & got regulated like one ( The Gambling Commission…Ha! A rubber stamp organisation for bookies & casinos)

    All that easy FOBT money has enabled them to behave the way they do, they’ll hopefully have to start playing fair now that’s coming to an end. I won’t be holding my breath though.

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