Geegeez System Trials Update

Aiden’s on top in a game of two halves…

Hello again, everyone and welcome to our regular midweek review roundup.

Geegeez System Trials Update

Geegeez System Trials Update

Regular readers will know that we have rolling reviews of around 10 to 12 commercial services on site at any any one site and that all our reviews are conveniently located in one easy location right here.

Each Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, I'll bring you up to date with the current state of play of all active reviews and also those whose trials have ended in the past week. I'll also give a brief overview of any highlights of the week and we'll pass judgement on recently concluded trials.

This week was a real split down the middle job, as our 11 services managed a paltry £25 profit between them, as six of them made combined profits of £406, which were virtually negated by the other five losing £381 between them, with the highlight of the week being Aiden Monroe's return of over £194 profit.

Since Aiden Monroe uses a variable staking pattern of up to 100pts per bet, we allocate a mere £0.14 per point to his selections, meaning he actually made 1388pts profit over the week. He has cut the price of his service from £119 to £99 this week and is currently on a break from today (Wed) for a few days, returning to action next Monday. The review of his service is right here or if you need/want more info on him or to just sign up, simply click his name anywhere on this page!

We've liked what we've seen of this one so far and we've high hopes for it upon its return next week.

It wasn't however such a good week for two of his BetAdvisor colleagues, who were responsible for over 56% (£214) of the overall weekly losses incurred by the trial portfolio, as John Sills lost £78.00 since my last update, whilst Alec Pearce was our worst performer of the week with a deficit of £136. (Click on their losses to read their reviews!)

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Here's the current state of play for all 11 reviews...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Unity Racing Club (£5/pt) £1,323.55 (at day 60) 60 -£30.65 Click Here
Aiden Monroe (BetAdvisor) £195.79 (at day 23) 23 £194.32 Click Here
Tom Nelson Racing (£2/pt) £119.49 (at day 54) 54 £44.18 Click Here
The Young Ones £90.13 (at day 55) 55 -£34.03 Click Here
The Colonel (£2.50 / pt) £81.95 (at day 48) 48 £26.08 Click Here
Premier Greyhound Tips £50.00 (at day 15) 15 £35.00 Click Here
Alec Pearce (BetAdvisor) £34.00 (at day 23) 23 -£136.00 Click Here
Steve Good Racing (£2/pt) £25.04 (at day 47) 47 -£102.25 Click Here
James Tucker (BetAdvisor) £10.80 (at day 23) 23 £36.00 Click Here
John Sills (BetAdvisor) -£189.67 (at day 23) 23 -£78.00 Click Here
Easy Tips -£226.40 (at day 60) 60 £70.00 Click Here

Click the name of any service for more information...

As you can see, we had two reviews hit the 60-day end point this week and whilst the final results are very different, my own personal thoughts about them are pretty similar, if truth be told. Top-ranked Unity Racing Club have finished with a total profit of what looks an eye-watering £1323.55, whereas Easy Tips sit at the foot of our table with an overall loss of £226.40. So, with such differing fortunes, how do I consider them to be alike?

Well, quite simply, I can't recommend either of them! Following Easy Tips over the last two months would have seen lose just over £250 including subscription fees, so it's obvious why I can't and won't be giving it my seal of approval, but I might need to explain my feelings about URC a little more!

URC finished with an overall profit of just over £1323 in 60 days. If we deduct the subscription fees for 60 days access, we're left with a balance of £1177, which still looks brilliant, but here's the rub. On day of their review, they landed a trixie worth £1130 on a day where they made £1442 profit. and if we remove that day's figures, which are a clear anomaly from the other 59 days we've seen, their service would have actually cost you £265, making them worse than Easy Tips!

Unlike other review sites out there, we don't recommend any product just because they've made money, we want to know that it's a consistent performer, before it gets the Geegeez Seal of Approval. Like all review sites, we receive a commission from service vendors, if you buy via our links, but unlike others I could (but won't!) mention, we never promote just for the sake of chasing the affiliate bucks!

I'll be adding a couple of new trials to the review section this week, so if there's anything you'd like to see us cast our beady eyes upon, just let me know via a comment below or via email at the usual address, I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great week,

Chris & the internet's best review team.

P.S. The opinions about URC & Easy Tips are my own, our reviewers are still compiling their own final reports, which will be added to the relevant reviews later!

Your first 30 days for just £1
7 replies
  1. JanSmuts says:

    Chris, any plans to review the subscription service that Kim Bailey has recently started operating via his blog? There is very little information on this prior to sign up, but nominated horses include runners from other stables…so in effect is this a tipping service? Curious to know what you think, and whether more trainers may go down this route? Thanks

    • Chris Worrall says:

      It’s not one I was aware of, to be honest.
      I’ll see if we can get something set up there.


  2. JanSmuts says:

    Thanks Chris. All I can gather is that it’s £10 per month and apparently you get the low down on how his horses are expected to run (used to be part of the daily blog) … but with a lack of runners recently there has been mention of nominated horses from other stables – such as One for the Guv’nr which won at Ludlow on Monday (4/6F). That made me curious as to what exactly it is.

  3. alpha2 says:

    I used to read Kim’s blog every day without fail, mostly as it was so entertaining. I think he got so many readers mostly due to this the daily joke and the great insight it gave to life in a stable such as his and has seen it as a potential revenue stream that could help fund his business. He was always very honest about his runners and occasionally one could profit accordingly.

    I could not imagine for one moment that he would want it to be seen as a tipping business and given his occasional festival tips for big races would doubt its value. The main purpose appeared to be to recruit new owners and this appeared to work. I thought it was a great shame that he started charging £10 a month for access as it somehow goes against the spirit of what a blog is for.

  4. JanSmuts says:

    Agree, alpha2. I read it religiously and like you say you could get a gauge as to whether his horses had a chance and have a little punt – sometimes it paid off and sometimes it didn’t as is the very nature of the sport. I can understand the need to maximise revenue streams but agree with you that it’s a shame it has happened. I guess the thing that has made me curious is that other runners from other stables are being ‘nominated’ when there is a lack of runners from his own yard. To me, that starts to move into other territory and so it would be interesting to see what value the £10 a month delivers and if we can expect more of this from other yards in the future. Certainly I can’t think of any others doing it at the moment.

  5. JanSmuts says:

    And just to add that I am a big fan of Kim’s yard and if I were to own a horse that is probably where I’d send it.

  6. paladin says:

    I originally started to write to you concerning the similarity between your namesake website, and the selections of “The Young Ones” (and to some degree “The Colonel”).
    The trouble is, that although they pinpoint the same Winners they also pinpoint similar Losers.
    You have to ascertain whether it’s worthwhile spending £50 or £60/month for one to act as a “clearing house”.
    Then it occurred to me that, in testing multiple systems, you must come across the same phenomenon on a daily basis.
    Can you suggest a tipster that would work as a better clearing house ,
    Is there a tool on Gold that could work more effectively as a clearing house in selecting the “Dead Certs” from the chaff.

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