All By The Book System-Final Review.

The "All By The Book" system is a purely mathematical dutching to win system. It is available to download for £87.

I found the 9 page pdf easy to understand and there wasn't any fluff to wade through.

Without revealing too much of the "All By The Book" system I'll try to give you the pro's and con's of using it's strategies.

You will need an internet connection and you will require multiple U.K. bookmaker accounts.

The system works on all U.K racing (flat,jumps and all-weather).

The system gives you some useful internet sites that you will need to assist with the working out of qualifying races and their calculations.

Once you have found the potential qualifying races you will have to monitor the bookmaker prices and once they conform to your required level you place your dutched bets and move on to the next qualifying race.

I have found that you can sometimes get your bets on at 10.00 a.m. but you will have to keep checking back up to the start of your race( I would advise not trying to place bets less than 15 minutes before the off,due to rapid price changes).

The "All By The Book" system will require you to have access to a computer up until  you have placed all your bets.

The joy of evening  and weekend racing means 9 to 5 workers can still benefit even though there will be less action.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The system recommends that a total dutching stake per race of £100 is used(you could start off with smaller stakes and increase as the profit increases).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt for allowing me to review this system. I have never done this before so bare with me.At the moment I'm a redundant ex-warehouse worker with time on my side but limited betting funds,so I have only paper traded this system.

The only problems that I can see with this system are -

1/ Using £100 stakes you could need £2000 to cover a days bets.

2/ Will you be able to get your bets matched at your required prices as you will be placing bets at different bookmakers(prices are always changing) on selections in the same race.

One of the gems of this system is that you will only ever lose a maximum of 3% of your stake per race (most instances are even lower and occasionally you will encounter a no-lose situation).

During my months trial of the "All By The Book" system I have found 220 qualifying races.

With 56 profitable outcomes,roughly a 25% strike rate.

If you had used the recommended £100 stakes you would have made a profit of £388.

The biggest single profit on one race would have been £69.

The biggest daily profit would have been £166.

The longest winning run was 5 days.

The longest losing run was 4 days.

The biggest daily loss was £21.

Summing up I would say that I think this system will make a consistent profit for very little risk.

It is not a "get rich quick" scheme but if you compare what profit you would make with the interest you get at the banks I know what will earn you more money.

Also consider if you re-invested your winnings into your betting bank each month and upped your stake per race what could you end up with at the end of a year?

All of my results were achieved with standard bookmakers but if you want to use the betting exchanges you could squeeze even more profit out of the system.Personal choice will play a big part with the "All By The Book" system but however you use the system you WILL make a profit.

Check out All By The Book here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. John
    John says:

    The only downside to this system is that you need a really large betting bank to accomodate all the different bookies. Other than that its fine

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi guys

      Thanks for the comments, and it’s interesting to hear the various accounts of using it. I’ve used it myself, and can report the following:

      – it takes about 10 minutes a race to get bets on (and I strongly recommend opening all bookie windows before placing any of the bets, to ensure the prices are correct)
      – we’re only looking at smallish fields so it narrows the amount of action down significantly (and manageably)
      – I don’t see why you’d believe this is a full time job, as today’s five qualifying races is a touch below the norm and took me about 45-50 minutes to get the bets on.
      – it also seems that the trial period was a lower than average returning month

      In summary, yes, there is some work involved; no, you don’t have to do this every day; I don’t believe you need a massive bank, as you simply play as many races as you can / want to, and build up your bank (and yes, you can start with smaller stakes of course!)

      Do keep the comments coming, especially if you’ve been using ABTB.



    DAVE YEATES says:

    Is it just me or are these systems ALWAYS more successful with testers than those of us out here in the world? I bought this system and whilst I understand the logic behind it, I found it far more difficult to find qualifying races than the tester. I also came unstuck from (a) movement of bookies’ odds, and (b) in one instance there was a non–runner but one of the bookies hadn’t updated their odds, so the odds found on the oddschecker were wrong, a fact I only uncovered having already started to place my bets. When I actually did make a profit (twice out of 14) it was hardly worth the bother, and this was to £200 stakes. I haven’t analysed racing results to know for sure, but my hunch would be that more often than not a horse which wins its race has an SP shorter than opening odds or tissue prices. The effort/reward ratio here is simply far too low to make this viable for me.

  3. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Well done Martin, an excellent review!

    Sounds like you have been a busy boy for the last month!LOL As this system seems to add up to the hours of a full time job. Not sure if the return of £388 to £100 stakes for a months work is good or not, but at the end of the day a profit is a profit, and as you say you could increase stakes.
    I also think as to potential problems you have hit the nail on the head as regards getting the required prices when using more than one bookmaker, especially the closer you get to race time. In my experience that was always the major with arbing, you get one half of your bet on, only to find the price has gone for the other half.
    Sounds like another potentially successful system that is going to have a limited appeal due to the nature of its operation, and possibly cost.

    Once again many thanks for the effort you have put into this time consuming trial, and for a very well written final review.


  4. Pedro
    Pedro says:


    For how long did you taked the review, a month or two?

    And its possible to use it using 10€ stakes instead of 100€?

  5. chris foster
    chris foster says:

    As usual, if it’s so good why sell it!!!

    If I managed to create a consistently profitable gambling system, then you can bet your bottom dollar I would not tell anyone else about it. I would just rack up the profits and live the good life.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris

      A good question, but an old one.

      The answer is simple: by selling the system, the vendor can continue to make profits from using it and from sharing the knowledge. Two profit streams are always better than one. (Obviously, overselling is a problem, and there are warnings about being too greedy within ABTB).

      Hope that helps a little – your scepticism is entirely healthy in our shark infested waters!


  6. Brian
    Brian says:

    My experience is similar to Dave’s. I can’t use the system every day but have used it on and off for 4 months and made the princely sum of £5.99! I also found that the winner’s SP is too often less than the early price and, for the profit gained, it is quite time-consuming.


  7. Craig
    Craig says:

    What no one has mentioned is that if you have multiple betting accounts and if you place bets through oddschecker, the bookmakers will use tracking cookies to trace the pattern of your betting. They will realise that you are using an ‘arbing’ (or similar) system based purely on price. They will also realise that you, along with lots of other people using the same system, are making a profit and before long, they will close or heavily restrict your betting account! Once you’ve lost a few of your accounts the whole method becomes unworkable.

    The system works when ‘paper traded’ precisely because it won’t incur the wrath of the bookies, but placing genuine bets which appear to be linked to a system along with dozens of people doing the same thing at the same time, surely can’t have any long term prospects.

  8. jim
    jim says:

    This does work and is ingeniously simple but the ten minutes a race to evaluate overround, some will not meet the crieria, then open each bookie at the race page check prices again place bets and wait. Some people are clearly much quicker than me but then I am not trying to sell the system. The issue which many of you will find is the bookies are now very aware of the system and many report being kicked back so there are genuine risks of not placing all bets on the race and the return for time and effort will not be for everybody.

  9. Alan
    Alan says:

    I have purchased All By The Book.

    I set up accounts with seven Bookmakers with a deposit of £30 at each. The value of bets placed was £20.

    I commenced betting on the 20th June and placed my last bet on the 21st July. Over this period I had ten losing days and twelve winning days. Obviously I didn’t use the system every day either through indolence or lack of races to bet on.

    I made a profit of £61.91. Which proves the point that the system is profitable – but very frustrating. Previous correspondents have outlined its faults, the biggest of which is when placing the bets and the price has changed.

    The site suggested for obtaining prices is far from efficient. Several times I had to rely on Betfair to complete the betting pattern only to find that the Betfair price never matched the price quoted on the site.

    If you prefer watching paint dry this is the system for you but be prepared to spend hours placing your bets. I placed mine around 11 to 12 as the prices were less volatile around these times.

  10. Geoff Harris
    Geoff Harris says:

    Let’s see if I’ve got this right.
    In a month 220 bets and 3.88 points profit ?
    This systems not for me !

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      You’ve not got it right Geoff. Your liability is £3 or less per race. Therefore, it’s roughly 130 points profit. 🙂


  11. Robert
    Robert says:

    Hi there Matt,
    I purchased this system just over 2 months ago and my profit so far is approx £1300.Again this last week i won around £170 and this happens regularly.Definately THE best buy i have ever made.I would recommend not stepping too far over the £100 betting strategy as the bookies are getting suspicious. I have had one account closed down and another allowing me to only bet to their maximum price. Also steer well away from “canbet” and do NOT take their bonus for opening an account. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Keep up the good work, i love your site.

  12. Craig
    Craig says:

    Jim and Robert have clearly demonstrated that this system will NOT work in the long term. In fact its shelf life is pretty much over in my considered opinion.

    Bookmakers are not fools and everyone who buys and uses this system is accentuating its exposure to the account trackers. Once you’ve had your betting accounts closed/restricted this doesn’t just impact negatively on trying to employ this system, but on every bet you place in terms of trying to get the best market price.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Craig

      Bookies are not fools but they are in business, and that means they’re in competition with all the others (and, most importantly, the exchanges). Were that not the case they wouldn’t be offering best odds on all races each day.

      The fact is that yes, you can ultimately become a victim of your own success, but how many accounts have you had closed? If something makes you money for a while, is that not a good thing?

      All systems have shelf lives. At least the successful ones, because the accumulated weight of money informs the market. So what?!

      That’s the point. Whilst the sun is shining, make some hay, and don’t worry that it might rain in a day or two.

      That would be my philosophy at least: if you see an opportunity, you should take it and enjoy it while you can, because – guess what – there will be another along soon. Such is life. 🙂


  13. Danny
    Danny says:

    Oh to be banned by the bookies! lol
    Now that would be a turn around after all the money they have taken off me in the years.
    I am more than willing to take that risk but i dont see it because for the one winning bet i get in each race, there are normally 5 or 6 losing bets that the other bookies benefit from.
    I have to admit to being dispondent after the initial period due to the strike rate but i was just doing seletctive races each day that met the criteria and maybe the others which met it that i didnt do won? I dont know but all i do know is that this is the first one that does make me money and the pressure is off when you know you are not going to lose a lot if you do lose.
    Steve has been a great help to me along the way when i was unsure of things and how good is that, when the support offfered actually gets delivered rather than take your money and run like a lot of other companies / systems.
    I have never been so bouyant about my betting as i am now and i have been betting years without success.
    Thanks again to Steve and the system and if the bookies spoil it all eventually, so what? At least we had them runing instead of us


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Danny. And amen to the sentiment of sending the bookies running for a change! 🙂


  14. Steve Davidson
    Steve Davidson says:

    Hi, Interesting comments above. As the seller of All By The Book, it is always interesting to hear from the users of it.
    It is important to keep in mind that it is a business plan, we have outlayed the basics and add to it as we see more possiblities. Variant 3 that is delivered at day 21, after the clients gets the hang of the basic method. Shows that it is possible between Betfair and Betdaq to have complete risk free bets.
    This is a maths based method and there is another variant due out soon (Free to registered owners) that show how using non BOG bookies can work very well also.
    On being banned by bookies, yes it does happen. However there are things that can be done to avoid this. Day 4 after purchase, you get the surebets principle that shows away of keeping bookie accounts alive.
    And as Matt points out the best thing apart from the PROFIT, is the risk free approach, and if the risk is minimised, then the profit will flow.
    Plus one last word, if you are a lazy punter, this is not for you. But if making extra money, then yes get on board.
    Steve Davidson
    All By The Book.

  15. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    yep, this really does work, it’s excellent. Takes work but well worth the effort.


    Geoff M

  16. Craig
    Craig says:

    Interesting opinions all round. I certainly agree with the notion of making hay while the sun shines. I suppose it wouldn’t be difficult for people to get a return on their investment in the system even if its profitability wanes and that is more than can be said of most betting systems on the market! I still maintain that the sun won’t shine for long before the hay becomes waterlogged!.

    As regards restricted/closed accounts the criteria they use isn’t necessarily about winning and losing per se, but about the types of bet you place, how much ‘skill’ appears to be involved such as getting early prices about horses that shorten dramatically before the off. BoG is something they use to attract bets but anyone who consistently finds those best value bets will flag themselves up as a non-mug!

    And the thing they REALLY clamp down on is arbing (even though they do it themselves!)……In fact risk free betting is what they do for a living by creating an ‘over-round’ and guaranteed profit on every race so the last thing they want is for their clients to use their book to do the same or something similar!

    Personally I’ve not had any accounts limited but it’s hardly surprising as I bet infrequently with the bookies and it tends to be fivers and tenners. If I was to suddenly start placing bets of much larger amounts, according to a systematic method, I’ve little doubt they would not take kindly to it. There are MANY cases where accounts are being closed for all sorts of reasons (every week the betfair forum has at least one thread about it) and I’d rather not take the chance, which is not the same as saying the system doesn’t work in principle.

    It seems it does, but for how long and at what risk to those who like to get BoG on straightforward betting is the thing that puts me off wanting to get involved.

    Anyway, good luck with it to all the non-sceptics! I will be interested to see how things are going by the end of September and that will be a truer measure of success or failure than my admittedly assumption based critique now.

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