All By The Book System update 4

This is day 14 of the review of the "All By The Book" system.Patience is the key with this system.

After a run of poor results and the profits decreasing the "All By The Book" system has come good

for us today with two profitable races.

Total Bets  97

Total Wins  24

Total Profit  +188.99

Your first 30 days for just £1
2 replies
  1. 18rabbit says:

    Hey Matt,
    Firstly …Keep up the Good Werk !

    Brill Site,Good Advice….All in all a real Winner

    …but…..there is just one slight bother……….

    Please oh Please could you Please (and kindly) get rid of that Darn Annoyingly Repetitive Free System Offer ‘Plop-Up’ that your Site has recently and disappointingly become plagued by.

    Now its not the Systems themselves,you understand…Far from it…I have personally used the two of them on a fairly regular basis for a number of months now and can quite happily vouch for them both..,{I’d even go as far as to Recommend them to others}….{ThankYouVeryMuchIndeedMatt !}

    No,its more a (personal) simple matter regarding the basic ‘Nature’ and general ‘Feel’ of these darned ‘Plop-Ups’ we all seem to be so increasingly plagued by these days.

    Bottom line I guess is Basically that I personally don’t like them and kind of feel that they inevitably seem to,how shall I put it,…somewhat ‘Lower the Tone’ of whichever Web Site they have become so annoyingly attached to.
    Its just something in the way they always seem to want to keep on ‘Plopping-Up’,FAR TOO OFTEN,only to tell you yet again about stuff you already know about and have invariably just gotten through trying to forget about.

    Honestly,Matt,don’t you really,honestly believe that your readers are,well,of a certain ‘niche’ or ‘Class’ of punter who,forgive me if I sound a little weird in this but….who Really and Honestly don’t actually need such constant reminders to take up such a straight and genuine offer,(such as this one),especially when it comes,as it does,from such a Geezer as your good self……

    Just a thought.

    I really do hope that I have not overly bored you with all of this, or else come across as maybe a tad Self Important or whatever as.all I’m really trying to put across is some well intended and hopefully constructive commentary on a Web Site {which I visit frequently enough to feel I want to comment on in the first place.}

    No hard feelings……….honest.

    Ok…I’ll re-set my Pop-Up Blocker now then shall I ?

    ALL the Best

    Really !


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi 18 rabbit

      I do understand that it might be slightly annoying, and I have done my best to reduce that to the minimum whilst still offering new visitors to the site a reason to stick around. Geegeez is my business and, as a result of that, I have to try to get new people interested as well as keep my current subscribers happy. That is a very fine balance to strike, and I’ve removed the video in favour of the ‘plop up’, which is I hope slightly less intrusive.

      The pop-up should only appear once a week, as that is what it is now set to, which should reduce your irritation further. I hope you can see beyond that and continue to enjoy the content on the site. 🙂

      Best Regards,

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