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The feedback on this has been in-cred-ible. Thank you - I'm really pleased that something I find so useful looks like also proving a valuable tool to many others. I am, of course, talking about the new Race Analysis Reports (RAR's) which will be appearing on the race cards at geegeez very soon.

We've still got one or two issues, but I'm hoping to have them online next week, with a following wind. At the moment, we've a little problem with the historical going info which is being ironed out, and we don't yet have the 'last win rating comparison' operational.

Once those two issuettes have been resolved, you'll be able to see how each horse in a race is equipped to deal with today's going, class, course, distance, and field size, literally at a glance.

As well as the RAR, I'll also be introducing some exciting full form filters in the next fortnight or so. Here's a sneaky peek at the things they'll cover:

A look at the full horse form

A look at the full horse form

Here's a closer look at the filters:

The Form Filters

The Form Filters

A quick walkthrough for you... At the top you can see buttons to switch between horse, jockey and trainer. You can filter the performance of each of those in this screen. Clicking on the trainer or jockey name in the 'Runner Details' section will also flick to the relevant trainer/jockey screen.

The 'Race Record' area (bottom left here) can include all runs since 2009 (as it is in the image), or any individual year since; and there is a breakdown of runs, wins, 2nds, 3rds for each race type.

That breakdown changes when 'Filters' (bottom right of the image) are applied. For example, if you look at the first form filter image - which has the 'wins' clicked, you can see that Man Of Leisure has only ever won over hurdles, though he hopes to change that today!

The 'Filters' cover the following:

On the top line, we've got race type (i.e. flat turf, all weather, all flat; hurdles, chase, or all National Hunt; or everything)

On the second line, we've got filters for today's race conditions (i.e. going, distance, course, class, jockey, and 'today' which is a composite of going, distance and class)

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On the third line, there are time specific filters: you can quickly see how a horse has performed returning from a layoff (60+ days) or backing up quickly after a recent run (10- days)

And on the fourth line, you can isolate just wins, just places, just unplaced efforts, or any combination of those.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Although this project has been very expensive (far, far, far and away the biggest expense in my seven years online), I'm committed to making the form tools the very best free UK form study resource on the internet.

We're also still working on the Pace Analysis Report, which will help you to see - at a glance, of course - how the race might shape up in terms of horses that want to lead, race prominently, or be held up.

One thing to say is that when we do go live with these, it's likely that there will be a few 'teething troubles', so do bear with us at that time.

In the meantime, here's a couple more races from today to whet your appetite. (Again, note that the going and rating parts should be ignored as they're not working correctly today).

Also, you can click on 'Win' or 'Place' to switch between the win and place records of the race runners in each chart. And, you can can click R, W, and % for each column to sort them. If they sort in the reverse order to what you want, click again, and they'll sort the way you want them! 🙂


Hamilton 5.15


Stratford 3.50


Stratford 4.20


Fontwell 5.30


Lingfield 5.10


Lingfield 5.40


Lingfield 7.10


Lingfield 7.40


Killarney 7.30

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Avatar
    bill fieseler says:

    excellent stuff,this could be a very useful tool in the fight with the bookies

  2. Avatar
    martin says:

    Hi Matt

    I’m amazed that this innovation is going to be available for free…..and as you said Matt the cost of this will be huge….database designers, database/SQL programmers, testers etc don’t come cheap!

    These tools are going to be fantastic time savers in narrowing down the field…so boosting your chances of finding winners (or place horses for placepot purposes) are going to be greatly enchanced.

    Geegeez seems to go from strength to strength…and ground breaking resources like these is really a testament to the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of you and your team of contributors, to make punting fun, interesting and hopefully profitable.

    The future is bright…the future is Geegeez!


  3. Avatar
    John Begg says:

    Looks like I can do away with my paid subscription to a form book in time if the traffic lights continue in the form they were last weekend. This will give many of us the edge. Great stuff Matt

  4. Avatar
    Elaine Cullum says:

    I can’t see what the list of races are for as there are no runners listed and clicking anything appears to do nothing.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      I’ll have some full instructions and videos when the reports are live, Elaine. Apologies for now if they’re not clear.


  5. Mal Boyle
    Mal Boyle says:

    I left my thought with you last week but I’ll state it in another way,…Geegeez—leading from the front as ever!


  6. Avatar
    Stephen Sear says:

    I have loads of Ratings Systems-brought and some free.
    But,this one looks like it wil be more comprehensive and easier to track the contenders with yr traffic light system-Look forward to it in all it’s GLORY.
    Well done Matt for yr diligence again in helping the average joe punter…

  7. Avatar
    Brian says:

    I’m not normally thick but my brain doesn’t seem to be working today. Can you explain what the green coloured T L D in the rating column above mean.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Brian

      That column is not currently operational, and all will be explained in full in due course. But, for info, T is today’s rating, L is last winning rating, and D is the difference. It helps identify horses which are potentially ‘well in’ on official ratings compared with their last win.


  8. Avatar
    john murray says:

    once again matt your leading from the front. i have been a geegeez member
    for a few years now. during that time you have given out so much information
    and data for free, all i can say is you have my thanks always in everything you
    you bring to the table. once again i am the same as a few other members i have
    no details horses names etc. i will learn at a later date.
    many thanks
    john murray

  9. Avatar
    John Begg says:

    I found it works fine on safari (ipad etc) but I can only see the headings of the races in internet explorer. Don’t know if this helps anyone. John

  10. Avatar
    jeff says:

    hi matt will they be available the night before or on the day of racing.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jeff

      Currently, day of racing. Soon (next couple of months), night before.


  11. Avatar
    Ron Combo says:

    GeeGeez in the vanguard as ever. Great new offer Matt. Astonished it’s free. Thank you.

  12. Avatar
    Chris says:

    Once i understand what it is all about i will be able to take it all in and use to good . thanks i await the video etc. till then i shall hit buttons and look a t results. im guessing the green figures are one to look out for

  13. Avatar
    luigi3907 says:

    Matt , the biggest bugbear I find is the going as if looking in Racing Post , Sporting Life , Timeform and BHA reports it is common to get 2 different versions and not unusual to get 3.

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