Weekly Update

An Elite return to form…

The previously heralded Elite Racing Advice service had an indifferent time of it in my last roundup (see here), but it seems like that was just the "blip" I suggested it might be, as they've just had an excellent fortnight, as you'll now see in the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 15/08/2017.

Over the past two weeks, backing the selections from Elite on win only basis (as I've intimated I prefer), you'd have had 13 winners from 35 selections at an excellent strike rate of 37.14% and although that's only the 5th best ratio of our six triallists, the £169.08 profit was returned at an ROI of some 49%, making them our performer of the week (ROI is more important than strike rate to me!).

A full breakdown of the Elite selections/results/returns is available here in James' review.

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And now, in order of decreasing ROI, here's how the other 5 triallists fared over the last fortnight...

  • Normally, a strike rate of 45.45% (5 wins from 11 and 3rd best this week) for profits of £70.32 at an ROI of 40.88% would be more than enough for top billing in my roundup, but Omaha Racing (review right here) had to settle for being our runner-up for the second fortnight in a row. Mind you, it was enough to put them top of our overall leaderboard, as you'll see shortly.
  • It was also a good time for TrackSide, who had a poor start to their trial, but have steadily chipped away at early losses and now look well set to end their time with us in profit. Since last time, they hit 8 winners from 17 (47.06% SR & 2nd best on here) for profits of £51.88 at an ROI of 30.08%. They've 6 more betting days left with us and they'll be hoping to push their final ROI into double figures.
  • Next up is the advised betting/staking plan from Elite, which is a mixture of win and E/W bets often at shortish odds. I'm no fan of backing horses at 5/2 E/W, hence my preference for the win only version! 14 winning bets from 35 gave a strike rate of 40% (4th best), but as 13 of the 14 were winners, the E/W betting reduced profits down to £62.68 at an ROI of 18.17% : that's still a good return from a cautious approach, of course! Once again, the full story is here.
  • Not such good news for the 123 System, though, as their 25/75 win/place split of stakes means that despite a 62.5% strike rate (easily the best of this roundup), they actually lost £12.17 (15.21% of stakes), with just one actual race winner. This is another one that seems overly cautious in its approach, but why not read Ernest's review and make your own mind up?
  • And last and unfortunately most certainly least, I'm afraid, is the sorry state affairs that the Tips Service finds itself in. My last roundup suggested they might be on the verge of turning things around, but with the worst strike rate (1/25 = 4% SR) and the biggest loss (-£200.10 or 80.04% of stakes), not only do they get the wooden spoon this time around, but I think I'm ready to write this one off despite them having a fortnight to go of their trial.

... and now our updated "league table", ordered by overall ROI...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Fortnightly P/L Full Review ROI
Omaha Racing £141.96 (at day 25) 25 £70.32 Click Here 26.09%
123 System £132.94 (at day 53) 53 -£12.17 Click Here 18.72%
Elite (win only) £220.98 (at day 48) 48 £169.08 Click Here 15.71%
Elite (as advised) £196.77 (at day 48) 48 £62.68 Click Here 13.99%
TrackSide £78.36 (at day 54) 54 £51.88 Click Here 7.98%
Tips Service -£538.15 (at day 46) 46 -£200.10 Click Here -28.93%

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

That's all pretty self-explanatory I hope, but if you've any queries about any of these services, just drop me a quick email or leave a comment below. The same applies to any service you might have seen elsewhere that you'd like us to roadtest for you. I've just got agreements from 5 more providers to trial their services, so all being well, they'll feature in my next report.

So, until then, thanks for reading,


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