An Open Letter To The Geegeez Community…

I'm moved to follow Gavin in, dear reader, and send an open letter to the minority. Of course, I should bite my tongue, but I'm not going to... so...

To those who are so quick to throw stones when a race passes without the winner being found,

Please read the following, and consider two things:

1. Do you honestly think you have any chance of winning at horse racing?

2. Is it worth your time reading the blogs at Nag3 and Geegeez?

The reality is that what Gavin and I try to do is to educate, as well as entertain.

If that sounds a bit pompous, it's not meant to. It's just that we feel that some people who are perhaps newer to the game simply don't understand that betting is - as Terry said very well in his comment on Nag3 - a long term battle, where you can look a complete monkey on any given day, and a genius the next.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The key is to come out in front over the medium- to long-term. I think Something Wells (33/1), Ogee (25/1), and Niche Market (33/1) would put people 91 points up, even betting at SP (and probably double that if using betfair).

If that doesn't justify a loser or two following the same approach, then nothing does.

To those who sent Gavin a stroppy email, shame on you, and feel free to unsubscribe or apologise. There is absolutely no reason to crab a man who spends his time giving you something for nothing. It's lazy and pointless and, worse still, it's upsetting.

If you can't accept a loser (or six!) with the same good grace that you can 'tolerate' a 33/1 winner, then there is very little here to interest you. You see, we're horse racing stats people. We follow trends. Trends, like any other approach to great puzzle of a horse race, are fallible. The key is not to win every race, but to come out in front overall. I will happily lose £100 today, if it means that - using the exact same principles - I'll win £200 tomorrow.

The rationale was set down for all to see in every race preview Gavin gave away. It was free, you could see the working out behind the selection. Then you decide - do I bet this, or not? Personal accountability. It is the responsibility of every one of us to decide whether we want to make a bet and whether we can afford to lose. If the answer to either question is 'no', then I don't need to tell you whose fault it is if problems ensue.

Gavin, you have no need to apologise for the trends selections. You followed the exact same principles that gave the big fat juicy winners previously, and that will provide us with more of the same in the months to come.

You are rightly recognised as one of THE trends men online now, and you've earned that reputation. Keep doing what you're doing.

I'm very proud, as I know you are, that we've built a community of predominantly well-educated bettors here. Most of them were already savvy punters long before they joined us. Some have written to say they've benefited from the scribblings here and at Nag. I'm flattered by that, and delighted.

To the nay-sayers and doom merchants, I ask you to think seriously about whether you really want to continue using this site (and that at Nag3). If you don't, I encourage you to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email that told you about this post.

Yes, I realise it's a strange thing for me to say. I appreciate that I'm going to suffer a reduction in the number of people registered for Geegeez. But here's the thing: it's MUCH better to have a smaller group of people who all 'get' what we're trying to do, and enjoy it for what it is (a decent free service that sometimes gets it wrong - shock, horror), than to have a bigger group of people, not all of whom are pulling in the same direction.

To the majority, your continued support is hugely valued, and I thank you - again - for that. It's humbling actually to have so many intelligent, upstanding people share their thoughts, via comments or emails. And both Gavin and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate for that.

To the minority, I wish you well, but this site may not be for you.

All the best,

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120 replies
  1. ALAN
    ALAN says:

    Quite right as well Matt. The people who sent these e-mails should hang their heads in shame. Why not use trends analysis to supplement their own theories on a race or is that too much like hard work?!! You could maybe just send them your money instead!! Hope you and Gavin continue the great job you do.

    Best Regards


  2. gary
    gary says:

    totally agree that complainers have no right to crab the selections as the long term goal is to be out in front, just remember though there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, some other online sites included who it would be in their interests to hack you off enough to stop doing what you do best. the majority should never give in to the minority. keep up the good work.

  3. mike
    mike says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments , keep up the excellent work it is appreciated by the vast number of followers…dont let the muppets get you down!

  4. Beckers
    Beckers says:

    Well said! I’ve already left a comment on the Nag3 website stating exactly what you stated above. There’s no need for further comment – keep up the good work!

  5. chasox
    chasox says:

    I totally agree with you .You can subscribe to tipster sites paying anything upto £2500 per year and never once get a 33/1 winner(which i unfortunately missed!).
    If your not prepared to look at the game over the long term then you shouldn’t be gambling.
    I personally think Gavin and yourself do a fantastic job and long may it continue.
    P.S it would be appreciated if you could forward a copy of this e-mail to Gavin to show my support for the great job that he does.

    JOHN ROBERTS says:

    You,ve given a good sound reply, no need for anyone to add to it..with the trends approach I use I have found the grand national winner 5 years running but NO ONE found this years winner.. will it change my approach……. and I dont spend what I cant afford to lose on that kind of race…I wont stop using your invaluable stats…they are one of life’s treasures where very few things are free

  7. Barry
    Barry says:

    Great post Matt

    using the stat details wisely pointed to a sure shot on Delegator thanks for the FREE advice on the Craven . I also went on the FREE niche market tip and toallty impressed the lads down the pub when i pointed to this; big thanks from the lads at the local Legion

    Yes we all educated punters know the ups and downs- keep up the good work lads

    enjoy your blog including the ups and downs – THINK LONG TERM folks


  8. Godofhorses
    Godofhorses says:


    I totally agree with your comments, it’s up to the individuals to evaluate your comments, to take into account stable form, trip/ground and any other info they may have then make your own informed decisions. I have recently backed two of your suggestions, Niche market @ 55/1 & Staying On which i has some info on @ 10/1. I am very dis-pleased with some of the amatuer comments. Keep up the hard work, it all helps against the tough battle we have of making money.



  9. Shane
    Shane says:

    Hear Hear, you guys are doing a great job.
    Very interesting and entertaining!!

    Regards Shane

  10. Stan
    Stan says:

    Hear hear and very well said. I know blokes just like the sorts who complain when a horse does not win, even though they may have had five winners, on the spin, immediately prior!! Begs the question, why do they do it in the first place?? It recalls the time, a few years back, I stood in Ladbrokes and watched a race in which Richard Dunwoody, the AP McCoy of his generation, fell at the last fence of a mickey mouse race somewhere. A bloke in the betting shop threw the remnants of his coffee towards the TV screen with the observation that Dunwoody was a w@nk*r!! Jaw droppingly unbelievable.

  11. mackum
    mackum says:

    Hi Gavin, just a short note to say i appreciate your nags blogs, and to ignor the fools who have slagged you off for not getting 100% of your tips correct, i`ve paid good money for tipping services and they have not come near your service which is free and amusing, i hope you continue to keep going for the benefit of all who appreciate the many hours of work both you and Matt put into the service, take care and regards, Tom

  12. george
    george says:

    Hi Matt
    I can’t believe that people actually took the time to write abusive letters to Gavin.I wanted to say more but I’m lost for words.Morons


  13. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    The problem with people is that they expect more when it is FREE and yet when they have to pay for information they just accept it was a bad day.

  14. Peter Corby
    Peter Corby says:

    Hi Gavin

    I am a new subscriber and I don’t know what are the negative comments you might have received. I’ll just say “thanks” for an interesting and informative service and – by the way – for Niche Market (sorry not to have done this sooner). I “only” got 53/1 on betfair. I’ve been in this game for a long time and even though I hope I’ve got things about right now I can still back 15 losers on the trot.

    So, thanks again and stay with it. You are doing a great job!

  15. Barry Knight
    Barry Knight says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have already sent an email this morning to Gavin, telling him to forget and take no notice from the few morons who complain. They will be the losers in the long run, so who really cares if they unsubscribe.

    Hopefully, we will be left with true professional and intelligent people who appreciate all the great things both you and Gavin are doing for us out here, long may it continue, and thanks for all your hard work and effort done on our behalf.

  16. rangitoto
    rangitoto says:

    as i said before i am new to this site and yes nobody likes backing lo loosers but to be fair the write ups are very thorough and are a good read and a good insight so all i can say to you moanersif you dont like it you can always do it yourself

  17. Paul G
    Paul G says:

    Matt and Gavin, re your dissatisfied readers (customers implies payment is being made), I find your analysis fascinating and it clearly reflects the work you put into it. If only for the man hours saved it is worth reading, but as in everything we all have to make our own decisions. If one requires a tipping service which provides specific stakes on specific horses – go somewhere else. A large majority of these need to rely on “available odds” or “at advised odds” to show a profit. You don’t pretend to offer anything except what you provide. Sometimes it points us in the right direction and other times, well, not quite so accurate. One thing is for sure the deselections outnumber the selections overwhelmingly and yes sometimes we miss a winner – but the stakes saved by eliminating the unlikely comfortably exceed the odd missed return. Personally, I am happy with the extremely good service provided and long may it continue.

  18. Alan
    Alan says:

    Hi Matt n Gavin

    I guess that a lot of messages get lost in translation, it can depend on your mood at any given time. Sure there will be some of the emailers out there that are reading this reply from yourself and thinking “oh my god thats not what I meant”. After reading Gavins response I thought that there might be some information there that could be used for narrowing down winner picking, bit like refining wine or maybe that should be whine, whatever.
    What would it take to have a few other people from the community on board to help with or to give a different slant on things?
    Like Gavin mentioned when he said about B Smart not being in form at the moment, another view point could come from someone willing to troll through mountains of words and figures and add to youre and gavins findings, hey for those that prefer that way of giving them the feeling they require.

    All this remembering what someone once said got me thinking and this gem popped into ma head “You can please some of the people some of …………………..all the time”.

    Best regards to you both and keep enjoying what you do, cause it counts 😉 Alan.

  19. Colin
    Colin says:

    I sent an email to Gavin this morning

    The service you provide “is excellant” and keep up the good work

  20. Terry
    Terry says:

    Like the previous poster I am new to this site and thoroughly enjoy reading the articles.
    I think the main point is Nobody twists your arm to bet on any selection. So abuse because a horse didn’t win is not on. In fact it is downright rude, disrespectful and ignorant. If the moaners can find a site with a 100% record, please, let us all know.
    Matt and Gavin, thank you for an interesting and helpful website.

  21. jeff
    jeff says:

    Trends are a good guide not the be all and end all. Should be used as just that a guide. If I fancy one on form and the trends are right I will bet with more confidence. Looking for for long priced winners and missing the shorter priced value is a mug punters way to the poor house.

  22. broggsy
    broggsy says:

    well said Matt! Theres no pleasing some people.I,ve just subscribed to your emails ….a bit sick I missed Niche Market but understand that losers will happen more than winners and that one day my “niche market” will come.
    It reminds me of 2 of my workers who have 20 easy days and then 1 bad one.They then go to the owner and complain about the bad one.The owner then quotes “swings and Roundabouts” which is what is happening here.

    How do I access Gavins trends???

    Keep up the good work

  23. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    just can’t believe some people! when are they going to realise,
    that there is nothing gauranteed in this world of racing!!

    It’s only people like Gavin and Matt who take the time to do
    a lot of FREE write ups, so folk like myself, who are not too experienced in the world of picking horses,have a chance with
    the bookies, and not to mention all the big priced winner that you and Gavin give out between you, so may I say a big thank you to
    you both, and Gavin don’t listen to these losers, they know where
    to go!

    regards weeyin58….!

  24. Terry
    Terry says:

    Hi Matt ,

    Very well said and totally echoed here…..i wouldnt worry too much about the reduction in numbers because im sure the idiots that do criticise are a very small percentage compared to the people that realise what a great job yourself and Gavin do.
    Like you say its worth losing those few(in the whole scheme of things) that arent pulling in the same direction……idiots as i refer to them(or clueless may be a better description).
    Luckily most people im sure do appreciate the work you both put in to try to help us improve our punting/gambling(or as i like to refer to it to my girlfriend……investing :)) and give us a chance.
    You both take lots of time out of your days to look at trends and study races etc and then take time to post/write your blogs too to try to help us and for our pleasure and entertainment… just really winds me up when people knock you(s)……
    They can always try to do the same as you(s) themselves but they really would be in for a major shock at the time and effort you have to put in……and what happens if god forbid after trying to do as you(s) they happen to have a losing selection…….do they criticise themselves!!!!!
    These people are free to decide whether to read or not yours and Gavins blogs and trends and selections……and if they’re not happy then just stop reading.

    Its a great letter/post you’ve written there Matt…..i for one am glad you didnt bite your tongue…..
    There is nothing wrong in sticking up for a colleague and very good friend when you think others are out of order….
    All Gavin has done is work hard and take time out to post and try to help others to find winners and make a profit…….and NOBODY DESERVES TO BE SLATED FOR THAT!

    Good on you for writing as you have Matt.

    Keep up the good work(the high majority of us really appreciate it)….

    All The Best to both


  25. Keith
    Keith says:

    Brilliantly put Matt. I can’t believe people have been moaning about having some losses! Do they REALLY expect to win EVERY race? I think the hard work put in by Gavin and Yourself should not be wasted on these people who expect to do nothing but log in, put money on your suggestions then collect winnings every time. In fact, instead of suggesting that they unsubscribe, why don’t you save them making that effort as well and remove them from your list yourself. Keep up the good work lads and many thanks for helping me to an overal profit over the past months.

  26. Cornelius Quinn
    Cornelius Quinn says:

    Well said; when one thinks of the shisters out there ready to take your £100+ and feed you a load of sh.. it is refreshing to find someone who are prepared to share their findings.

    Weither succcessful or not it is a service that the bemoaners ar’nt likely to give thier valuable time to, and I am greatful to you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  27. zigzag
    zigzag says:

    This is the first post I have ever written as I don’t normally feel that strongly about comments made by others, so here goes;

    Chance’s are the moaners weren’t on the other selections. I’m happy with a 20% profit per year, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme this is not for you and you would be better off trying the lottery.

    Gent’s, lets just say the majority are more than happy with the information provided and excellent services you both provide.

  28. William
    William says:

    How dare people complain for free information which most times is very good. We are all accountable for our own actions stop blaming others when things go wrong. I really enjoy and appreciate all the hard work involved, for me thanks and keep up the good work

  29. Wilf Ray
    Wilf Ray says:

    Very well said Matt. Ifor one ,look forward to yours, and Gavins mail. Anyone can see there is a lot of time and effort goes into them. I backed Niche Market at 40/1 last week. I have never had a 40/1 winner in my life, but thanks to you and Gavin, ihave now.Keep up the good work guys. W J Ray

  30. mattgiffin
    mattgiffin says:

    hello matt, all i can say is you supply the information…..its up to us what we do with it………..i have only known of one system that predicted the nationals winner and the subscription for this is over 6k a year(brimardon)…no one else came close in the uk national….so what is every one moaning at……..the way you break down those horses with nothing but stats is amazing and if people can see that then they need to move on………i used to pay two hundred a month to a tipster who gave me three losing tips on the national ………niche market was a great tip and was greatly appreciated..(wifey got new cloths)(i extended my bank)

    considering this is free which if it wasnt i would pay……….you do well matt ignore the idiots in this world…….they say fools are like autumn leafs, they are everywhere

    keep up the excellent work because as you can see from above your doing well

  31. John
    John says:

    I agree with all the sensible people listed above, and the many more who probably haven’t commented or can’t be bothered and let someone else to their talking – much like the people who complain. I wonder how many of them have written before to say how useful your comments are and how comforting to know that they are not the only ones who loose now and then. Why don’t they make their own selections for a month and compare them with your trends. They can then either unsubscribe or appologise.

    Keep up the good work – dont leave us.

  32. David Marley
    David Marley says:

    One of the first things I was taught over forty years ago was that it was a marathon not a sprint. Over that time I have used every system known to man and I know, yes – KNOW! – that the trends and statistical disciplines are the only ones that come out ahead over the long haul.
    I use Gavin’s elimination waltz (as I call it!) and also an incredibly deep statistically based system combining trainers, courses, types of race, ages, going, plus a mass of detail from sources I have learnt to trust.
    Good on you both, you are doing a damn sight better than most of the so-called expert tipsters. Ignore the moaners, they haven’t got a clue as to what it is all about.

  33. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hopefully that misplaced reticent minority will take there useless moaning selfs away somewhere else. Both your sites come forward with youthful eagerness and a feeling of fresh air, sure you are goig to get it wrong sometimes, but the wise people aren’t betting with money they need to pay bills with, they are betting with reasonable fun money and their hearts aren’t broken if every once in a while, a winner doesn’t come in, it reminds them of the whole uncertainty of the game. To some people you are only as good as your last job, very short memories. Keep up the good (honest) attempts at finding winners and I will keep up reading th blogs.

  34. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    I agree with zigzag, I don’t normally make posts but felt I just had to this time. It has all been said but I want to reiterate, both you and Gavin do an excellent job, please keep it up and just ignore the moaners, they are idiots!

    So a big thanks from me to yo both.

  35. wimbledon44
    wimbledon44 says:

    The complainers are a***holes, personally I think you guys don’t realize how good you are, don’t let anyone get you down. You have to rise above it

  36. billW
    billW says:

    These people merit a two word response, the second word being off- the first of your choosing.

  37. Roger Collins
    Roger Collins says:

    If it’s constructive criticism you’re receiving then I assume you take it on board. If it’s just whingeing from mugs talking through their a*** and/or pocket then simply set the appropriate filter so that any future emails go to the relevant folder – TRASH!

  38. Toby
    Toby says:

    Afternoon Matt, as a long time reader of your blog (and Gavs) I am consistently impressed with insight both of you have into racing. I have independantlt reviewed the TTS system and gave it a glowing thumbs up. Any person who expects a winner every time is chasing the impossible dream. It never has and never will happen. Trends cannot be judged over the short term and only over a season of consistently following your picks, will people realise a good profit.

    If any of the moaners are reading this, give the guys a break – they produce a very good service for a very small fee. If you find one that’s better, please let me know, I’d love to review and use it. However, I don’t expect many of you to contact me!!!

    Matt, Gav – keep up the sterling work and please don’t take it to heart any complaints you may receive.

  39. clff
    clff says:

    Like Kathy I don’t normally make posts but I just wanted to say that everything Matt and Gavin produce is of the highest quality, I can only imagine the amount of work involved and to receive some of it free of charge is outstanding. The only people who moan are the ones who want to do absolutely nothing for themselves but want it all handed to them on a plate.
    Keep up the excellent work both of you and ignore the wasters.

  40. Rick Greene
    Rick Greene says:

    Keep up the good work and try to ignore the moron minority
    You’re doing a great jobe which is well appreciated by the vast majority.
    Cheers guys

  41. Pete Hodges
    Pete Hodges says:

    Dear Matt and Gavin, I have been a punter for 30 years, and know as much as anyone, how difficult it is to pick winners. Any help we punters can get in beating the bookies is greatly appreciated, so ignore the mal-contents and keep up the good work. I was one of the lucky ones who backed both your 33-1 shots, so thanks for them.
    Best wishes from Pete.

  42. rick
    rick says:

    Hi all, well i am very suprised to hear you are getting stick for your free info at the end of the day it is down to the individual.
    if you dont want to back the horse dont ,if money is tight then be very carefull as i have been betting for about twenty years and there is no system or tipster that can give you 100 % winners.
    I think you are doing a great job ,your blog is of great help and i can see you put a lot of work into it, all punters are happy when winning but when those loosers come along things are not so great. so i think we punters should praise you for at least trying to help get us get some winners. keep up the good work.cheers Rick.

  43. John
    John says:

    Cheers guys, i love the craic and entertainment. And more importantly you have helped pay for a nice holiday. 24 days in Turkey. 🙂 So you have my full support. John.

  44. dave
    dave says:

    Take no notice of them gavin and matt they are nutters i enjoy your blog very much i had niche market at 64/1 on betfair and something wells at 33/1 keep up the good work you dont owe anybody anything.!

  45. GeorgeH
    GeorgeH says:

    Hi Matt,
    Responses today show how much THE MAJORITY of us appreciate the work put in by you and Gavin. Thank you.

    To paraphrase an old political saying:
    “You can please SOME of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time … but you can NEVER please ALL of the people ALL of the time”.

    Thanks again,

  46. Donkers
    Donkers says:

    Hi Matt,

    I don’t need to add anything to what has been said, but I WANT to. I have been following you and Gavin since Cheltenham. I’m lucky in that I backed ‘Something Wells’ and was one of the people posting after the superb ‘Niche Market’ winner. I also had the winner of the Midlands Grand National’ Russian Trigger’ at 12-1 thanks to Gavin 🙂 The FACT is that I’ve made over £2500 clear profit on those three trends bets alone without risking much money.. I can certainly tolerate more than a few losers on that basis! 🙂

    The whole nature of ‘trends’ betting is that it finds winners at big prices in major races because it bases selections on history not form is is the usual way the market forms. BUT trends are only that….they say what has or hasn’t happened in the past ten or twenty years. They don’t and never will guarantee that horses will occasionally be good enough to defy a trend or that the horse or horses that fit the trends simply doesn’t run well enough. History is not the be all and end all, neither is form. If it were that simple there would be no racing because everyone would know the result!! As far as I am concerned you provide a fantastic service, your blog is witty and straightforward. You and Gavin are thoroughly decent guys and that every product I have bought from you has been superb value for money…..PLEASE ignore the minority. The vast majority are extremely appreciative of your hard work and will continue to be.

  47. John McDonald
    John McDonald says:

    I agree with all the above sent an e-mail to gavin giving support those that have complained do not understand punting if you cant lose dont bet. the trends were given free as was your choice to place a wager or not it is also a good guide as to whether your own selections are as good I personally tend to favour trainers for courses and of course they dont always win but have managed to get a good deal of good priced winners over many years and to many to mention. I must add that you and Gavin put in a great deal of time doing this and cannot wait until I have the time on my hands to do likewise then maybe I can pass on the information Free.

  48. Ian
    Ian says:

    Hi Matt

    I agree with every word, as do many others, clearly, judging by the contributons from the community. Instead of inviting the whingers to unsubscribe, why not do as some other services do and just remove them?

    Keep up the good work.

  49. Scott Armstrong
    Scott Armstrong says:

    There`s nothing to add to all the posts here. The message is quite clear—the majority of the blog readers appreciate the work that both you and Gavin do. Please carry on with the excellent trends.

  50. Mike
    Mike says:

    Dear Gavin/Matt,

    I agree with all the above. I find both your blogs excellent, and look forward to them every day.
    The idiots who moaned because there wasn’t a winner obviously no nothing about racing. No tipster/system will EVER have a 100% strategy, if it says it does, it’s lying. Simple as. Not only was something wells amazing value but the tipster reviews and analysis and the value products, such as FRP and TTS as well as the Cheltenham guide all made money.
    I would urge those people unhappy with the service to leave the community, as I have been involved with racing a VERY long time and can tell you from experience these guys are head and shoulders above the majority of punters.

  51. Barry Harrison
    Barry Harrison says:

    Hi Matt & Gav, there is nothing to add after the post’s you have received on the matter, it is thanks you should be getting not criticism.
    I don’t know what caused the silly letters but these people should try it themselves or pay out £200 or more a month.
    Well done on your past success and good luck to both of you.


  52. David
    David says:

    Hi Matt

    As can be seen from the replies. For every negative comment, from people who obviously have not bothered to read your thought processes on how your column and selections should be regarded, there are many more who appreciate your expertise on the subject of horse racing. I do know there are people who will always criticise because that’s what they like to do. You will never please them, and though it’s difficult not to be offended, they are not worth worrying about. Keep up the excellent analysis. The articles are always a pleasure to read and the insights into how you whittle down a field into possible winners can be awe inspiring.

    Here’s to a genuine guy doing a great job.

  53. Lucky (Coventry)
    Lucky (Coventry) says:

    Well done Matt ! Good reply !
    None of us who work full-time can possibly accumulate the depth of data that you guys do. In the end a tip is a tip and a suggestion is only that.
    We all put money through the bookies with the hope of getting it back, or more, so blank anyone who is a quick return chancer.
    Keep up the great work ! Many thanks.

  54. bob marsden
    bob marsden says:

    hi keep on with your tips dont bother about the minority the majority are with you ive been betting for nigh on 50 years i wish you and your friends had been around in the 1960s and 70s when i was younger lots of luck to you all…. to the whingers pack up gambling and take up another hobby if you cant back a loser or two

  55. Joanne Jones
    Joanne Jones says:

    So sorry to hear of yet more people who are prepared to rubbish anything that doesn’t go right immediately. I am learning a lot from your very informative emails and please keep them coming,. Don’t be disheartened by a few disagreeable moaners. If you bet, then losers will come along. And the secret must be to take the long term view, and be disiplined in your betting.


  56. David
    David says:

    I think you are all doing a great job – and I missed Niche Market! Unfortunately, the majority of punters think that you can ‘get rich quick’ betting on horses. But the minority know it’s not that easy and trends analysis helps us to find those elusive winners.

    Keep up the good work. I, at least. appreciate what you are doing!

  57. fraser
    fraser says:

    please ignore the ignorant and greedy over the years I have and still am a member of racing syndicates and had a great deal of pleasure from such.You however get the same individuals moaning if our horse does not win when we expected it to do well,my answer to such was sell your share and invest in something else,as horses are not machines.The same applies to your and Gavins blogs which I find most interesting,just ignore these stupid people as they are not true racing people ,keep up the good work

  58. rogC
    rogC says:

    It has all been said – the service Matt and Gavin provide really is excellent. Informative, well researched and entertaining. We are all adults here and take responsibililty for our actions – don’t blame some one else if your bet goes down. One can only assume the whingers are betting with money they can’t afford to lose – simple message for them: take up knitting!
    Keep up the great work guys.

  59. George G
    George G says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve been out all day with the missus abd came in to read all the email replies about the folk that bemoan your blogs. I can only agree with everything that everyone says and congratulate everything that YOU TWO have been doing. I joined your service only recently, and managed to back Niche Market at 40/1, and I think your service for silch, d’nada is PUR DEAD BRILLIANT.

    Keep on doing what you are doing guys I love it.

    George G

  60. george
    george says:

    schisters the lot of them matt, the problem now is with the credit crunch we have a load of new bettors who are desperate for a quick buck to ease there financial problems, nothing wrong with that but you do get a small amount of these punters who just want it on a plate, only when youve spent the time learning the ins and outs of this game can you really appreciate just how bloody hard it is to make even one penny profit over a period of time. so just ignore the negative geezers and keep up the good work, same for gavin of course.

  61. Steve P
    Steve P says:

    Matt and Gavin,
    You guys are obvously hacked off. You’ve seen the level of support. I totally concur with whats been said already. You also supply us with a bit of Friday fun so in return you need cheering up so if you get this far down the thread here’s a little joke for you.

    Some people in Dubai don’t get The Flintstones, but Abu Dhabi do.

    Keep smiling and keep up the good work. Nice One.

  62. john cutler
    john cutler says:

    Lets hope they melt away like iceceam in hot weather keep the good tips & news coming .
    all the best

  63. Jim
    Jim says:

    I would like to echo all the positive comments. Don’t let the moaners get you down – you can see the majority are a really good set of supporters.

    Best wishes.

    Keep up the good work!!


  64. rob
    rob says:


  65. william fieseler
    william fieseler says:

    i completely agree,they should put up or shut up. keep up the good work

  66. Derek
    Derek says:

    Gavin and Matt,

    Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain and most fools do.
    (I think it was Dale Carnegie who said it)

    nuf said !!!!
    Ignore anyone who thinks you are going to provide them with a guaranteed life income without having to do anything for it.
    I find your approach and knowledge both very enjoyable and entertaining (not to mention a bob or two in winnings)

  67. john t
    john t says:

    Its always great to get information free so you can check it against your own . So to anyone who disagrees go forth and multiply and leave the service to those who are genuinly interested. Thanks .

  68. Peter
    Peter says:

    Like everyone else, we all have good days and bad days.

    The Grand National was a nightmare, as was the Scottish National and the Craven meet.

    Gambling, like life is a rollercoaster. You’ll have the lows and the highs, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride.

    Keep up the good work!

    Some Scoop6 tips from you and Gavin wouldn’t go a miss 😉



  69. David Dickinson
    David Dickinson says:

    Matt & Gavi
    Please dont let those who let their pockets rule their heads deter you both from what is a season long interest to those of us who understand what you are about and what you are trying to achieve.
    Keep on with your excellent services.
    A BIG thumbs up!!

  70. francis muldoon
    francis muldoon says:

    hi matt,
    very well written dear matt, no need to say any more than thats been said. one thing that has came to light is that a lot of subscribers do appreciate the stern work you do on your website.

    so once again keep up the excellent work you and gavin do.

  71. Dom
    Dom says:

    Keep your chin up Gavin, your work is certainly appreciated. Ignore the moaners (incredible when it’s FREE!) and keep on doing what you do.

    Best wishes


  72. Andy Munroe
    Andy Munroe says:

    Hi Matt / Gavin
    I think it’s all been said, Just to let you guys know I support your comments 100% please keep up the excellent work you both put in and all for free.
    andy munroe

  73. lockerdave
    lockerdave says:

    I agree with everything that has been said. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into these articles> I backed the Iish Grand National winner at 64/1 with Betfair I also had the Cheletenham Winner at 50/1 and I also accept that there are times when you will get losers and that is what racing is about. The trainer sTats has had a disapointing season but never the less thanks to those two little beauties ended the season well in profit and if you do the trainer stats for 2009/10 I will purchase Keep up the good work and just ignore them

    Locker Dave

  74. Rob
    Rob says:

    Excellent post and echo every comment made here. The sane and savvy among us will carry on taking full advantage of your hard work and will see a healthy profit come the end of the year.


  75. oliver mann
    oliver mann says:


    Been interested in horses and sometimes betting on (or against) them since Sea Bird at Epsom in 1965….So was “lucky” enough to start with a winner……in that time have encountered many many charlatans some of whom have been judged by others in our community to be “of good standing”… it is a matter of opinion…..BUT…..There can be no doubt about the quality and merit of your SERVICE.
    It is unique…It is the very best I have EVER encountered…..

    Please, please do not let ANYONE put you off.

    Would like to meet you both…perhaps all the real followers and supporters could get together sometime and show you our appreciation and have a good natter about nags.

    Kind regards and the very best of wishes

    Oliver Mann

  76. Robert
    Robert says:

    I agree with the vast majority of the comments which have been sent to you. I have been following yours ( and Gavin’s ) suggestions since the end of November 2008 and feel it was the best thing ( horse-racing wise ) I ever did. I particularly like the Gee-Geez laying system and because it was so good I also subscribed to the Flat Racing Profiles. Even if it doesn’t make a profit in the long term I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it and realise that you are doing the best you can. Another thing I find important is that whenever I e-mail you or Gavin ( as I have done a few times ) I get the courtesy of a reply and this makes me feel as if I am talking to a friend. As someone else said, it would be great to meet you and I hope you never visit the wonderful city of Glasgow without letting me know. As for the critics, I am really surprised that you have received unpleasant comments as I don’t think you deserve any but then, you can’t please everybody so just ignore them and carry on the good work.

  77. Kirst Cooper
    Kirst Cooper says:

    dear matt and gavin,

    Ridiculous uneducated greedy idiots, so we have to take a little rough with the very, very, very smooth. But you both provide a very entertaining and informative websites, and tts( and tss) were masterpieces this past winter. just by using those guides would have given you enough at pay for a few losers, I know it has me.
    Please keep up the great work as I very much enjoy reading both blogs.

  78. dennis sealey
    dennis sealey says:

    i missed those winners, but i still like the the information blogs to keep coming…i have no bad thoughts about what you both are tying to do!!!! i expect to have losers and missed winners,its what you get out of racing, good or bad….regards…dennis sealey

  79. Allan
    Allan says:

    Matt (Gavin) I am not often given to scribbling but recent events have compelled me. I am, and have been, and will continue to be, a subscriber to many of your services from Trainer Track Stats. onwards.

    Racing has been a major part of my life & income for over a quarter of a century – a period in which so-called ‘tipsters’ and snake oil salesmen have come and gone and I can only attest that your products have ALWAYS done what it says on the tin & then some!

    Those who gripe are neither racing fans nor are they ever likely to trouble the likes of Harry Findlay or Pat Veitch in a race to the payout desks. As many more eloquent than I have already written, racing is a hobby, a pastime. To earn from it one has to run an operation akin to those of the military – for many watching a winner they have backed, especially at long odds and in the teeth of nay-saying TV & print media ‘experts’ is an experience to treasure and regale grandchildren with.

    To the gripers there is little point in reminding them that trials are just that and are populated by young animals, some of whom may or may not have trained on and progressed physically, aspects well beyond the ken of trends and often even ‘expert’ eyes.

    Trends play a significant role when assessing the course style, draw bias and the common characteristics present in previous winners – they act as a valuable indicator & NOT a ‘tip’, revealing a statistical likelihood, NOT guaranteed outcome. Any punter can, or should be able to list five or more other variables that require assessing

    You chaps have both entertained and earned for me consistently and I for one would miss the much valued research and thinking you both bring to the perennial task of winner finding!

    Incidentally, gambling is for those over the age of 18 for a reason and no, losers cannot go back to mummy crying about the unfairness of it all. It should also be noted it is exempt from taxation because of the level of risk and unpredictability involved!

    Difficult as it may be, I urge you both to continue the excellent work which so many clearly appreciate and forget the bleaters who spit out the dummy!



  80. Kev
    Kev says:

    thanks for everything guys, keep up the great work and forget about the naysayers

  81. steven
    steven says:

    my son spat out his dummy, but he’s only 16 months old so i can forgive him. the rest of you get a life. I’ve read most of the comments above ( not all as i may not have that many years left in me ) and agree with them. you should be proud of the support they have given you. you should both keep writing your thoughts and opinions as i enjoy reading them. i have even been known to agree with some of them.
    all the best,

  82. chris
    chris says:

    keep up the good work the both of you.only a fool would expect the winner of every race.



  83. Colin
    Colin says:

    I have not backed any of the big winners but the point is that both the Nag Nag and Geegeez blogs are informative, witty, beautifully written and honest. I use the information to influence my betting – simple as that. Even if it didn’t churn out the winners that it does, I would still subscribe to the blogs as they help educate about racing. Keep up the great work !

  84. Larry
    Larry says:

    Hi Gavin & Matt
    same as Colin above i did not back or even know of any of the big winners, i get so much rubbish in my inbox i ignore most of it, i do occassionally read the blogs, but the problem is EVERYONE knows the winners of every race, so i stand or fall by my own incompetance. I did not & never have sent either of you insulting(or even complimentary) emails, neither of you have held a gun to my head to get me to follow your advices, but i will say if you want applause for each Something Wells, Niche Market etc expect & accept brickbats for each horse that doesnt perform as well as expected
    i wish you every success in your future ventures
    yours in sport

  85. banksie
    banksie says:

    Matt,your email is brilliant,I look forward to it each day,dont let the whinging ars—oles upset you,you dont need that type on your books,they are only showing themselves up,wipe them all from your records,and carry on the good work.

  86. Bryn
    Bryn says:

    Dear Matt/Gavin,
    Greetings from Germany and thank you Both for the BEST two blogs on the WWW, they are F.I.B.L, funny, informative and BLOODY LUCRATIVE, where else can you get so much FREE stuff
    and come out winning without getting totally scammed.
    Taking the words from the great Freddy, BOYS
    ‘The Show must go on’.

  87. John
    John says:

    Well said Matt, don’t take these idiots to heart, there is always a crap element even amidst the most genuine crowd.
    I’ve only been following you and Gavin a short while so I missed out on the high priced winners. But I’m happy to continue as I can see that these sort of returns don’t come from guess work.

    But with the work you two put in and the dedication I know they will come again.

    You say you’re proud of Gavin and so you should be, I for one am very happy to follow him and you daily and I only wish I’d found you sooner.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK both of you.

  88. mattgiffin
    mattgiffin says:

    still not sure what they are moaning at matt/gavin….first tip….1st/2nd………..second tip……3rd………third tip……..1st…… as a statistition thats works about 100 % on place bets and around 66.6r% on winning bets………i have spent last ten minutes reading the above and as you can see the support is flooding in……….im sure if you can pick winners everyday that you would never have started this site as you would both be on a beach somewhere with out a care………but care you do and we are all thankfull of that……..they say that only 2% win so obviously 98% will complain….just stick with us 2% as we all think you do an outstanding job………

  89. Mike
    Mike says:

    Much as I totally disagree with the criticism of your excellent blogs and services I think a point has been missed. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and, of course, opinions are not facts (unless you are Piers Morgan!).

    In the game we are in, (betting, gambling, investing…) it is necessary for someone to have an opposing opinion to ours. Therefore, we should embrace those that wish to disbelieve. Those that scoff are the very people that help push your prices out at the bookies or take on your bets on the exchanges.

    So let these poor pathetic creatures be, we need them!!

  90. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Matt ( and Gavin).
    It’s good to see that the usually silent majority have come out of the woodwork to support you both. It will take a long time for 25/1, 25/1 and 33/1 to be forgotten- and at the ned of the day evryone who reads your mails has an option- havent noticed you forcing anyone to back a particular horse.
    And let’s keep it exclusive- if you got too big those 33/1 tips would become much shorter.

  91. Peter Colledge
    Peter Colledge says:

    Frankly, I am astonished at those critical of the work you and Matt do to help the community you have developed. But the problem here is to do with the ludicrous expectations many ignorant people have about gambling. Because you put in the considerable legwork required to produce a successful business structure, they think all they have to do is put their money on and pick up the winnings every race. I often think that if you offered to put your money on for them and send them the winnings they would go for it! They are beneath contempt and you should not give them their moment at all. Keep up your fine, morale-boosting work.

  92. morton
    morton says:

    Hy Matt,
    I dont say much about anything but I wil say that the horses being selected by the great stats method is terrific and to get them free is unbelieveable. And to even have a bad thought about these selections is that of a person /s who are in another world.
    I did not back al of them, but since you gave us the McCoy/Henderson teamup I have had several good results beginning with Mr Gardner.
    I fully agree with your blod and can only say THANK you.

  93. jim c
    jim c says:

    hi matt
    i have allready mailed gavin thanking him for honesty and great
    service i.e. not a web site thats trying to get you buy this subscribe to that whitch any body who has posted a reply on here has probibly done in the past out of all the tipping services i have paid for over the years i have NEVER REPLIED to any of them (gavin) is the first simply because they all have been no good so please keep up the good work and let the moaners go play poker
    or something

  94. Nick
    Nick says:

    As this is a community – and all communities suffer from it’s share of old fogeys and dissidents – I’m going to add my tuppence-worth.

    1. “Blog Carping” goes with the territory. Ignore. I have followed, for example, the National Trends for years, and the aberration of the result (a French Bred) combined with extremely slow pace, simply changed the Trend from “not since 1927” to “twice in the last 82 years”. That’s just trends for you.

    2. Is it possible that the sales pitch for the various products (Aintree etc) might have been overdone? Once one has signed up to receive/purchase, do we really need a daily reminder from both Gavin and Matt? There have been moments when (and some of us are working as well!) I’ve actually felt quite cross along the lines of: “OK OK I’ve already bought it – stop bloody hassling me”

    3.For whatever reason there appears to hev been a slow and gradual change of direction over the last two months – part of which I totally understand has been down to Guide Production – on the blogs. Less regular? Less informative? Less Tips? When there have been blogs the core message has been to buy the product.

    Solutions – as in what I would be happy with?

    A. Once one has signed up for free stuff – assume we want it. Now because of the structure of your WordPress / SQL engine, that might mean a special members area.

    B. A Members area means you need to separate out the tossers from the “don’t mind losing a Monkey to find a Gorilla” (or whatever elements of the financial menagerie you are into)? Make it a subscription service. I would happily pay, say £10/£20 per annum as a sign of good faith – and to avoid receiving constant reminders to buy. I would also happily pay for the principle Festival Trends etc – when I want them – but a simple product click through should be sufficient for Members – we would have already demonstrated our understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

    A site I often use and which offers (to me) a good communication solution is Geir Stabell’s Globeform – which offers a members area and a second level of PayPal payment products. I get emails and I can if I want buy the product. But I don’t need to go to the Blog in order to see the rest of the sales pitch.

    I don’t know if that helps, but part of the carping I suspect has started as a reaction to a perceived change from “General Good Eggs” to something else.

    Whatever you decide I shall continue to read and learn – if only for the ability to sit down at racing dinners and say “Oh didn’t you know that no 3 year old wearing tongue ties and blinkers since 1842 has won over 6m 3f?
    As always

  95. Nick
    Nick says:

    Please change the comments running order to latest first. Not just so that my extreme common sense is at the top – but to save me scrolling for two minutes!!!!

  96. chris
    chris says:

    I used the information from the Training Track Stats to suit my betting preferences to place similiar priced horses into multiple bets and I got really, really lucky winning nearly £50,000 from a £1 each-way yankee.

    But, the point is, to all you moaners out there, I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT TTS.

  97. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Well done Matt, I agree with everthing you say!! You and Gavin do a fantastic job, and without a doubt are 2 of the straightest guys in this murky business!
    The overwhelming response showing our gratitude and support says it all!!:-)
    Please do not get downhearted and keep up the excellent work you both do on our behalf.

    All the best,

  98. ian hartley
    ian hartley says:

    ian April 20 2009

    just thought i’d cheer up your moaners , 14 loosers on the bounce sat,so sunday hit three winners, got it all back and more, sorry moaners thats racing keep up the good work Matt and Gavin

  99. rob
    rob says:

    sorry about the bad e mails you got the tips are free the site is spot on i look forward every day to getting my e mails from you keep up the good work.
    all the very best

  100. Bill
    Bill says:

    I agree with all the positive comments. Your service is second to none and FREE.

    Please don’t give up


  101. tony
    tony says:

    well said matt the idiots who are writing these letters should be ashamed of thereselfs. are they prepared to spend hours sifting through races to come up with horse and trainer trends? NO.
    i personally have not had a bet for over a monthdue to my own financial situation at the moment and also why i unsubscribed to TTS, but i still enjoy reading yours and matts blogs so keep up the good work and to hell with the idiots

  102. mick
    mick says:

    ignore the idiots keep up the good work much appreciated and always long term profitable

  103. Dr Karl Kennedy
    Dr Karl Kennedy says:

    People who cannot accept losing bets should not be betting, fact! Gavin and Matt please ignore these small minded idiots. Keep up the excellent work. Every bet/day/meeting cannot be a winning one, serious punter understand this, mugs do not.

    All the best

    Dr Karl

  104. Adam
    Adam says:

    Two top blokes doing a top job – it is appreciated chaps!!
    It is always the same, when the going is smooth people do not think to thank you but you can rest assured that as soon as we have a few losers people are far too quick to complain – really not fair. I hope the people who wasted time sending abusive emails will at least have the decency to apologise to you, just before they are removed from the email list of course 😉 The number of decent appreciative readers will far outweigh the rude and abusive morons!
    We, the professional, level headed punters will stand by you – knowing the amount of work and effort that you put into what is after all an invaluable resource!
    Seriously, take strength from all the kind words and lets get on with making more money….enjoy!

  105. roddo
    roddo says:

    People have a right to criticise,but it looks to me they have very little understanding of horse racing and how difficult it is to make a profit short or long term.
    Matt and Gavin put a great deal of effort in and we are the ones who benefit.
    I have one observation.I can remember Peats profiles in another publication.Lots of explanation,stats,ideal conditions.Profit in the season? NOT A LOT.
    Cheers Roddo

  106. Arthur Judge
    Arthur Judge says:

    I have had bother with my broadband over the last 48 hrs so this comment is rather late for the discussion, Firstly as you pointed out how can anyone complain about advice from you both whether a winner or loser when its FREE, also if you are betting in any way for profit you should be treating your betting as a business, even ordinary business`s from joe`s greasy spoon up to big corporations lose money at some point, and finally if its such a big problem having occasional losers then these people should not be betting at all, as they are the MUG punters the rest of us make money from on the exchanges.

    OK Rant over keep up the good work both of you.

    Arthur Judge

  107. peter
    peter says:

    Keep up the good work for us punters All for free,Whats the moan about,this game is all about risk.If it is to hot on the kitchen get out.
    Peter Smith

  108. mattgiffin
    mattgiffin says:

    matt gauvin…i must share my tipster with you again…….as i say dont put all your eggs in one basket…….…….i have made 8k in three months with this tipster and 2k in one month with you…..the only good thing is yours are free….keep up the good work as you can see from the above you have plenty of support…

  109. andrew muir
    andrew muir says:

    By the way tipsters are not gods you win one and you lose one.who preaches to who any one today can get me a 40/1 winner and its just bad luck whether yor double may come up or not.All I can say keep the good work up gavin I will back you up to the hilt if nessessesary if thats how you spell it.thanks for the winner at 33/1 to one as i got it at 40/1.thanks a million gavin.

  110. Coolbear
    Coolbear says:

    Very well said!
    I just saw this now and cannot agree more.
    I have been watching UK horseracing from across the pond for several years now because I want to learn about the sport and because, although certainly not perfect, I believe it to be the best regulated in the world!
    Those who spend their time, knowledge and special talent serving the punting community altruistically are to be thanked and acknowledged by those who punt. Those who do not understand what is being presented and do not know how to make proper use of it, have no business hoping to make a profit wagering on racing – it will not happen -such people usually do not have either the discipline nor the patience required.
    Keep up the good work – I truly believe that most of us are grateful and truly appreciate your knowledge, time and effort!
    Coolbear in Canada across the Big Pond.

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