Another Crack In The Mirror?

Just time to tell you, dear reader, about yesterday's performance for Smoke And Mirrors. And I'm afraid it continues on a downward spiral, for now at least...


2.10 -

2.40 Jewelled Reef 2nd at 10/1 - Heartsease 6th at 12/1

3.10 -

3.40 Dee Cee Elle 5th at 12/1

4.10 April Fool 1st at 15/2

4.40 Lupita 11th at 50/1 - Owain James 9th at 66/

15.10 Best One 7th at 22/1 - Countrywide City 9th at 40/1

To recommended stakes +£3.50


2.20 Hooky's Quest 10th at 66/1 - Nomore Cloudydays 6th at 66/1

2.50 Knocklayde Rose 8th at 20/1 - Country Servant 7th at 66/1

3.20 -

3.50 Nile Moon 4th at 16/1 - Love That Benny 9th at 20/1

4.20 -

4.50 -

5.20 -

To recommended stakes -£9


2.30 Takelli 10th at 16/1 - Without A Cause 8th at 33/1

3.00 Starcross Maid PU at 20/1 - Cat Six 5th at 33/1

3.30 Passato 1st at 5/1 - Laoch Dubh 4th at 11/1

4.00 Original Thought PU at 16/1

4.30 -

5.00 -

5.30 Polson 8th at 50/1 - Flyford Prince 11th at 50/1

To recommended stakes -£7

Total on the day: -£12.50 (!) to a £1 stake

Total from 28th May: -£46

I should add that I've heard again from Anthony, the author, who assures me the system is showing a healthy profit from the start of the month.

Although it's been disappointing in the short window we've been trialling it, Anthony says he's going to put up a page with the results for the month on. I'll let you know when I hear more...

Right, I'm off to talk 'shop' with some like minded individuals... more on this tomorrow!


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  1. Peter Cole says:

    Dear Matt

    I’m a little puzzled because my selections do not accord with yours. I’m not sure why because I cannot now access the Live Shows on Sporting Life for yesterday. For instance, I had Lord Oroko (1st at 6.0) and Kiho (placed at 43.13) in the 16.40 at Bath.

    Maybe I got the choices wrong but I made a profit yesterday. I cannot compare this with your results, however, because I am more selective than the system dictates by not backing for a place unless the place odds are > 10 (cuts down the outlay significantly where the winnings would be small). I also do not bet on Saturdays.

    I don’t know whether the system will prove good in the long terrn as I have only been using it for a short time. I’m keeping an open mind.

    Best regards


  2. anthony greenaway says:

    Hi Matt and all who watch the blog

    I am the author of smokeandmirrors and thought i would check matts selections and I have only got to the bath 4.40 and found that the 2 selections lupita and owen james are not selections.

    they have to be single embedded as in the ebook not 2 together
    I have the video proof.
    I will go back and check the last few days selections
    also april fool which won in 4.10 had a betfair win price of 9.8
    as I use betfair prices in the ebook i think its only fair to use them in the results
    kind regards
    Anthony Greenaway

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Anthony

      Thanks for your comments, which are very helpful.

      If I’ve missed half a dozen horses from the day’s runners, unfortunately we’re still in a negative equity position. It’d be great if you provided your views over the course of the whole month, so that all blog readers could form an opinion based on a larger data sample.


  3. dave says:

    Matt It occurs to me that the last two disastrous days would have been fine if only the 12-1 shots and shorter had qualified.
    Sure continually backing 66-1 rags etc is over speculative.

  4. Anthony Hill says:

    Did anyone spot the seller winner on thu or fri? I did! Blue tomato 5.5 on Betdaq.

  5. Timmsy says:

    It get’s murkier the third person offering the system is now sending (Not Anthony)

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    Terry Flanagan

  6. Jon says:

    Anthony, you refer to ‘Betfair win price’. I presume this is Betfair SP? I’ve quite often checked Betfair win/place SPs on this site:

    …which is the only place I know to find them, but as you can see they are incredibly slow to update. Currently they are only up to results for 17th May! Perhaps there is somewhere else to get the Betfair SP results.

    Anyway, I don’t use Betfair as yet, and wonder if Tote win and place would be okay…very often the Tote give better place returns than Betfair.



  7. paul says:

    Hi Matt
    Correct me if I’m wrong here but this system comes with a 3 month guarantee and has really not been in existence for 3 months.If the system has shown a profit what is the % to turn over any idea?
    All the best

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