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Arbitrage Spy is this week's Dish of the Week, and it's a little different from usual. Sure the distinctive marketing is there again, though slightly less 'flamboyant' in terms of sales page graphics. The 'out of work actor' voice over is there again - and this one's awful! - as is the ubiquitous opt in form so that the vending crew can perma-spam you forever after.

In fact, you actually have to enter your email address just to get to the sales letter! Having gone through the hoops so you can see what Arbitrage Spy is all about before giving your details personally, my headline summary is... don't bother!

A bit like the Grolsch ad where the guys break into the bank that's still being built, only to be told by the foreman, "Shtop, this bank isn't ready yet"... so Arbitrage Spy is not yet ready.

Basically, after signing up and buying (cost is £47), you'll be sent through the normal Clickbank procedure (good because it means you can claim a refund, which I've done in this case). Oh yes, sorry, I forgot to mention the upsell/downsell pages where they try to get more money from you in the sales process... clicking the bottom link on each page enables you to eventually arrive at the download page.

This is a piece of software for identifying arbitrage* opportunities on UK horse racing. It covers around 25 different bookmakers and the software goes off and checks the prices on an odds comparison site as well as the current odds on Betfair, and finds arbs based on your criteria. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

*arbitrage is the act of finding back and lay bets on the same horse/team/outcome, which offer the identifier a risk-free wager, irrespective of the outcome.

But... Arbitrage Spy doesn't have a user manual. There is NO advice on how to get it to work. I'm fairly savvy with software tools and the like, but it wasn't obvious to me what I was supposed to do (and still isn't). If it's not obvious to me, then most people will struggle horribly with this.

Your first 30 days for just £1

It's an unforgivable oversight to release a piece of software without so much as an instruction video, and it will lead to the vendor receiving nightmarish admin calls. Not that they will necessarily respond to them (although I don't know this first hand, so I could be wrong).

Moreover, when I came to log in this morning, having bought it yesterday, it hadn't remembered my login details, and there is no link to easily retrieve this information. In other words, the developer didn't bother building in a security module and the username and password is hard coded. (Again, this is an educated guess on my part, but I strongly suspect I'm right about that).

In essence, this is nothing new, as tools such as Racing Synergy (aka Betting Automation) do the same thing, only better, and with infinitely more instruction. (Some instruction as opposed to no instruction equals infinitely more instruction!)

My summary is that, as with a thousand betting systems we've seen off this - or a similarly anonymous - production line before, Arbitrage Spy is a half-baked affair that could have been so much better... in fact, it could have been a useful tool for those who like their bets risk-free with plenty of small gains.

But it isn't. The lack of a user manual renders this useless for many would be arbers, and that in itself is just plain daft. Beyond that, I wasn't able to test the software in the morning (i.e. this morning) because I couldn't log on. Yes, maybe I should have written down my credentials, but I expected to be able to easily retrieve them from my email address if required, like.... well like any sensible and finished software product would enable me to do.

If you like hotel rooms where the builders are still drilling outside the window, or chips that taste like hard potatoes, then you might like this. If, like me, you expect your experience to be ready for you before you take the plunge, you should steer very well clear of Arbitrage Spy.


On a separate and completely different note, I met up with a good friend and colleague of mine yesterday, Matt Watson of Favourites Phenomenon fame (try saying that after a couple of sherry's!).

Matt is a great guy, who has learned a stack about marketing online. And he and I kicked around a few ideas in relation to helping others who might already have an online presence and want to take it to the next level; or those who have a great system, product or service and just don't know how to get started with sharing that news with other like-minded people on the interweb.

Now, of course this idea won't appeal to everyone, and it might not even see the light of day, so at this stage Matt and I are doing no more than conducting a little 'market research' on the matter. 🙂

With that in mind, I'd really appreciate you taking two minutes to pop over to the link below, and answer five simple questions. It really will only take two minutes, and your feedback will help to determine whether Matt and I can be of assistance to aspirant entrepreneurs. (Actually, that's a good point: most of what we know is generic, and can be applied to any online venture, not just horse racing, so please consider it in that context).

By the way, I said previously (way back in April) that I'd not be doing any more horse racing business training workshops, and that's still true. What Matt and I have in mind is something more personalized, one to one, and specifically tailored to whatever your needs might be in moving forwards with your online business. I can't say more than that right now.

Anyway, here's the link, and thanks in advance!


p.s. I'll be back tomorrow with a video-fest. I've got a little 'moving snapshot' of my trip to Corsica last week, and a couple of videos I found on youtube whilst 'doing research' (ahem) last night. One is a commentator's nightmare, and the other a truly remarkable race win from the recent archives. All... well, the last two at least... are well worth a watch, so be sure and check those out!

Your first 30 days for just £1
25 replies
  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Hi Matt, I decided to give Arbitrage Spy a bit of a whirl too, safe in the knowledge that I could claim a refund (DONE!). Absolutely awful, the only instructions coming in a notepad “readme” file which explained nothing. The interface is absolutely awful and I ran it all day yesterday and none of the advices were actually available. Whenever an arb came up, I already had Betfair running in the background, checked the prices and nowhere near what they were saying. One in particular said that any amount of bookies were offering 1.91 and it was at 1.72 on Betfair – – it was the same price and this carried on all day. Extremely poor and not even worth looking at.

    p.s. I think it’s only fair to say that they do ask you to bookmark the download page with the username/password on it, but I would have thought an email to back that up would have been appropriate.

  2. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    Hi Matt,

    One of the numerous offers doing the rounds is for the Profit Square, and the latest offer for this includes something called the Mean Selection Method thrown in.

    Do you have any knowledge of these, or are planning on testing them ?

    Does anyone else have any news/views on these ??

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gerald

      I haven’t heard of that one. Perhaps another reader has? If not, I’ll try to get a copy and take a look.


  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Matt

    doing yourselves justice again I see.
    Got the email myself and was intigued by the concept simply because I’ve looked at arbing in the past but always considered the only real way to make it pay was to have a fully automated system with software banging in simultaneous bets for you.
    So seeing the initial blurb basically saying it does what I would be looking for I delved a bit deeper ( ignoring the usual sales boll*x of £147 down to £47 and only 200 places available etc etc ).
    It didn’t take long to discover that it doesn’t place the bets for you, only identifies them, which for me was an instant stopper and I went no further.

    So I was so pleased to see your review of said ‘product’. Honest and to the point as usual I have to say another well done to you guys. I’m always very sceptical about claims made by systems touted but I can at least know where to come for a warts and all breakdown.

    Best site around.

  4. Warren
    Warren says:

    Hi, I saw the sales page for this and thought it looked good, but after reading these reviews I do [NOT, editor] think it would be worth it. it got me thinking though, that an automated arbitrage system would be awesome, which is why probably so much fuss was around this product. It would mean somehow setting up accounts with loads of different bookmakers automatically which seems a bit far fetched. Would be great if someone could create / programme such a thing (beyond me though). Let me know when whatever genius cracks it, and let me use it for a cheap price !! :o)

  5. Warren
    Warren says:

    Oh meant to say, i do NOT think it (arbitrage spy) would be worth it – soz for any confusion

  6. robert
    robert says:

    hi matt good website keep up the good work tip for today
    ayr 5 45 wood fair cheers robert

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Robert – will look out for that. Someone also pointed me towards one at Bellewstown tonight (Slade, 5.40)

      Good luck to both.

  7. Lou
    Lou says:

    Yesterday I purchased Arbitrage Spy & Arbitrage Spy Advanced at the cost of £47 each (not sure if I really needed the second one) and I’ve had the same problems. After funding the relevant bookie accounts, I click on the arb and finish up with the twin screen (this looks impressive) with information that you can update in the left column (don’t know the meaning of LAY or how to update this) and I don’t know what to do next in order to action the arb. Today I sent support a list of questions so that I can proceed and I am waiting patiently for an answer. A demo video and proper instructions would have been so useful. If I don’t get a satisfactory response does anyone know the procedure for getting a refund?


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jah

      I’m always listening! I just didn’t know how to fix it. In the end, I wrote to the bloke who sells it, and explained the situation. He sent me a ‘not yet released’ upgrade… which seems to work, but will probably explode for some other reason now! 🙂


  8. james
    james says:

    hi matt…..well done on getting rid of the annoying pop which your regular readers detest so much….cheers james

  9. ryan hill
    ryan hill says:

    hi there

    i bought this arbitrage spy what a load of rubish how do i get the full refund please help


  10. Dave
    Dave says:

    Tried to get a refund twice now….and he keeps coming back saying a new version will be released in the next couple of days…that will be much better…….anybody else getting this?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Go directly to clickbank Dave – email address is in the comments above.


  11. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Matt

    This has been done via Clickbank….

    He keeps changing it from refund to technical support…here is the last email from clickbank

    Ticket 4YWEFJ5C, 2233918, Tech Support Request, Open


    ClickBank Notifications
    to me

    show details Aug 26 (2 days ago)

    This is an automated message from the ticket system to confirm
    that this ticket has been changed to technical support. Below is the most recent
    comment regarding this ticket.

    VENDOR: CHANGED: 2010-08-25 05:03:01 PM
    Changed from Refund to Tech Support

    Hi there,

    Please let us know we can be of assistance. We are releasing a new version
    within few days that will resolve a few issues and have even more up to date
    arbs. Please wait to check it out and then make your decision.

    This program is easy to use and requires only a few clicks of the mouse to
    profit! The arbs wont be present all the times and are best found between 9-11
    AM GMT


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Chris and all,

      You simply click the link in the email that says,

      View, respond, or change the status of this ticket by clicking on the link


      Then change it back to ‘Please Refund’ and update.

      That should resolve it.


  12. Dave
    Dave says:

    Tried that Matt…..but somehow he seems to repond and chage it back to Tech Support…..and clickbank seem to let him………this is the 3rd time I’ve changed it back to requesting a refund…..see what’s the next thing I get……..anyone else had the same problem or have you all got a refund?

  13. Rene
    Rene says:

    Hi Guys,

    yes it seems that they make it not that easy to claim a full refund. after i read the testimonials of this thing i suddenly came to a guy called K…. J..mann. without hesitating i knew i would have back my money immediately and ordered a refund this comes from clickbank

    VENDOR(Michael S): CLOSED: 2010-09-01 02:57:58 PM
    Hi there,

    My name is Chris Archer, and I am the head developer
    of the Arbitrage Spy System. I ask that you read this
    message completely.

    First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for becoming
    our member. We know that you could have easily signed up
    for another service, but you didn’t and instead joined
    us. We appreciate that.

    However, I’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t
    lived up to our reputation. My goal with this product was
    to create something that actually made money for everyone
    rather than these BS everyday systems that come out and
    don’t do a single thing right.

    While our concept and idea works out really well, we never
    anticipated such a response. We had over 5000 members join in
    a matter of few days. This slowed down the software as well
    as our backend which checks the different betting sites for
    odds and arbitrage opportunities. The system just couldn’t
    keep up…so we are revamping it. We are very sorry for that.

    We are currently working on fixing the issues with Arbitrage
    Spy so that it starts working at 100% efficiency.

    Couple of things:

    – The version you have is the advanced Arbitrage Spy software,
    so don’t worry about not having that.

    – Our product does have a 80-90% Strike rate, meaning 80-90%
    of the time you’ll profit, and other times you’ll breakeven,
    but not lose a dime.

    – You can read up more on arbitrage betting here:

    – The options menu will have a different email address as of
    now, that’s fine, just ignore it.

    – Arbitrage opportunities might not be present all the time,
    they usually are sporadic during the day and a lot come in
    during 9-11 AM GMT

    – To start the program, you’ll have to click on the
    Arbitrage Spy.exe (application) file.

    – Members Area is : [LINK REMOVED]

    – The reason why the odds seen on the program don’t match
    the actual odds is because the program is updating slow due
    to the extensive membership abs we made in the few days.

    Right now, the program may work at times, but you probably
    notice it doesn’t work properly and is buggy. We are working
    quickly to resolve this and should have an update by the end
    of this week at the latest.

    I ask that you please be patient so that we can resolve this
    ASAP and have everyone making some money.

    For your patience, we have bought everyone a copy of the raving
    Betting Underground System:

    This is a GBP 27 system that everyone can now have. This is just
    one of the ways we plan to apologize to you for the inconvenience.

    Also, after this bug fixed update, we will be releasing another
    version of Arbitrage Spy in 2-3 weeks that will make EVERYTHING
    automated, including bookie account creation, betting, withdrawing,

    And then 2-3 weeks after that, we will release the most revolutionary
    betting product created to date to the market for GBP 497. However,
    because of the inconvenience that we have caused you here, we will
    give you that GBP 497 system for free, as a way of saying sorry
    again, as long as you continue to be a member of Arbitrage Spy.

    Thank you for your patience,
    Chris Archer

    of course we all know things like “bettingunderground” absolute bulls***. will write to clickbank right now again to claim a full refund. hope it works. if not it’s another few quids most probably for the rochdale gang (avoid them like the plague!!!)

  14. Rene
    Rene says:

    Oh yeah before i forget. If you read this response from him did you recgnize that over 5000 members already jumped on the board? Which system shall be stable with over 5000 members?? And with arbing too?????? And Horses AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH i’m so bloody stupid

    I must be the biggest fool on earth not to recognize after the cheap sales page from them that is just another trap which i felt in countless time. I hope somebody has the power to stop them.

    cheers from vienna


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rene

      Firstly, I’d be astonished if even nearly that many people got involved. In fact, I’d bet they sold far less than 500 copies.

      Regarding Clickbank, where the ticket has been changed, there is a link at the bottom right to ‘escalate to Clickbank’. By doing this, you will get your refund.

      Cheers from London,
      Matt 🙂

  15. Mark Burton
    Mark Burton says:

    Hi Guys

    I too had this system arrive into my in box. I’ve bought so many systems over the years (and had refunds) that I am now very sceptical about these boys – also I am now much more aware about the betting scam industry.

    The first thing I do now is to google the system, and arrive at brilliant sites like this one, who tell it as it is. I find it discusting that the boys behind this latest scam are trying to block refunds from clickbank – for me this shows their true colours.

    One word in favour of all of these systems, good and bad, they do provide a good education for us punters and I have now developed my own profitable system using the knowledge learned from all of these systems – which I would never sell, that’s the difference between me and them.

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