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Ask Me A Question…

Ask me anything (well, almost...)

Ask me anything (well, almost...)

Racing is a big subject area, and betting on racing is too. Both are awash with facts and opinions, some more well known - and worth knowing - than others.

So I thought I'd do a couple of Q & A sessions where you bring the Q's and I attempt to bring the A's. With that in mind, I invite your questions on the following broad subject areas:

- Horse Racing in UK: Race Planning, Handicaps, Training Methods, Stakeholders, and so on.

- Betting on Racing: Good bet types, staking, pool bets, when to bet, favourite angles, and so on.

- Geegeez Gold: Speed Ratings, Instant Expert, Pace, the reports, Then What?, Form Indicators, and so on.

As you can see, there is as much to go at as you'd like. So please feel free to ask any/all questions you might have across those vast subject areas, and I will do my best to answer them. Obviously, I don't have all the answers - or even most of them - but I do have opinions on most things and a degree of knowledge and experience which has been converted into profitability when it comes to betting on racing.

If I can share that with readers/listeners, and it is of value, I'd love to do that.

Below this short post is a comments box, where you are invited to ask your questions. Ideally, you'll nominate one of the three headings above but, if not, I'll add the question to the section I think is most relevant.

Remember, (almost!) no question is silly, except the one you don't ask. So fire away.

I'm looking forward to hearing what is vexing you! 🙂


p.s. if you'd prefer to ask a question via email, you can do that here.

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53 replies
  1. Bubbles180 says:

    Hi matt great idea have lots but my main one and the one i have trouble with is staking, i read alot about having a betting bank and staking a percentage per point/bet either 1% or 2% then others suggest a flat rate like £10 a selection and so on, in your opinion what is the best way and more profitable wzy to stake, im also asking this as when i watched your video you said you bet £10 on average per bet and up to £50 on fancied ones

  2. Nessie123 says:

    I’ve been following SOTD for a good few weeks but only been messing with change.
    What I’m asking is, What kind of staking plan would you suggest for a ‘one bet per day’ service like SoTD?

    • David Gray says:

      Hi Andy
      Matt will doubtless give a more comprehensive response, but for your info, as Stat of the Day is usually a 1 point win service, I have been betting a set amount per point each month and have reviewed the position at month end to decide next month’s stake.
      You need to be able to cope with the losing runs and have your bank spread across a range of bookies, or make frequent use of Skrill (or similar) to move funds where required.
      For the last 2 months (longest losing run in each was 3) I bet £40 per point in July & won £536.68 and £50 per point in August & won £1,169.
      I’m not sure I’d advocate a constantly increasing monthly stake as there are bound to be times when results are not so good – I have asked Matt about this in my question – I’ll cut back my stake if there are certain months where it’s likely that results won’t be as profitable (or where the previous month have been poor).
      Sorry – I’ve rambled a bit…

      • Nessie123 says:

        Morning Dave,
        Many thanks for your reply,very informative.
        If I was to invest @ £40 per point,what size betting bank would I require?
        Also,are there any trends to suggest when the lean months will occur and if so,by how much should I reign in my bet size?

        • David Gray says:

          Hi Andy

          Personal preference in this case, but I definitely wouldn’t want to put more than 5% of my bank on any 1 selection (and some would probably say that’s maybe a bit on the high side). According to Chris on the month by month results summary, the longest losing run is 13, which is worth bearing in mind.
          SOTD is going through a purple patch at the moment. In terms of historical trends, January, May, July & Sept have shown profit every year whist February has profit 3 out of 4 years. December seems to be the worst month (loss in 3 out of 4 years). The worst losses have been Dec 2011 (12.06pts), Feb 2013 (17.64 pts) and March 2013 (10.57 pts). Interestingly, since August 2013 (loss of 6.60 pts), there have only been 3 losing months – Mar 14 (loss 5.44 pts), Nov 14 (loss 3.80 pts) & Dec 14 (loss 4.25 pts).
          I’d be tempted to cut my stake by 50% for December, but again that’s just my preference.
          But check out the summary – it’s useful

    • lickybits says:

      i like to bet 2-3% of my betting bank each day.
      you can then raise or lower stakes based on how much you have in the bank at the end of each month.
      i revise my betting bank at the end of each month to see what i will be betting the following month..

      if say my betting bank is £1000 i will bet £20-£30 each day of that month
      if by the end of the month my betting bank is say £500 i will reduce my stakes to £10-£20, if my bank goes up to say £1500, i increase my stakes accordingly..

      my question is there a way to tell if a horses odds are going to reduce or increase from its opening price, and whens the best time to look for the best odds and where?

  3. David Gray says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have a question on the Gold tipping services – Stat of The Day & Double Dutch.
    I know you do regular summaries of recent performance and there is a running total of performance since inception, but is there a link anywhere to a monthly breakdown of profit/loss ? In order to consider future staking levels I’d just like to see if there are months where the services struggle (eg the changeover from flat to jumps & vice versa) and if this is repeated year on year (if struggling months are not repeated year on year, that’s also hand to know).

    • David Gray says:

      Hi Matt

      I’ve just seen your Stat of the Day post for today – I haven’t checked out the link yet, but I suspect you have answered my question there

  4. alan west says:

    Hi Matt

    With regard to geegeez gold and the instant expert.

    In order of importance , how would rate the five headings.

    For me , going is the most important, but would like to know your take.



  5. liviu says:


    would you like to indicate me a good system to bet the greyhounds ?
    thank you

  6. mackenzie says:

    why don’t tipsters set up a trade association so that punters know that any service that is a member has a degre of respectabilty. Any that are not should be avoided by the punter. I not saying that profitability can be guaranteed but least the punter would know he is not dealing with rogues.

  7. Fatboyjim says:

    Have you got up to data stats on how the ‘Fifteen’ qualifiers have performed since inception?

  8. Keith says:

    Hi Matt my question is about how to handle the inevitable losing runs I face. Backing horses + 7/1 they happen more often than not. Is it as simple as having faith that the winners when/if the come will make up the losses or is there any psychology involved? Many thanks.

  9. Richard Sutton says:

    Hi Matt,

    Looking at the monthly returns of SOTD from inception, there seems to be a better return from the Flat, in particular the summer months. Do you feel that the Jumps does not lend itself quite as well to this methodology or are the winter figures skewed by the all weather tracks?

    Do you have any figures to separate Flat/Jumps/AW profitability/strike rate?

    Thank you,


  10. David Walton says:

    Matt (& probably 90% of readers)

    – Betting on Racing:

    Stupid question?

    What is the difference between an Exacta and a Forecast, why do they pay differing returns?

    Cheers, David.

  11. william gibson says:

    Hello Matt,
    I’ve been following Stat of the day as well as the Double Dutch selections for a while now and where as it is recommended to do four cross doubles on the Double Dutch selections this leaves you with three out of four bets losing before racing begins.

    As the Stat of the day has such a good record, I have been combining it with the four bets from the Double Dutch selections but doing four each way trixies using the same stakes and making much more profit.

    Imagine the sublime result where the Stat of the day romps in and the two higher priced D.D’s win with the other two placing.

    There you have four winning trixies, three of them mixture of wins and places on one striking gold.

    Follow it for a few days Mat and if you think it’s worth while then spread the word and let all of your members gain a bit.

    • Nessie123 says:

      That sounds like a tremendous staking plan.
      Have you any P/L figures you could share?

      • william gibson says:

        I haven’t unfortunately Andy but originally for the first few weeks was only doing the win cross doubles and returns were fair but as soon as I included the Stat of the day and went on to each way trixies I found I was getting returns most days but on the odd day when all came up together it was worth it. Even if the Stat of the day wins and the other four just place it can be a pretty fair return.

        Good luck


    • twood715 says:

      Hi William,

      A really interesting strategy. I don’t usually follow double dutch but have followed SotD for years now as it’s so reliable. Having read your piece I am tempted to use your strategy. Is it more viable to do each way trixies rather than each way patents?


    • lickybits says:

      i like the idea william, but to cover incase the DD comes in and the SOTD doesn’t i would stake the four e/w trixies, and do 4 cross doubles on the DD as well.

      maybe half your stakes on each?

  12. dolphin68 says:

    Hi Matt…I’m a frequent user of Horseracebase and came across BF Chi score as one of the columns in the system builder. I’m aware the Chi score is an indication of how ‘reliable’ the results/data is (ie not down to chance). I’m not too sure what a larger or smaller Chi score actually means? Is a large Chi score of 10+ good?



  13. Dennis Downes says:

    I live in the Philippines now and find it difficult to get an account with English bookmakers. I have a Betfair and Betired account but no one else will allow account from here. The question is to open an account with a tipster because I would be limited to my betting account if I was winning the money some tipsters promise every month

  14. David says:

    Hi Matt
    Why is there not a uniform R4. One I backed romped in at double figure price and Bet365 had a 30% R4 which was fair enough as a strong favourite had been taken out. I also backed it with Paddy Power and their R4 was 45%. Surely it should be the same R4 for all firms,

  15. JOHN says:

    Do you or any members of gold have a way of
    tackling staying races on the flat.

  16. Bruce says:


    recently joined The Racing Insider service.

    daily receive 2(two) emails from a David Dunn, David Dunn(Pro),or
    David Dunn(elite)with an address in Sheffield.

    when clicking on highlighted link all you get is advertising page for
    “ex-professional footballer who is smashing the bookies!” OR “a simple tweak
    to our betting strategy etc. etc.)but NO selections or links to selections at all!!

    who is David Dunn? and how do I contact him or his website(s.)
    previous emails not replied to. PLEASE
    emails do state I am receiving them because I am a subscriber!! ADVISE.

    • Nessie123 says:

      Is the address given as City Rd?
      If so,that actual address is a Greengrocers shop,I know this as I work in Sheffield and have friends who live on City Rd.

      • Matt Bisogno says:

        Hi guys

        Can we please keep things on topic. I’m afraid you’ve gone waaay off road with this now.

        Questions should be about racing, betting, and Geegeez Gold – not services, addresses, and so on.


  17. Frank says:

    Matt, this question may be outside your bailiwick but you may know someone who can give an answer.


    Why isn’t semen collected from outstanding stallions and used for artificial insemination with further generation mares?

    Or is it and we are not party to the secret?

  18. Tony McEnery says:

    Hi Matt,

    This may sound foolish, but I’ve been going to sign up to Gold since I came out of Hospital [no correlation] but I can’t like Pay Pal, and I don’t see that you have an alternative to pay by, say clickbank, or just a personal debit card.
    Any thoughts.


  19. gsimpson says:

    Hi Matt,

    My question regards betting banks, or rather how to manage them. To keep it simple let’s say we have two betting banks, one for stat of the day and one for double dutch. In theory there could be many more, but using just these two, how do we keep them separate yet spread them across a selection of bookies and manage them when required?


    • IanS
      IanS says:


      You manage betting banks through your record keeping. Let’s say you set aside £1,000 as your betting bank. Set up two spreadsheets, one for SoTD and one for DD. That gives you £10 as a 1% stake for SoRD and four @ £5 as 0.5% on DD. Record bets, stakes and returns and include a column that shows your running total. That column shows the size of your betting bank day by day.

      I’d suggest keeping the stake the same throughout each calendar months and review at the end of the month to decide whether you want/need to increase it to the new 1% level. A smaller stake is rare with SoTD, as there have been only three losing months since its launch.

      I don’t do DD often enough to know how stakes might fluctuate.

      • gsimpson says:


        If I understand you correctly, you will have two betting banks of £500, but this will be spread throughout your accounts and treated as £1000 to be managed through the spreadsheets. Is that correct?

        If so, all I have to do now is learn all about spreadsheets!Lol.

        Your help is appreciated.

      • Chris Worrall says:

        We’ve actually had 12 losing months from 46 for SotD, but only 3 from the last 24.

  20. Ray Thompson says:

    I’m a bit concerned at the supposed Paddy Power/Betfair merge. Any thoughts yourself on the subject?


  21. sandown says:

    Here is one that has been on my mind for a while . If a horse in the
    shortlist scores 15 on a friday evening and then the ground changes
    over night will the shortlist be amended on a Saturday morning if the said horse does not have a good record on the new going .

  22. Paul George says:

    Hi Matt,

    When you receive at Geegeez Tracker email, is it possible that our notes for the particular horse/jockey etc could be included too, rather than having to visit Geegeez, log in etc?


  23. dave says:

    Your stat of the day looks very good could this be given via a text service for non-gold members?

  24. will50 says:

    Hi Matt
    Re: GeeGeez Gold,
    Stat of the Day, Double Dutch

    To obtain the best odds as advised (aside from drifting in betting with BOG) it is crucial that selections are backed as soon as available, so that the Clients Profit/Loss figure at the end of the month/year matches as near, the published P/L figures.

    The advice from the forum, on obtaining the selections as soon as available, is to watch the Facebook /Twitter pages for updates
    this however can be quite frustrating and time consuming, (to me anyway…Pensioner!)

    My Question is
    Can an email message, or even two separate messages, with the Stat of the Day, and Double Dutch selections, be sent to the subscribed Gold clients, at a set time, the day/night before racing?

    The emails could have details of just the Time, Meeting, and Selection only, with the Stats and Reasoning being updated later on site.


  25. Aodhan OCarroll says:

    What’s the reasoning behind naming horses by running several words into one, e.g. Diamondsandrubies?

    • buckieboy says:

      Names are limited to 18 characters, inclusive of spaces, so your example with spaces it would total 19.

  26. alpha2 says:

    Hi Matt,
    what are the advantages of using Skrill or similar over paypal or debit card?

  27. Philip Clayton says:

    Dear Matt,
    It is known you are a successful punter so how do you get your bets on? My second question is how do you pick your horses? By this I mean that I have often read your pieces on placepots and jackpots and perms and the value of the Irish pool, etc. Obviously you are extremely mathematical and is that how you make your choices? Is there any room for instinct or ‘gut feeling’, or is that the road to the poor house? Do you ever have that feeling?

    I know this is several questions but i think they are linked.


  28. samcarsonps says:

    Cheers Since it worked for me as a boy at Ayr yonks ago I have been a sucker for horses running on consecutive days. It is a bit of a nuisance when there are more than one in the same race though.
    Do you have any stats ?

  29. dave bennett says:

    matt, what do the following expressions mean that are commonly used by tv pundits…….well furnished…..recalcitrant and precocious ?

  30. Clive Jones says:

    Hi Matt

    My question refers to a recurring difficulty of trying to get fund out of bookie accounts before the winnings grow too big for their liking. I am intending to use back and lay techniques to effectively lose with the bookies but actually transfer the money to Betfair or SMarkets

    My question is which sports would you consider best to use? Low odds eg odds on tennis players keep winning and putting money from Betfair into my bookie account and long odds eg golf outrights require thousands of pounds in Betfair to cover that side of the liability

    I am trying to get over £2k out of Bet 365 and Skybet and fear for each account

  31. grahame18 says:

    hi Matt
    have you ever thought of doing an app for Gold members for android and smart phones i am sure it would go down well
    many thanks Graham

  32. homeyc says:


    I have had several bookmaker accounts restricted or closed this year. They never explain why these restrictions apply but I like to think it is because I am not a profitable customer. Can you suggest any strategies for keeping accounts open but remaining profitable?

    Many thanks

  33. Lynne says:

    Along with Homeyc and Clive, I’d like to know a bit more about account restrictions. For the first time in years I’m finally making a profit (with Geegeez brilliant info of course). I’d like to think the good run will continue, but now I’m waiting for the axe to fall on my account as I keep reading about restrictions.

    So, what happens? Is it that you reach a certain amount in your betting account and they politely tell you to get lost? Or is it when you start withdrawing lots of money? Or is it just particular types of bet they don’t like? Do people phone the bookies and ask for an explanation and get anywhere?
    The account terms/conditions claim you can win a pretty large sum per day – so what’s going on here?



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