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My 2024 Cheltenham Festival Betting P&L

As has become somewhat customary, I've taken a few moments to publicly critique the wagering positions from which I stood to gain or lose during that marvellous week of racing action, the 2024 Cheltenham Festival. It won't be interesting to everyone, perhaps only to very few, and I publish not to boast/wallow (*delete annually as […]

Exotic Betting in 2024: Multi-Race Bets (Part 2)

In the first half of this two-part mini-course we looked at the basics of multi-race bets, as well as the key area of staking. In this concluding part the focus will be on strategy and tactics: what to consider when framing your bets, and how to manage your position once your tickets are 'live'. You'll […]

Exotic Betting in 2024: Multi-Race Bets (Part 1)

There are lots of ways to bet on horses. Win, place and each way are just the beginning: such bets involve a reliance on one horse winning or nearly winning, the outcome of which provides players with a (usually) known return. I've long mixed up my 'singles' betting with more elaborate plays. Known as exotics […]

What to expect in 2024

The new year is well upon us now and, on this fourth day of January, a few resolutions may remain intact. Chocolate, biscuits, cakes (and especially chocolate biscuit cakes) and beer are largely off the agenda for a bit here - yes, life is currently very dull - but, on a much more interesting note, […]

Luna Lux: Another Cookie?

In November 2017, when we were all younger and many of us were better looking, I embarked on a jolly boys’ outing to northern France. But this wasn’t your average lads’ weekend away; no, this was a sortie to the sales – a half-cooked fantasy gaining momentum through peer group pressure! The innocence of (relative) […]

Breeders’ Cup 2023: The Chalky & Scratchy Show

The 40th renewal of the Breeders' Cup in gorgeous Santa Anita was an intense cauldron of high-class action. It always is. But there were differences between the 2023 version and those that went before, as outlined in my five takeaways below... Scratch That There was a swathe of non-runners, or scratches as they're known across […]

This affects all of us

This affects you. And me. It affects all of us, either directly or indirectly. So we need to take action. At this stage, the action is very small but will make a difference. I am talking about the impact of affordability checks on the sport of horseracing. And specifically about a petition that needs your support […]

Welcoming Back an Old Friend after the Summer

It's 1st September, the kids are about to go back to school, the nights are drawing in, and those hot balmy evenings are soon to be a thing of the past. OK, so point one may not be applicable to you, and point three wasn't applicable to any of us (!) but, nevertheless, the month […]

2023/24 Football Season Preview

They're only just through the group stages of the Women's World Cup and it's kick off time for the Football League on Saturday (Friday night, in fact). What follows is my once a year foray into the footy where I try to find a sustaining ante post multiple to keep us warm through the next […]

Glorious Goodwood 2023: Day 4 Preview, Pointers, Tips

And so to Friday, the last of four days previewed here, and a day when I'll be in attendance at the track. Us travelling pals' mantra, "The sun always shines and we always win on Goodwood Friday", looks under serious and two-pronged threat this year, however! We start with the staying handicappers in the... 1.50 […]

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