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Racing Insights, 26th July 2021

Matt in again for Monday's Racing Insights; Sam will be in the chair early next week before Chris's return in the second half of the week: something for everyone then! Monday’s free feature of the day is the Pace tab available for ALL races. This tab is a pivotal piece of my form study as […]

Racing Insights, 19th July 2021

In Chris's absence, and giving Sam a day off, it's Matt here for the Sunday evening shift, looking at Monday's racing. Monday’s free feature of the day is the Pace tab for all races, and it is available in its entirety to all registered users of Geegeez. It's a fundamental cornerstone of my betting research […]

How to Use the Profiler Tab

The second of three articles requested by readers was on the subject of the Profiler tab, which we introduced to Geegeez Gold racecards this time last year. So, in this post, I'll show you how it works and outline some use cases, including how you can get around the inflexibility of 'today's race conditions'. I've […]

Sectional Timing, and How To Use It

Much has been made of sectional timing in the past 18 months or so, including by me, and it can indeed offer great insight into how races were run. But the challenge for publishers, including here at geegeez.co.uk, is to successfully answer the question, "How do I use sectional timing to inform my betting?". That […]

Geegeez Gold: May 2021 Upgrades

Another month, another set of new features within Geegeez Gold designed to help you know more than other people about a race. Before we start... Did you know? Mobile users hankering after the good old bad old days of pinch and swipe to expand the desktop view on a phone... ...can still do that! Within […]

Form Profiling 2021: Community Project

Last May, when there was no racing and the flat season had yet to begin, I wrote a post about form profiling which you can read here. In it, I shared five horses which had displayed a specific pattern of conditions to most of their wins: a profile if you will. I then outlined how […]

Geegeez Upgrade: Known Issues

This morning, we upgraded our racing form software to make some important changes for mobile device (smartphones, tablets) users. Firstly, thank you for your patience while we made those changes. We rarely go fully 'off grid' but occasionally it's necessary. Secondly, we're aware of a few glitches and issues, as per the below list. We […]

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