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Dave Renham: A synopsis of 6f and 7f AW Draw/Pace

In my last article I examined draw and running style combinations in five-furlong handicaps on the all-weather, with the main focus on front runners (those horses that take the early lead). That article showed that on turning AW courses over the minimum trip (8+ runners), it was much easier to lead early from a lower […]

An Overview of NH Jockey Pace Profiles

In my last article I examined pace in general in National Hunt racing, writes Dave Renham. I looked at some overview stats for all race types before focusing on chases, as the figures suggest these races offer the strongest front running edge. In this article I am going to focus on jockeys to see if […]


More on Pace in NH Racing

With the National Hunt season soon to spring fully into action, I thought I would look further to see if there were any pace angles we could take advantage of, writes Dave Renham. In the past I have written two articles for Geegeez on this topic focusing on handicap chases over 2m 1½f or less […]

Dave Renham: Top jockeys’ pace profiles

In this article I will revisit my love of pace in horse racing, focusing again on jockeys – more specifically the top 10 jockeys in terms of strike rate, writes Dave Renham. My first article on jockeys focused mainly on how they had performed on front runners – this article is a broader piece looking […]

Dave Renham: More Thoughts on 2yo Sires

In my last article I examined some data pertaining to sires in 2yo races, writes Dave Renham. In this article I'd like to share more sire stats with you with a view to identifying both positive and negative angles from which we can potentially take advantage. The data once again cover the last six seasons […]

Dave Renham: Some Thoughts on 2yo Sires

In this article I have moved away from pace research and will instead be focusing, for the first time on the virtual pages of geegeez.co.uk, on 2yo races, writes Dave Renham. 2yo races are contests where horse form is extremely limited and many punters shy away from them for that reason. Indeed, 50% of all […]


Jockey Pace Profiles

In this article I am once again looking into the subject of pace or running styles, which regular readers will know is an area of research in which I have a great interest, writes Dave Renham. As I have mentioned before, knowing how a race is likely to pan out in terms of a potential […]