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Overpriced Horse Tips

Overpriced Horse Tips is the longest standing service on Sports Betting Stars having being active since 2013. During this period he has produced a return on investment of 26% and has always kept losing runs to a minimum. Overpriced Horse Tips has produced profit figures that total over £8000 from just £10 win singles at […]

A review of Stable Whispers

The Stable Whispers are the work of Carl Nicholson, the man behind the highly successful Value Backing service (which we reviewed here way back in 2015 and made great profits) and are an optional add-on offered to members of Carl's Racing Diary service (which we are also reviewing right here) Carl added the Stable Whispers to […]

A review of Horse Racing Network

A second look at the Horse Racing Network service... We actually looked at this service around the turn of the year, but with so many new geegeez subscribers coming on board and a message from the vendors that the selection procedure had been revamped/improved, I was keen to see how they performed now. Our original review […]

The VIP Service review

The VIP Service is one of the featured services from the BetInfo24 portfolio of professional/commercial tipsters. Since inception in early October 2017, The VIP Service has advised 143 selections at 1pt level stakes and 110 winners (76.92% SR) have so far generated profits of 33.64pts at an ROI of 23.5%. It is at this point […]

Horse Racing Network Review

A review of the Horse Racing Network service... According to the vendors... "Horse Racing Network provides daily selections direct to your inbox, setting out the selections for the next day's races with an in depth write up justifying the criteria for each selection. Built upon years of profit and research, Horse Racing Network specialises in finding […]