Betting System Scams: Avoiding Shark Infested Waters

It seems, dear reader, that the previous rate of newly released wonder systems has upped in its tempo considerably in the last month or so. Maybe it's the start of a new year; maybe the growing number of 'silver bullet seekers'; maybe just an inflation of the scumbag peddlers. For whatever reason, there's never been more of a threat to us system buyers than now.

So, what should we do? Stop buying systems for fear of being ripped off? Just roll over and admit we have to run the gauntlet every time we click 'buy now'? Refund on nine out of ten systems we buy?

No. None of the above. We simply have to be diligent and sensible, and follow the advice below...

1. Before you buy a system, look for a review of it. Type 'xxxxx system review' into Google. And look for the sites where some / most systems get average or bad reviews. If a site gives everything a favourable comment, you know they're not for real.

2. Look for systems or services that offer a free trial. If there's a free trial, you have no risk. Note, it's acceptable for a system seller to ask for your details up front AS LONG AS no money is taken until the specified date. Use (relatively) trusted suppliers like PayPal and Moneybookers for this.

3. If your system or service offers a money-back guarantee, try to establish whether that will be honoured. If you bought any product through Clickbank, you can get a refund by sending your payment id to (A word of caution: if you habitually buy and then refund, you will get closed down by Clickbank, so do due diligence in advance and use this as a last resort).

4. Avoid systems that make ridiculous claims. Come on, be sensible! 😉 You and I both know that it IS possible to make a few quid and enjoy your punting more than losing a few quid. And... you and I both know that no fifty quid ebook (and, frankly, no two grand mega-service) is going to book you a one way ticket to Barbados. If it looks too good to be true...

5. Review the lists you've signed up to. You're most likely reading this because you've signed up to my list. Great! If you receive emails from people who you don't trust or in whose information you're not interested, click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email. Seriously! Don't be lazy. They send you a note probably twice a week - just open it, click the link, and you'll get no more 5h1t from them! Simples.

6. When you find people whose information you trust, whitelist them. That is, make sure their emails go to your inbox and not your 'spammy junk blahblah' folder.

7. Er, that's it...

The above is of course absolute basic common sense. The trouble I have, and maybe you do too, is that because I receive so much carp on a daily basis, I find it difficult to make the time (like, thirty seconds!) to delete the extraneous hyperbole. Like the guy who's too busy working to make any money, I'm too busy deleting emails to unsubscribe.

Am I making any sense?!

So, here's my #1 tip for you. Go through all the emails you receive and unsubscribe yourself from any you don't trust (including me for that matter!)

You'll still get occasional unsolicited emails, and you'll still 'accidentally' sign up for new guff, but maintain a monthly regimen of spending five minutes (might be ten or even fifteen minutes the first time you do it, if you're on as many lists as me) unsubscribing from the rubbish.

It IS terrible that there are so many sharks looking to make a monkey out of us. But... we have to take some responsibility for ourselves. If they're emailing us, in the main, it's because WE signed up to them. So we need to un-sign up.

In the coming weeks, I'll compile a list of 'suspect characters'. This will be based on my personal opinion, and will not be a 'proven guilty' sentence for that person.

Have a great weekend, and I'll be back early next week with some important news on building your own systems. Now there's a way to guarantee you never get ripped off again!


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  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know about Geegeez Racecards
  2. James Fitzmaurice
    James Fitzmaurice says:

    Hi Mate i was compiling somethng very similar for my site. You beat me to it you workaholic!

    Good Stuff, Great Content as always. The Usual Suspects is a great idea.

    Please Note that Kevin Schmidt AKA The Betting Miracle. Betting Salvation, Sports Betting Conquest and now Betting Terminator, has this week changed all his addresses on the bottom of his emails.

    Best Regards

    Jim Fitz
    betting system truths

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi James

      I think you should still go ahead with a piece on the subject. There’s the thing. If more people give out sensible advice, then less people will get suckered!

      My thanks to you for taking a lead on this.


  3. john murray
    john murray says:

    dear matt,
    spoken with the usual honesty. yes it is all common sense, but we all have to be on guard. not everyone has the sense to know when they are being taken for a ride. therefore my thanks for highlighting what is going on. keep up the good work. your comments are always welcomed by me,

  4. Jim Briston
    Jim Briston says:

    Thanks for this advice Matt, it’s really gratifying to know you and James Fitz are there to keep us informed with your reviews.
    Thanks Again

  5. Peter Cairns
    Peter Cairns says:

    Hi Matt. When we click on: Add to Blacklist; it appears only the front part of the scam e-mail address is Blacklisted. Then the e-mail is added to the Junk e-mail Box.
    I believe what is needed is the 2nd part of the e-mail address from @—— to be blacklisted then we might start to get somewhere?


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter

      Yes, absolutely the latter part of the email address. The problem with that is that many of the scammers these days have addresses. Blocking gmail would of course also block numerous legitimate emails…


  6. Jack Stanley Crompton
    Jack Stanley Crompton says:

    Colin Davey? Is he still alive??
    At the moment I am deleting any reseller/affiliate who is pitching Betting Terminator. Still, the Hollywood-style preview is worth a watch: the lengths these people go to!

  7. denis
    denis says:

    Well done Matt for bringing this to the fore but lets all put our hands up here and a admit yes we are lazy when it comes to cleaning our work area.

    Just a thought here to all who purchase these systems…STOP!!! save your money and develop something yourself. In this day of the internet all the information you will ever need is at the end of your fingertips.
    Try it, its great fun and can be very rewarding.

    cheers denis.

  8. Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson says:

    Naming and shaming is a good idea for joe bloggs but for GeeGeez to do this could cause upset, no? Is GeeGeez big enough to start slandering others?

    Didn’t half the bad sharks promote your TTS and TFS systems in the past? For 2008/09, every man and his dog was promoting your system so i suppose they can promote good stuff even if it’s not their own?

    Just a thought………………….

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for your comment. Firstly, I wouldn’t say that Geegeez is that big… more importantly, it’s not my intention to get into slander territory. Rather, I will highlight clear facts, such as the same group that promote the weekly ‘silver bullets’, and the errors in the sales materials of the same.

      Regarding previous promoters of TTS/TFS, I’ve always been very careful with whom I work. There has been the occasional exception, and this has been oversight on my part, rather than ‘promiscuity’.


  9. Will Kenton
    Will Kenton says:

    As an OAP its great to have guys like you keeping an eye open all the time, helps us old folk falling into the pit holes of which there are many on this road.
    Thanks Will

  10. Tom Collins
    Tom Collins says:

    Great website Matt.

    Name the Villains, and help to save the little bloke money. After all, he loses enough to the bookies.!

    A Good System should be recommended, but the useless ones, AND their “inventors” should be Named and Shamed !

    Keep up the good work !

  11. paul
    paul says:

    hi, matt I delete anything instantly that says win xhoundred of thousand, give up your day job, has pictures of tropical places and fancy cars instantly, and I ALWAYS look for reviews on the systems I buy. This has saved me alot of time and money over the years but I have still bought some crap, a suspect list would be a great idea, save us all alot of time and money. PS I do reconmend if you buy a system put the rules into horse race base if you can, check out the previous results before backing with money if not paper trade. Paul

  12. Bob
    Bob says:

    Every time I unsubscribe from one of these scamsters I get a load more spam emails. Obviously as soon as you unsubscibe they pass on/sell your details to other hopeful scamsters so I have decided to just delete the emails every time and hope they will eventually get sick.

  13. Peter Colledge
    Peter Colledge says:

    Well done, Matt, great as ever. Re Colin Davey: sending me letters twice a week with his ‘new and improved’ system, using which I shall never be poor again. Anyone deal with Premier Racing of Petworth, and what are they like these days?

  14. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    What about Mathew Thole. He will not answer letters or e-mails when you have a complaint. Also asince november he has started chargeing 50p for the first minute..3p after that, you then find out that he doesn’t have a bet, he then asks you to call back 2or3 days later for you to be told that the bet Is’nt on.After about 4 calls or so you get something to back….It usually loses.Leave him well AONE.

  15. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    Didn’t realise that they were all systems given by the same
    names or group .. i.e miracle,terminator, thanks to you I’ll
    keep my money in my pocket! but I like your page to see
    what you like to recommend!

    So up the good work!!

    Regards Joyce

  16. Jez
    Jez says:

    Hi Matt,
    it would be useful if the likes of SBC & OBG and people such as yourself could combine to produce a sort of white list – difficult, I know, but more effective than trying to produce a blacklist. Personally, if the sender has a gmail/hotmail/yahoo/live address then I mark as spam and delete. Anyway, best of luck with the endeavour.

  17. John Lamont
    John Lamont says:

    Well done Matt so some scammers may be upset…. what the hell
    they won’t be half as upset as the people they have conned.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. philip dagnall
    philip dagnall says:

    It seems to me that all these people sell the same old guff dressed up differently,personall although i would like to make money betting i see it mainly as a hobby and can’t understand anyone who would buy such rubbish as all the sales pitches are the same, even down to the pictures they use. Keep up the cood work


  19. ken coulthurst
    ken coulthurst says:

    Colin Davey has been at it for donkeys years,avoid like the plague.Mathew Thole is another b******t merchant.

  20. steve doy
    steve doy says:

    Thanks for what you do there are too many out there advertising rubbish systems. Mat Thole with his daily come on and its always tomorrow drop him like a stone – I have.

  21. Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan says:

    Hi Matt
    I subscribed to Forex megadroid. Cost, just under £80. This buys the Robot software. You have then got to employ another company to HOST the bot. They then want a minimum of $500 to put into your account via Clickbank. After watching the training videos (available on you tube) I tried the ‘pretend’ trade for a couple of days, using a virtual $5000 bank. I lost about $300 in around 30 mins. Couldn’t get on with it, and it is a very big risk. You really have be sat in front of your computer to cut and run. TOO risky, i’ll stick to Horses, they are more fathomable (believe it or not). No problem getting a refund, as long as you keep your initial receipt. Anyway, A P McCoy on Night orbit tomorrow, What chance????
    Kind regards
    Mike Brennan

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mike

      The $500 via Clickbank is not something you need to do. All of the running details are in the manual that comes with the software. And about losing in 30 minutes, although that was 6% of your bank (you really should trade more than 2% per trade), I presume you were trading on one of the more aggressive settings. No matter, it’s certainly not for everyone.

      Regarding Night Orbit and Mr AP McCoy, I’ll write about that tomorrow. Suffice it to say I’m VERY excited! 🙂


  22. Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan says:

    Thanks Matt, i’m out on the road tomorrow, but i’ll have my PDA with internet with me so look forward to reading your comments, and hopefully to get an early price!!!

  23. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    How interesting that James Fitzmaurice should write what he did. My boyfriend once did a review on a rubbish system that he was peddling. He gave a honest appraisal and was hit with insults etc. from Mr. Fitzmaurice . The owner of the forum was treatened with court and violence. So Matt, you should be careful who you allow attach themselves to you.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gillian

      I’m afraid I don’t know who your boyfriend is, or what the situation was, and can only take people as I find them. James has, in my opinion, grown in online stature, and has added a lot of value by sharing his thoughts on the good and the bad of the systems world in recent months. Whilst what you outline sounds unfortunate (at best), it’s not my business and possibly shouldn’t be discussed further in the comments section of this blog.


  24. ron.goodall
    ron.goodall says:

    to matt
    read all the comments above keep up with your site it a great read
    another bad egg to keep away from is danny o/sullivan i lost mega
    money it ran into four figuers regards ron goodall

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