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Geegeez Review Update

Geegeez Review Update's the

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup for 19/08/2015.

Don't worry, I am coming back (maybe that's the worrying thing!), I'm just taking a couple of weeks away in a bid to stop my 10 yr old daughter (a) driving me crazy and (b) driving me crazy. I think you get the picture! 😀

As always, we had winners and we had losers with the winners shading it this week : hooray! Our 11 active reviews shared overall profits of £426.83 with seven of the 11 making £624.39 this week with our weekly top three as follows...

  1. Elite Ratings System : yet another good week for this service who added another £229.70 to their bottom line and after just under five weeks worth of selections are in a really strong position, courtesy of a 30% strike rate, full details here in Ray's review.
  2. Carl Nicholson's Value Backing service doesn't tip every day, but when he does, it's worth taking note of. Just three bets from Carl this week, but winners at 7/1 and 11/1 helped him to a huge £170 profit at an ROI of almost 570%! Eight winners from 42 so far under review and a huge amount of profit, all logged for you in Chris' review right here.
  3. A welcome return to some semblance of form for the Racing Methodology service. Those of you who've read our detailed review will know that this one has had a torrid time drung the first month on trial, but 7 winners from 14 bets in the past week has put a different feel if not complexion to it. They made £78.72, which isn't a huge amount, but it's a start.

To go hand in hand with the winners, four services lost just shy of £200.00 between them and as you'd guess from that sum, there were no real disaster stories to tell you about.

New addition Draw Day Demolition's Double Chance strategy had a shaky start with our review showing a £22.30 loss on the week, whilst a quick look at Ernest's reporting of On The Nose tells you that they've had an iffy week too, shedding just over £45, after making plenty of profit in the previous six weeks.

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The two worst performers of the week were from The Knack, who continue to struggle for any real consistency and Iain's review shows a loss of £55.25 on the week, all of which leaves us with the wooden spoon, which is "awarded" to Bank Builder, who seems to want to defy his name with a loss of £74.55, as listed in Barry's review.

And here's the current overall state of play...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
All Weather Profits £806.65 (at day 23) 23 £54.37 Click Here
Elite Ratings System £696.35 (at day 34) 34 £229.70 Click Here
Value Backing £560.00 (at day 51) 51 £170.00 Click Here
On The Nose £498.04 (at day 51) 51 -£45.16 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (BTD) £141.60 (at day 16) 16 £17.10 Click Here
Draw Day Demolition (DC) -£20.10 (at day 16) 16 -£22.30 Click Here
Percentage Form Edge -£63.60 (at day 13) 13 £0.74 Click Here
Bank Builder -£94.54 (at day 58) 58 -£74.85 Click Here
The Knack -£119.50 (at day 28) 28 -£55.25 Click Here
The Specialist -£139.98 (at day 23) 23 £73.76 Click Here
Racing Methodology -£574.42 (at day 44) 44 £78.72 Click Here

As always, clicking the name of a service will take you directly to their own homepage, whilst there are links above directing you to each of our current reviews. Plus if you want to read a review of a service we've completed in the past, you can do so by visiting the system review section right here.

I'm obviously not going to be around for a couple of weeks to answer questions about the reviews, but if you leave any queries in ther comments sections below each review, our team of happy volunteers will be delightred to assist you in any way they can.

And before I do go... a quick word about those reviewers. They do it for nothing, they do a brilliant job and without them I couldn't spend as much as I do trying to find obscure racing stats for SotD! They're vital cogs in the Geegeez operation and their contribution isn't ignored by myself or Matt.

See you in a fortnight!


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