Best Champions League Bookie Offer

I've been monitoring the bookie offers for a while now, and there's quite a few that are worth availing yourself of. But, I have to say, our 'dear friends' at Paddy Power have outdone themselves this time.

Let's put it like this, if you think Barcelona have a good chance of winning the Champions League in normal time, this is the classic 'no brainer' wager.

Paddy's are promising to refund all losing bets in their correct score, first or last scorer and scorecast markets if Barca win in normal time. To put this into context, Barca are odds on in many bookmakers' lists, so you're essentially getting to bet odds against for free!

So... if we believe this is a good offer (personally, I think it's a great offer, and I understand that PP believe Manchester United will more than give them a game), then how do we play it?

Well, clearly, Paddy is making sure that you have to earn your 'upside' return. In other words, the markets this offer extends to are all quite tricky to land.

But there are plenty of routes in. Let's start with the correct score market...

Say you think that Barca will probably win but it could be a draw. You don't really fancy United's chance. In that case, you could split your stake between a 1-1 and 2-2 draw, with a 'saving wager' on the 0-0 (unlikely but, obviously, not impossible).

PP bet 5/1 on 1-1 and 13/1 on 2-2, with 0-0 a 7/1 chance. So, staking the max allowed for the concession of a hundred pounds or euros, you might place a £15 on 0-0 to return £120 (including stake), £60 on 1-1 to return £360 and £25 on 2-2 to return £350. Clearly, a 3-3 draw is a problem, so maybe you chuck a cheeky fiver on that at 70/1 as well.

Your first 30 days for just £1

If Manchester United win in normal time, you've done your money. Boo hoo. But if Barca win, you get your dough back, and if it's a draw, you're picking up some nice money in the most likely scenarios.

Follow me in here.
(After clicking this link, just click the Champions League banner you see on the PP page).

Here's another approach.You could cover every scenario of draw from 0-0 to 3-3, and every Man United win up to 3-2 and have a book that's about 35% in your favour (in other words, guarantee a return of £35 on a £100 investment) if you stake it up correctly. That way, barring some biblical scoreline, you're looking to collect or be refunded whatever happens.

If you have a view on first scorers or scorecasts, you can have some fun there, but... one thing to bear in mind is that to keep the odds in your favour you really should be playing a bet which includes the 90 minutes correct score.

This is a classic loss leader, plain and simple, where Paddy's are likely to get their hides tanned on the game - unless Barca fail to win in ninety minutes. But they know this (naturally), and are prepared to take a chance on future business, which is fair enough and probably to be applauded.

I've played this, and you can see how I spread it out below (including the mouth-watering prospect of getting weighed in on a 3-3 draw!!!)


Best Champions League offer ever?

Best Champions League offer ever?

Obviously, we can lose if Manchester United win in 90 minutes. But playing the draw like this means we have a good chance of collecting if the game is competitive - which it should be - and we're odds on to get our money back at the very least.

Follow me in here.
(After clicking this link, just click the Champions League banner you see on the PP page).

This is the best bookie offer I've seen since the Cheltenham clamour for business, and I love it when the odds are in OUR favour for a change, especially when it's on a game many of us will be watching from the pub / sofa / wherever. It's a great one to gloat about when your mates have done their money and you've got yours back! 😉

Let me know if you're on as well by leaving a comment.


p.s. here are the conditions which apply to this so you're fully on board.

- Applies to singles placed before kick off only.
- Applies to 1st/last goalscorer, correct score & scorecast markets only.
- Applies to win part of each-way goalscorer bets only.
- Barcelona must win in normal time, i.e. after extra time or penalties does not count.
- Max Refund E/£100 per customer.
- Paddy Power football rules apply.
- Does not apply to customers whose language of registration is Spanish.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Avatar
    Paul says:

    Have you checked that they aren’t just refunding your first bet only in any of these markets?
    Thats normally the terms on this type of offer.
    If it does cover several bets, (which would appear to be the case) then this is a very good offer indeed.
    I’d call them first to be sure though.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      Excellent point and you had me worried for a second there. I just rang Paddy Power and they confirmed they’ll refund multiple bets on those markets up to a maximum stake of £100 or €100.

      Phew! (And good news!) 😀


      • Avatar
        Paul says:

        thats great, I think I’ll stick a few bets on then, might include 1-0 Man Utd and 2-1 Man Utd instead of 2-2, 3-3, although having said that I really do think Barca are going to put Utd to the sword in this. They are a great side.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good stuff Steve – I have to admit that I really don’t like Barca’s diving whingers, so even if ManU win I’ll be happy (if out of pocket)!


  2. Avatar
    Mike Quigley says:

    I think you’d be better to give up 1/2 point and go for no goal scorer @7.5 rather than 0-0 @ 8.0. Then if either side wins 1-0 through an own goal your NGS bet is a winner and you would still get refunds on your other bets if it was MU that won.

    The PP CS prices are a bit skinny to take account of the offer (eg 6.0 is very tight 1-1) but I agree with you it’s worth a try

    Mike Q

  3. Avatar
    gary says:

    How do you work out if Barca win you get your dough back, when all you seem to be doing is betting on the draws.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Read it again Gary – Paddy Power are offering to refund all losing bets if Barca win. So you are basically getting free bets on the draw AS LONG AS ManU don’t win.

      Make sense? 🙂


  4. Avatar
    micky says:

    followed you exactly Matt pound for pound !! thanks for sussing out the offer. I expect Barcelona to win in normal time but a score draw in ninety mins would be really handy !
    ps Thanks for putting up Sole power as your tip for the big race last sat !!
    had myself a nice little ew tickle @ 12-1

  5. Avatar
    Stuart says:


    I won’t use Paddy Power out of principle these days after they re-settled a bet last year 11 hours after initially paying me out at the much higher odds I’d taken. When I complained they offered me a free £2 bet as compensation. I can provide more details if requested but I just thought your readers should be aware that the company’s jovial image is not always the reality of wagering with them.

  6. Avatar
    broggsy says:

    how about getting your mate to cover the man u scores and halve the winnings…the only way you would lose on your stakes would be if 0-0 and you would both lose 40 each but any other scenario would win roughly 70 each or money back (100 each) if barca won in 90 mins

  7. Avatar
    Stuart says:

    Hi Matt

    1. I too was on Sole Power at the w/e – thank you”

    2. I, like my namesake above, refuse to use Paddy Power. Over a year ago I opened an a/c there and they demanded umpteen more documents than other bookies. Drove me nuts and I gave up. In January this year I decided to forgive them as they were offering a €50 free bet if certain conditions were fulfilled. I funded the account, only to be told that because I live in Sweden that bonus didn’t apply.

    Anyway, to those of you that are willing to trust them with your money, I wish you the best of luck. In fact, I hope you take the sorry bunch of t#€%&”s to the cleaners!!!

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stuart

      Well done with Sole Power. Saturday was a good day. 🙂

      Re PP experience, it does seem that for some overseas clients there is a bit of a problem. For instance, PP are not accepting bets from people whose accounts are domiciled in Spain. I have to say I’ve never had any issues with them, and it’s my experience that whichever bookie’s offer I chose to highlight someone out there would have had a bad experience. Such is life alas, though I’m sorry to hear of your problems with them. Maybe move away from Sweden? 😉


  8. Avatar
    Chris says:


    I think you’re being a bit unfair on Barcelona. I admit they were over the top against Real Madrid but I’ve watched them all season and that game was out of character. In fact Messi is a credit to the game as he rides many late tackles without going to ground and is often quickly up when fouled (often to take a quick free kick, followed by a quick 1-2 then he’s at you again).

    Is Rooney’s not the epitome of a diving whinger? Don’t forget they once had a certain Ronaldo and Nobby Stiles (joking).

    As Man U are no longer a strictly British club I shan’t fell unpatriotic in hoping Barca win – purely on aesthic grounds. They do play the game beuatifully, Real Madrid game excepted.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Fair enough Chris. I expect them to be diving and feigning injury and trying to get players sent off in the final as well. No amount of talent can justify that type of disrespect for fellow professionals.

      It’s not a purely Barca thing for sure, but I do get annoyed when that (significant, in the big games) element of their approach is conveniently glossed over.

      Eradicating this kind of crap is easy as well. You implement a rule in the Group phases of the competition, saying that players who simulate injury will retrospectively be sanctioned. In other words, if they cheat they’ll be suspended after the match. A couple of whinges and whines when it’s first implemented, and then they behave themselves.

      Similar approach for shirt pulling in the penalty area. Make it clear that penalties will be awarded, award them (in the Group games), and the problem goes away.

      Deal with these problems uefa, stop ignoring them and blighting the game with these petulant babies.

      Sorry Chris, you opened a can of worms there!


  9. Avatar
    Steve says:

    A great offer, and some great advice. I’ll probably dutch all the draws and Man U wins up to 3-3, as suggested.

    “That way, barring some biblical scoreline, you’re looking to collect or be refunded whatever happens.”

    As extra insurance, it is 40-1 on Man U scoring 4 goals or more – a small bet on that would cover the worst case scenario of 4-4 or Man U winning 4-3…

  10. Avatar
    Ged says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just like others, I also backed Sole Power on Saturday, thanks to your advice – Top Man! Another angle on the Paddy Power offer that no one seems to have mentioned, is if you fancy Barca to win in 90 Mins., as i do. Simply back all the correct score Barca win options within your 100 limit – you’ll collect on the winning score and be refunded on the others!

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good stuff Ged.

      The only downside there of course is if Barca fail to win, but you’re getting far better odds on them if they do win by playing this way, so sure, you Barca fans could get stuck in like that! 🙂


  11. Avatar
    Rick Ford says:

    This is a good offer although can be tricky as I feel Utd can win the game. Playing at Wembley in England must give Utd an advantage of some sort and a final is a final so anything can happen.

    I’ve taken the offer (and got a free £10 bet – want should i bet on with this?) and dutched the following:

    Stake £100.00 Man Utd v Barcelona

    Selection Decimal Odds Stake Amount Winnings
    1-1 6 £41.36 £248.18
    1-2 15 £16.55 £248.18
    2-2 15 £16.55 £248.18
    0-2 18 £13.79 £248.18
    1-3 36 £6.89 £248.18
    2-3 51 £4.87 £248.18

    * Profit Gain £ £148.18
    R.O.I 148.18%

    I’ve basically layed the 0-0, 0-1 and 3-3

    Cheers & Gd Luck

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good stuff Rick – you’re right, Man Utd can definitely win the game, but they’re 3/1 to do that in 90 minutes, so it’s a reasonable bet at 1/3 Barca win no bet.

      Interesting way to trade though. Looks like a 1-1 or 2-2 draw will reward a lot of people and, looking at the way PP have priced it up, and the line they’re taking, I’d say that’s what they expect to (or maybe 0-0 as well).


  12. Avatar
    westhamray says:

    i’ve taken man u to lift the trophy at 13/8 with 365. not the best odds but a free £50 in play best suits me as in play with football is my forte. The large swings in the market as games unfold suit the value bettor. i tend to bet often against the trend and whilst a short price can often be value( a previous derby winner winning recently at 7/4!.) i seem to find much better value betting in play football.

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