All By The Book System Review

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All By The Book System

 I was given a copy of All By The Book, which I accepted with some degree of trepidation.   Never being a great fan of dutching systems, All By The Book is one such system. It is supplied as a PDF document and the system revolves around dutching  a  low percentage book in races with seven or less runners.  Priced at £87 as a download document it is probably just about on the higher side of the average price for a system. 

All By The Book uses an odds comparison site ( or oddschecker) to find all races with seven or less runners. When the races are chosen,  if the book percentage price is less than 103% from the best bookmakers prices, then the prices are carefully looked at for the Best Odds  Guaranteed (BOG). Using either the supplied excel spread sheets or Arb Cruncher (free online sports betting calculator). All By The Book relies on the fact that some of the winning horses will drift in price giving a better profit with the loss limited to a maximum of 3%. 

The amounts to be placed on each selection are worked out. On the day of receiving the manual there were three races and this took about 30 minutes to choose the races, make the selections and finally to place the bets. In order to operate the system you will be required to have, or open, accounts with the bookmakers that offer best odds guaranteed BOG,  Betfair  and Betdaq. In total it will be necessary to have funds of 10-12 times the race wager for All By The Book  if using £10 bets funds of £100-£120 or if using £100/race then £1,000-£1,200 . Ideally you should place all the bets with the BOG bookmakers, but as the outsiders have very large prices on the exchanges compared with the bookmakers, prices should be taken with them. 

One point not raised by the e-book is that Bet365 also offer on televised and special races a 4/1+ offer. What this means is that if you choose a horse in the selected race and it wins then you are offered a free bet to the same value on the next race, this can be useful.(Only the first bet placed on the race applies). 

Over the review period All By The Book has been a little star, being a regular profit maker with very little risk using a maximum book of 103%.   To be honest, the figures for the trial are quite staggering: 

All By The Book Geegeez Trial Statistics


Races bet upon 211    
Overall Strike Rate: 65%    
Overall Profit: £1,051.44    
Profit per day £23.45    
Profit per race £4.98    
Longest Losing Run (Days): 2   (Twice)
Longest Winning Run (Days): 9   (Once)
Longest Losing Run (Races): 10   (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Races): 15   (Once)
Maximum Loss in one day: £6.64    
Maximum Gain in one day: £131.57    


In terms of peaks and troughs, there really were none.   If you had plotted a graph of the cumulative daily profit for All By The Book, it would be a steady upward trend.   There were only eight losing days throughout the trial with the most significant loss being around the £7 mark, more typically a day would lose only £2-£3. 

The main problem that most people will encounter with All By The Book is money management as it is essential that the bets are spread around the bookmakers so that no account have large winnings. As we know if accounts increase by winning large amounts the accounts may be closed. It should be possible to “lose” the winning back through the exchanges. It is also necessary to maintain balances with 10-12 bookmakers with approx £100 in each. These are small items to pay for such regular profits at very low risk. 

The system only works if BOG is available on all the bookmakers that you use. An increase in profit can also be maintained by only backing the outsiders on the exchanges. There have been several examples of 50/1 horse at 200-350/1 . One improvement that should be used is do not place bets on races that have a favourite below 1.5. 

On these results I have to give All By The Book a resounding thumbs up and a recommendation to include it in any betting portfolio that wants to make a profit. 

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