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Big Mike Betting

A site with gravitas - Big Mike Betting

The Big Mike Betting Site is a daily horse racing and sports betting service offered by a chartered accountant, Mike Marsland FCA. There are three membership options:

a. A one-off payment of £599, equivalent to £49 per month
b. A two month for one offer, paying £59 for first two months, and £69 per month thereafter.
c. A first month half-price membership of £29, followed by the regular £69 per month.

All these options carry Big Mike's 30-day full refund guarantee. (And when an accountant offers a 110% guarantee you know he's for real!)

Payment is via Moneybookers and all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

What does Big Mike offer you for this membership?

Big Mike Betting offers a daily email column, detailing all his bets and sports trades. The email also contains Big Mike's philosophy of betting which could be categorised as a gently cautious but inexorable accumulation of capital. Big Mike is, after all a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a promotion from a mere Member, and a prestigious title indeed all around the world, involving years of  study and practice.

As well as his bets and wisdom, you will have access to all the forums, tutorials, tools and resources; and you will need them, for Big Mike Betting is no ordinary tipping service. In fact, for beginner and expert, the site is a daunting experience at first. You will need all the help and advice provided by the forums and tutorials, because Big Mike has his own unique take on the various bets. All his bets carry names, relating to their structure...for example, the Dunlop is a £65 bet covering various combinations of two horses. (Dunlop 65 for all you golfers out there. No,  I didn't know either.) All the betting structures come with explicit instructions on how to place the bet. There is no ambiguity at all in the site, but don't expect Big Mike to be at your beck and call. Mike has two very able assistants to help you (me) through the masses of information. They are both named and approachable. In the following days I shall look at the bets specifically aimed at horse racing, but... as I said, Big Mike also has considerable experience in sports betting.

To sum up my initial thoughts, this is a site of considerable gravitas. Mike Marsland is unique in offering such an outstanding structure wherein the serious punter can profit.

A good place to start with the Big Mike Betting site is Wednesday March 2 2011. Why?

Because this is when Mike gives us his half-term report, as his ‘season’ runs from September 1 to August 31. His claims are backed up by an independent compiler, and Mike will send you the spreadsheets for the period, so that you can check his figures.I think it’s safe to assume that his figures are correct.

Here they are in each section: (to find out what Mike calls his bets, you’ll need to purchase the system…more on these later.)

Double Diamond +926
Dunlop +1397
Ali Baba +110
Buzzer +209
BMB +1732
Singles +132
Combos etc +429
Hughies +136
Bernie +1628
Rambo +1675
Ringmaster -22
Total Net Profit: +£8,352

Mike emphasises the fact that there is little of excitement here, if by excitement you mean a lucky 20-1 shot followed by a squandering of all the profit and more in the rest of the day’s racing. I do not, by the way, criticise that approach; we all need a bit of fun, and surely the act of finding that 20-1 shot is reward enough. No, Mike’s approach is a patient build up of finance, drawn largely from our friends, the bookies. The chatroom is always available to all, although its members are not interested in your queries about particular bets; nor should they be. The learning forum is available also, and that is where you find out about Mike’s talent to create a value bet for you. And don’t forget about Mike’s two able assistants!

Big Mike Betting System Review Performance

To document the final record of wins and losses for all the sections of Big Mike's betting portfolio for this review...June 8 2011, with thanks to Mike himself for his patience and good humour.

HUGHIES: +£164
BERNIES: +£1574
RAMBOS: +£176
DUNLOPS: +£1304
ALI BOND: -£356
BUZZERS: +£188
BHBs: +£1262
SINGLES: +£179
COMBOs etc. -£186
Total Net Profit: £4,891

I must say that dealing with this comprehensive and completely original site has been a revelation. Mike's openness to possible customers, his forum's friendliness, and the sheer amount of learning which has gone into this site are truly amazing. A punter who is prepared to work with the Big Mike Betting sections assiduously will make money. And all for £30 per month. Wonderful value! The only caveat I would make is that you will have to be at your computer to fully reap the rewards, so this site isn't totally suitable for daytime workers.

For some serious betting take a look at Big Mike Betting here...