May 2007: Racing Secrets [Exposed] Review

Its time to analyse Racing Secrets [Exposed], the product which has been generating the lay selections you've seen here over the last seven days.

Over the week, the final results were as follows:

Date Course Horse Odds Result P/L to £20 P/L
23-May Sedgefield Cannon Fire 1.5 2 £20 £20
23-May Ayr Fitzroy Crossing 0.8 7 £20 £40
24-May Goodwood Bicoastal 2.5 5 £20 £60
24-May Southwell Gold Flame 1.25 1 -£25 £35
25-May Stratford Ingratitude 0.91 2 £20 £55
25-May Pontefract Grand Fleet 0.91 3 £20 £75
26-May Newmarket Right To Play 2 1 -£40 £35
26-May Stratford Helvetio 3.5 9 £20 £55
27-May Newmarket Transcend 0.91 1 -£18 £37
28-May Redcar Lacework 1.25 1 -£25 £12
28-May Leicester Medieval Maiden 3 1 3 £20 £32
29-May Chepstow Penang Cinta 1.75 4 £20 £52
29-May Redcar Monteboli 1.75 3 £20 £72
Bets 13
Losers 9
Lose % 69.23
Av Odds 1.694615

As you can see, I managed to pick 13 horses (and one non-runner), and get nine of them beaten. Not bad, but people do better. However, when you consider that the average odds of selections was around 13/8, that's a lot of short ones turned over!

Indeed, the average odds of the winners (and therefore the ones where I would have paid out) was less still at lower than 11/8.

I have to say that I've been very impressed with these results, and will continue to lay one or two a day, based on the pretty straightforward rule based system expounded in Racing Secrets [Exposed].

The guide comes in pdf format (readable by all computers) and is 80 pages long. It has five sections, some of which may be of less interest if you're already an experienced punter.

Section 1 is quite brief and outlines the notions of overrounds and betting percentages, and the general principle of value.

In the next section, the author gives an overview of laying, which is worth a read even if you already strike this type of wager now.

Section 3 again is pretty brief and walks you through the Racing Post website, with specific focus on the elements which are of interest when trying to find losing horses. So, even if you know your way around the RP website, it's useful to note the specific data that will contribute to finding losers.

Then in section 4, which is the main guts of the guide, the rules for the system are outlined. Of course, I can't tell you what these are. But what I can say is that there is a series of five 'Primary' warning signs which might indicate that a horse is a false favourite.

Thereafter, there's a set of 'Secondary' warning signs, also useful but considered less influential than the first set. If I'm honest, when making my selections, I actually only used the 'primary' warnings, and yet still managed to come out well in front.

The warnings are (slightly) different for flat and jumps races, but are all framed around common sense.

Finally, in section 5, the author shares his own approach to maximising value. This is predicated on a degree of discipline in terms of not laying over a certain price, and there is loads more than just the price consideration in this closing piece.

Overall, I'm impressed with the guide. Because of the introductory sections, it can be picked up by a novice or an experienced punter within a few days. The sense of the warning system has been seen this week, when we've managed to get nine horses beaten, with the longest priced of them being a 7/2 shot that pulled up and a 3/1 favourite that finished last of 13!

One thing to note is that it does take a bit of time to find the best choice of selection: I reckon about half an hour on any day when you're looking for a serious lay or two.

But most people spend at least ten minutes scanning the racing pages anyway and - given the results - I'd consider it time well spent. For instance, two losing lays for £20 each makes £40 for half an hour's work. Not sure about you, but I'm happy to earn £80 an hour or more...

Importantly, as with any product I review, the guide comes with a full eight week guarantee. So you can paper trade for a good two months before actually risking a bean of cash, either with betfair or on the guide.

To read more about Racing Secrets [Exposed], and to get your copy, click on:

I'm laying another two today!