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Bookies, eh? There's not much to love about them really, is there? Generally speaking there is plenty wrong with the bookmaking industry in Britain right now, but probably the straightest bat - in the online village at least - is bet365.

Regular readers will know that I rarely promote bookmaker offers, let alone bookies per se. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Most of them are unfavourable to customers, in spite of apparently attractive sign up offers.
  2. Account restrictions mean you're often likely to get closed down within a handful of bets, even if just caught in some algorithmic crossfire.
  3. Aside from Tote Ireland, where geegeez gets a small percentage of turnover rather than profit, I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of getting paid from punters losing money - which is the typical bookie affiliate model
  4. With my HBF hat on, I'm keen to support Authorized Betting Partners, and not keen to support non-ABP's

So why am I writing a review of bet365?

For one reason in particular, which I'll come on to in a minute. But first, let me cover off my own points above.

  1. bet365 make a lot of customer-friendly offers - which are just that (e.g. their in-play free £50 football bet) - as well as one of the best signup offers of all the leading bookmakers
  2. bet365 are the least likely of the major bookmakers to restrict or close an account, according to an independent survey by the Secret Betting Club.



These findings largely mirror those of the Horseracing Bettors' Forum when we undertook a similar piece of work (to which you may have responded) earlier in the year. As you can see, half of all bet365 accounts are unrestricted. Whilst I know that still means half are restricted to at least some degree, punters at least have a (significantly) fairer crack of the whip with the Stoke-based firm.

3.  Because of bet365's excellent concessions - best odds guaranteed, Channel 4/1 free bet, in play free bets, etc - it is an affiliate account from which geegeez has generated as close to zero commission as doesn't matter, over the course of approaching ten years. [As you know, geegeez is a most transparent business, and I have no problem sharing information like this with readers]

4. bet365 are an Authorized Betting Partner, contributing a fair amount to racing's coffers in exchange for the right to take bets on the sport. (We won't get into the politics of them not having a retail estate - because everyone knows the bookies that do have shops are funded by FOBT's anyway. But, like I said, we'll not get into the politics of that...)

In other words, you have a better chance of getting on, and of winning, with bet365 than pretty much any firm.


So why am I writing a review of bet365 right now?

Because the best (in my opinion) just got better. You'll be familiar with the somewhat ubiquitous concept of Best Odds Guaranteed (or BOG for short). This is a concession whereby if the starting price on your winning bet is greater than the early price you took, you get paid at the bigger of the two.

For instance, you back a horse at 3/1 in the morning. At the off, it is returned 4/1, and it wins the race. Most bookies - including bet365 - would pay you out at 4/1, if you're entitled to the BOG concession.

bet365 were one of the first firms to introduce Best Odds Guaranteed. And, at the time, the traditional books shook their heads and said, "They'll cut their own throats, it can't possibly work". Now bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world, having stolen a march on their competitors, who continue to play catch up in a game in which they've ceded first run.

Your first 30 days for just £1

[As an aside, the 'traditional' bookmakers have a history of ignoring new players with big ideas, expecting them to go away. They ignored the spread firms, before trying to replicate their model - too late; they ignored the exchanges, before trying to have them shut down - too late; and they've ignored the ABP model, and are now whining about restricted advertising opportunities as a result.]

Let's cut to the chase...

bet365 have just begun offering Best Odds Guaranted Plus, or BOG+. What is BOG+?

Let's take our earlier example:

You back a horse at 3/1 in the morning. At the off, it is returned 4/1, and it wins the race. Most bookies will pay you out at 4/1, if you're entitled to the BOG concession. But bet 365 will now trump that and pay the next price UP from starting price. In this case, you'd get paid out at 9/2.

It sounds like a crazy concession, and if it was from a 'micky mouse' firm, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was a crazy concession.

But bet365 is a big fish in the bookmaking pond and it will have run the numbers on the implications of this offer to the nth degree. They know they will get an even larger share of horse racing betting revenues, and they're happy to take the risk involved.

They're a firm who do business in Australia, and they've seen the impact of the 'minimum liability' rules over there on turnover. Like all other bookies forced to adopt that rule, they've been pleasantly surprised at the upshots, even though they are obliged to accommodate consistent winners. They are taxed on turnover there, and perhaps they recognise that's how the game might go here in Britain too.

That's conjecture on my part, but at the very least, ignoring all politics, this is a standout offer for those who can avail of it.

If you already have a bet365 account, you're set fair and will get this as a matter of course, assuming you were still eligible for the BOG concession.

If you're not yet a bet365 account holder, I would strongly encourage you to put that right. Quite simply, you'll give yourself  a better chance of winning.

Oh, and if you're a bigger punter, note that BOG+ is available for your full stake, rather than capped at £200 like the only other (non-ABP) firm offering this concession. For those who might want to have £400 on a horse, that 3/1 to 9/2 example is worth an extra £600, and even an extra £200 against a BOG bookie.

Regardless of your stake, though, BOG+ will improve your bottom line, and you should be using it whenever bet365 are at least joint top price about your fancy.

What else should I know about bet365?

  1. Their customer service is very good, in my personal experience.
  2. They offer a range of further concessions, such as best price on all horses in terrestrial TV races; a risk free bet to the same stake in those TV races when you back a 4/1+ winner; a 100% deposit match on your first deposit between £10 and £200; free in play bet offers on footy; and so on.
  3. They are less likely than any other major bookie to close or restrict your account, as per the table above.


As I say, these days it is very rare for me to promote a bookmaker or bookmaker offer - with the exception of Tote Ireland, normally when they have a massive value rollover - but this is an exceptional offer from a bookmaker with whom I'm happy to work.

They work fairly with British racing, they give British (and Irish) punters a fair chance, and they are seriously innovative in their marketing and offers.

If you still don't have a bet365 account, now is the time to get one. Sign up here.


Your first 30 days for just £1
29 replies
    • Tony says:

      Excellent point Chris . I pay for my Cheltenham festival tickets using my rewards for racing points, almost exclusively generated by Bet365 business

  1. sawood says:

    Were you aware that Ladbrokes introduced this a few months back? I know its strange for them to be leaders!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi sawood,

      Yes, I was, and they’re the other bookie that I referenced in the review. But, for reasons also outlined, I’m not overly happy to give them a name check in spite of their – as you say – strangely out of character leadership!


  2. Chris Benson says:

    Matt, thanks for the alert. I have tended to use Ladbrokes (the other firm with a similar offer), when their price has been the same as B365, but the other major difference not highlighted by your note, is that B365 also honour the increased price in multiples, Ladbrokes do not. So back to B365 for me if the price with B365 on offer is equal or better than the other firm.

    I also endorse your comments about B365. The best in the market, with Ladbrokes and Hills behind them, but also willing to strike a decent bet.


  3. chrisiwyg2 says:

    I was restricted to a fiver over a year ago. In retrospect it was because I kept beating SP.

  4. michaelwh says:

    Sadly I have to say that all sounds wonderful,but in reality B365 restricted my bets down to pennies and removed all promotional offers.I wasnt even in profit with.Only behind Stan James in terms of ratings is my call.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Michael

      I knew I’d have comments from those who can’t get on with 365, and your experience is bound to be that they’re no good – because you can’t get on. However, as I hope I’ve demonstrated above, more *can* get on with 365 than any other major bookie, and that – I think – is to be applauded.


    • John Laing says:

      I’m with michaelwh on this one. Exactly the same problem I find them the worst bookie I have used. That said I do still get some bets on, not like Boylesport and Racebets who have both closed my account. I also don’t get BOG from a number of bookies.Just this morning I tried to put on a heap of 5p doubles. Up comes message “Minimum Stake 10p”. Nae problem I change it to 10p doubles. Up comes message “Stake to high”. Can anyone explain that reasoning.

  5. ban894 says:

    I wonder how many of those restricted accounts are matched bettors and arbers?

    Might be too late for some but the quickest way to alert the bookies instantly that you may be a matched bettor/arber is the switch to decimal odds, my advice would be stick to fractional odds and if you need to have an odds converter open on another tab.

    Probably rubbish but the only accounts I have that are restricted are Stan James and Betbright, and they are the only ones I was using decimal odds.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s an interesting point, Jim. No idea if it has legs, but I like your thinking!


  6. Lucky says:

    Matt, I agree entirely with your positive assessment of Bet365. They are by far the best and fairest of the online bookies. Unfortunately they don’t allow customers to use their online site whilst in Portugal, like many of their competitors. I don’t know the reasons for this ban, but they could steal a march on their rivals by negotiating a deal. I’m forced to use SkyBet this week and it’s dreadful !

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lucky

      It’ll be due to Portugal’s gambling legislation, which I don’t think is easy to get round. Not sure why skybet can still do business there, though…


      • Lucky says:

        I don’t know how SkyBet can still do it either, but I’m glad they can ! I can even watch the ATR races live but not the RUK ones.
        Worth remembering if you holiday here.

  7. Steve Wood says:

    Myself, my brother and my dad have all just been restricted by Bet365 within a week! My dad has only been a customer for a month! Biggest bet we can now get on is a paltry £9!! Try not to do too many of their offers or you’re account will be flagged.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Steve

      There’s a good chance your accounts are flagged *because* you’re all trying to make the same bets, or take similar offers. Point 5 in the terms I especially mentioned above ‘sort of’ relaates to this…


      • Steve Wood says:

        So you are saying they are penalising people for taking advantage of their offers, we were’nt even making any money out of it. The problem is they don’t like it up em, if they think anybody is trying to take advantage they take action.

  8. Manyanga says:

    Very very pleased to see B365 getting the credit I think they deserve. I even hesitate to take up their offers these days in case I offend them! They are one of only two BOG bookies that I can still wager through, and I have been with them for more than ten years. I am almost embarrassed to be gifted a £5 bonus every few weeks. I have a positive balance of over £6000 that I am afraid to withdraw in case I rock the boat. This is the state of mind I have been reduced to by the mainstream bookies…..

    Latest was PaddyPower which first restricted me and then last week, without me taking any action, withdrew my full balance into my bank account. I am surprised they can even do this. What galls me is that there is rarely an email of explanation. I heard nothing from PP. Others just restrict the bettor to ludicrous amounts…. only pence for me on BetFred now. I don’t arbitrage and I rarely bet more than a £15 stake. Sadly I do look for good prices……. and I don’t play slots. My fingers are crossed for more firms setting up like Black Type, which has offered decent odds on the horses recently and promises not to close accounts. I hope bettors support these firms, even if they are not offering BOG.

  9. Roddo says:

    I have to agree with Michaelwh. Restricted to 32 p on singles and 16p on multiples over two years ago. To add insult to injuries they actually told me i could have what i wanted on games of chance(roulette,mickey mouse racing etc)
    Of course my opinion of them is because of the treatment i have received.Why shouldnt it be. I also think the same about Boyles and Stan James. I believe the best is Bet Victor because they have honoured every bet i have struck. I do admit that when i could get a decent bet on with 365 they did give the odd fiver and there terms etc were very good. Beware though they might have you in their sights and close you down or restrict you to pennies especially if you regularly beat s.p.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Roddo

      Everyone’s opinion of bookmakers is based on their experiences, so fair enough. But as I’ve been at pains to labour, 365 close/restrict less than most – significantly less than many. If you’re one who has been restricted that’s the coldest of comfort, but I have a duty to share what I believe is good information with those who are able to avail of it.

      Hope that makes sense – and sounds fair.


      p.s. If I’d written a Victor review, there would have been more comments in the manner of yours above. No bookie is immune, 365 are simply the best of a largely bad bunch.

  10. Harchibald says:

    Good post Matt. I’m with all the major firms and currently using Betdaq, but your piece has me thinking. I may give them a try again. Their video replays are good also, especially for form study. Cheers.

  11. Topspur says:

    My options, betting out of Canada, are limited. I currently have B365, WH, and Sportingbet accounts but to echo Manyanga, I certainly treat my B365 account delicately. I bet the last jumps season aggressively, and despite some nice hits, thankfully have had not interference from them. In addition to the things mentioned already here, they also have an excellent User Interface, both web and mobile.

  12. Johnson says:

    My daughter had her account restricted within a month, and the only reason I can think it could be, is that she did their £50 in play offer – once. Either that, or withdrawing her winnings. I am reduced to behaving like Manyanga above; I hardly dare bet with Bet365 or do their offers, for fear of drawing attention to myself. I don’t arb. I also open my email with trepidation these days, expecting the worst at any time. How did online betting get to this anxiety-ridden state? I hope Blacktype prove to be true to their word, and also that they will start a new trend in restoring our betting confidence. Betting is definitely not so much fun these days.

  13. Brian Armstrong says:

    Bet365 restricted me and won’t let me use the £50 in play offer but a back-handed compliment is that, of all the bookies who have restricted me, their restrictions are the least severe and it is still worthwhile for me to use them as I can still get BOG & the new BOG+ and they do let me win up to £50 on many bets on a Saturday.

  14. galexmac says:

    Bet365 were the first bookmaker to close an account for me, and that was about 10 years ago. I have tried 2 or 3 times since to open a new account and have always either been refused, or had the new account closed in literally minutes.

    In my opinion, they are no different from any of the other so-called bookmakers in this country: Rule 1: – Thou shalt not win. Rule 2: – See Rule 1

  15. ttrevado says:

    Used 365 since the internet came along never had a problem get my £5 bonus a few times a year,as for other a/c I use never had a problem with any.

  16. Steven Oliver says:

    A point I have gleaned after reading hundreds of testimonies over the past six months is this. I’m not sure if it matters how far in front or behind you are, or how big or small your stakes are, however, if you are consistently taking value from the bookmaker, you will have your account restricted/closed. This is clearly at odds with what we are all trying to achieve, and although there are ways around this, surely we shouldn’t have to resort to such depths, just to get a decent wager on.

    The hope is, that the work Matt and co are doing at the HBF finally gets some kind of breakthrough. Fingers crossed 🙂


  17. Twospoons says:

    Lucky, download an app called Tunnel Bear and it allows you to access UK sites via VPN. It initially gives you about 500MB of downloads, but tops them up every month. I used it in Canada recently to access betfair and it worked a treat.

  18. Chris Worrall says:

    It’s obviously hit and miss, isn’t it?

    The majority (70%-ish) of my bets are with Bet365, I make profit pretty much every month and they give me a bonus virtually every other week and I get the £50 football free bet too. So I’m not sure what the methodology is.

    I do use Ghostery to stop any site trackers etc, whether that helps me or not, I’m not sure.

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