Bet Catalyst Day 26 Update

Day 26 Results – 30th March 2010

There were no selections advised today.

Accumulated (Profit) = £110.00

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    Ronnie Nicolson says:

    We have a selection today..the 31st..[horse name removed] in the 3-10 at Hereford..would you back this horse??

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ronnie

      By now, I think you know the nature of the service, which is to delve into the archives of horses’ form to identify those who are capable of running back to somewhere near their best in the day’s conditions, whatever they may be.

      As such, you either accept that and back the selections as presented to you, or you don’t. This is not specific to Bet Catalyst but rather is generic to all services.

      You know these guys find occasional big winners that pay for a lot of losers – the service is not speculative, but it will have long losing runs. Your bank, and your betting psychology, needs to be set up to handle that.

      I know you quite well from numerous email exchanges over the years now, and I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!


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    Doug Ockwell says:

    I’d just like to say that the Bet Catalyst is, in my opinion, an excellent long term tipping service.

    Of course there will be long losing runs but these will hopefully be paid for by the odd gem like Pigeon Island.

    Keep tipping them up

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    Neil Dawkins says:

    was on the site looking at the Irish Grand National stuff happy to Matt likes Alpha Ridge, backed that one at 20’s earlier in the week.

    Then saw the link to Betcatalst in the recent post column.
    I have been with them for about 6 months, and can honestly say I am over £5K up. They do have a few losing runs of a week or so as Matt says.
    But they offer the chance for real big money.
    I find them the best service I have subscribed to, but I always back bigger priced horses, so I guess its a matter of what your own betting philosphy is, for me big priced winners, accepting there will be a few losers on the way.

    Good luck anyway Neil

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    Eddy says:


    This is the only tipping service that has made me money every month for the last four months. Amazingly it is by far the cheapest service out there. As Doug said there are long losing runs because the horses backed are normally at hugh odds, but when they hit they hit big.

    Well done Richard.

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    Rosie says:

    I subscribed to Betcatalyst a few months ago and am very happy with the service as it is easily more profitable than other services I’ve tried in the past.
    Of course there are some losing runs but these are outweighed by winners at big prices making profits overall

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    David says:

    I can’t speak highly enough of bet catalyst, I’m still on a high from Pigeon Island winning to be honest, walking out of Cheltenham with almost £2k in my back pocket was a special moment! Of course there will be losing runs, Richard goes for 40-1 shots and higher at times, but if you have your bank set right, and can cope with the losing runs, this service is the best out there in my opinion.

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    Doris says:

    Can I just type anything and it will get printed…oh wow it has. So, I could actually be promoting my own website and make up comments as I go along and if I just type a different name every 35 minutes or so then nobody will guess that it was just me typing. I would obviously need to change the way/style I type and maybe add an explanation point or two to the style of my writing. Doris

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Now don’t be daft, Doris. I can tell you that two things have happened:

      1. The owner of the service, Richard, asked subscribers if they’d be happy to place a testimonial on this page
      2. All comments have come from different IP addresses, meaning they’re all from unique contributors

      Whilst I don’t condone directly such flagrant self-promotion (unless of course it’s me, as it’s my blog!), I can confirm that these are indeed all genuine and legitimate testimonials for an unusual service: unusual in that a) it backs very long priced horses with commensurate losing runs, and b) it makes a profit.

      Hope that helps,

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    Gordon Robert Doig says:

    I have been a member of Betcatalyst for about six months and I am very happy with the service provided as well as the tips. Never before have I backed a 40/1 winner at Cheltenhan whilst I was actually there. Yes we have long losing runs, but that is the nature of the service and must be accepted, but I am well in profit. If I wanted to back horses at odds-on there are plenty of those kind of services that are out there and not profitable.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Mark says:

    I have been a member now for a couple of months- and also in a former life was actually Richard (and his colleagues) boss! I know how these guys worked as horse racing betting managers, and how they work as individuals… great integrity and honesty!

    as for the Betcatalyst service – well i dont have time to spend poring over the RP etc., and so when i subscribed I guess i was a little ‘sceptical’ but…you stick with them and they get results.

    Like a couple of other posters, i backed Pigeon Island at Cheltenham – got on early at 40-1 and was delighted to get the result from my girlfriend (who was at Cheltenham) as I sat in airport in Italy…she also backed it on the tote at more humble odds of around 26-1

    I’m very well in profit and instead of looking at the losing streaks I just plug away on each bet and look at the overall balance

    It’s a great service, and i highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tipping service which does deliver – yes its sometimes on longshots – and yes they do have losing streaks – but overall it shows consistent profits and thats all i care about.

    Good luck to all who use the service


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    Bill Waite says:

    I’ve been with Richards service from not long after its start-up and well satisfied with its returns. If you want each way bets on Odds -Favs forget Bet Catalyst but, if like me,you like smallish stakes on big priced horses this is the service for you.

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    Ronnie Nicolson says:

    Apologies for including the name of the horse..careless.
    It did come last ..pulled up..I inadvertantly backed it to small stakes on betfair by placing win and place bets that I did not imagine would match but they did!
    Anyway it is only fair to say that since i have been a subscriber the service is showing a profit thanks to pigeon island and its good to hear other opinions..what a blog is for.

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    Mark Smith says:

    Very impressed with value provided by the selections; proper analysis and good insights…
    Excellent work…

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