Bet Catalyst – Final Review


Bet Catalyst is a team of three people who advise bets on a number of sports, however their main focus is horse racing and that was our only focus during the period of the review. The cost of the annual Service is normally £180 per year but there is currently a special offer for Geegeez readers of £130 per year (click on the link if you have not already availed of this offer). Other subscription types are also available e.g. monthly.

As a paid up member of Bet Catalyst you will receive both their Racing Service (Premium bets, Ante-post advices & various publications) and Sports Service (covers a wide range of sports). All bets are sent by daily email by no later than 11.30am.

Service Claims

The service has been in operation since September 2009.  At the time we commenced our review (5th March 2010) the Service was showing a profit of  £4291.19 (to recommended stakes and prices).

Review Results

Single Selections Advised = 29

Winning Single Selections = 1 (16/1 at SP but advised at 40/1).

Placed (for specified E/W bets) = 3

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Losing Single Selections = 25

Doubles & Trebles = 10

Strike Rate = 3.45% (Single bets only)

Total Staked = £2,250.00

Return = £1,962.75 (to SP and not the advised prices).

Overall Profit/Loss = - £287.25 (to SP and not the advised prices).


Whilst the Service, during the period of the review, did not have a high strike rate I personally don't believe that this is a relevant basis for judging this particular Service. Unlike other Services I have experienced you are not bombarded with a succession of low priced horses with no explanation. However, what you do receive are good priced selections with a detailed explanation of why that particular selection has been recommended. The Service is now showing a profit of £5,718.69 (to recommended stakes and prices) which is an increase of £1,400+ profit during the period of our review.

All results are publicly available for review on the Bet Catalyst website and you do not need to be a paying member to see them. The service has clearly experienced a lot more losing days than winning days but when the selections do win and/or place then the returns are quite handsome. During the review the lowest priced selection was 6/1 at SP whilst the highest priced was 100/1 at SP.

Personally this is a Service I would happily recommend and use.

Happy punting


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3 replies
  1. jason says:

    How did you make a loss during the period, whilst the website published a gain of over £1400 over the same period?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jason

      The trial was reported to SP, as opposed to advised prices, which were readily available with several (generally, or at least one always) major bookmakers.

      The major winner, Pigeon Island, was advised at 40/1 and returned 16/1.

      Hope that clarifies.


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