Bet Catalyst Preview

Bet Catalyst is a team of three people who advise bets on many different sports, however I am only going to be looking at the horse racing side. The cost is £21.99 a month, and during my trial I hope to find out if this is value.

The service that I am trialling is their premium bet service, which is between 0 and 5 tips a day. The tips are sent by email and normally arrive between 11am and midday each day. These bets are given with a clear stake and odds available and at which bookmaker the odds were available. Underneath each tip are 3, 4 or 5 reasons as to why they believe this horse is worth a bet. These are normally very accurate and gives you a sense of understanding as to why the tip was given.

Their current results are from the 9th September 2009 and to date they are over £4300 in profit which is a fantastic return for bets ranging between £20 and £80.

I will be reviewing their tips for the next few weeks and giving a day by day update of the service. I will also be contacting their customer support and making a note of their speed of response and how helpful their replies are.


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