Win £240 with bet365 and geegeez

Win £240 with bet365 and geegeez

We're a couple of days into the new year, and so what better time to have a crack at the tipping league competition, sponsored by bet365?

bet365's kind support means that there are £240 worth of free bets up for grabs this month. The winner - that is, the player who makes the most profit in January - will receive £120 in free bet vouchers to wager as he/she sees fit.

Second place will also get a nice free bet war chest, with £80 inside it. And the bronze medallist will receive £40 in betting vouchers. Nice!

Plus, as well as the punting coupons, there's also the immeasurable kudos of being geegeez' top tipster. 😉

There are a few simple rules, as follows:

You may pick as many horses as you wish each day. However, staking is restricted to 50 points per race, and 100 points per day in total. Horses can be backed to win or each way.

The monthly game runs from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month, and is open to registered users with a bet365 account, who bet a combined total of £20 with bet365 in the first three weeks of the month. The game is free to play, and players can win a share of £240 in free bets.

1 Players get a monthly bank of 1000 points, and can bet up to 100 points each day (Win or EW)

2 Players must place at least 20 tips over the whole month to be eligible for a prize

Your first 30 days for just £1

3 Races close for selections at the advertised off time

4 Winning bets are settled at starting price & scores updated during the afternoon/evening

5 £240 in bet365 free bets to be won each month: £120 for 1st place, £80 for 2nd, and £40 for 3rd

6 In the event of any dispute,'s decision is final

7 In the event of a tie, winner will be the player who picked the most winners. If still equal, the prize will be shared.

8 Scores are cleared down at the end of each month, though history can still be tracked in the Quarter, Half Year, Year, and Overall league tabs.

All players are permitted just one Geegeez Tipping League account, any duplicate accounts will be closed.


Make sense? OK, good.

Right on 350 of you have played the tipping league at some point in the last few months, but only 48 so far in January. So come on and join us for what will be a lot of fun, and with a good prospect of copping some betting chips to boot.

Most of you already have a bet365 account, because - as you know - they do offer some rather excellent concessions and bonuses (Best Odds Guaranteed, free bet on next race, loyalty bonuses, extra place concessions).

And, if you don't currently have an account with them, you'll also get a whacking great £200 in free bets when you register (remember to check the T's and C's).



The Tipping League is accessible from the 'Tip League' link in the main menu, or from here. Or, and this is the most sensible way of doing it in my opinion, click the 'Tip' link in the Geegeez Racecards once you've found the horse you fancy.

Easiest way to tip your fancy in the geegeez tipping league...

Easiest way to tip your fancy in the geegeez tipping league...

I'll also be throwing in a bonus or two for players in the top five, so get tipping!

Here's the tipping league link again.


p.s. the result of December's competition, for those players with the minimum 20 qualifying bets, was as follows:
1st - alfieboy - profit of 1036.25 units (82.9% ROI)
2nd - tipking141 - profit of 580.66 units (27.13% ROI)
3rd - snitter - profit of 572.5 units (52.05% ROI)

6 replies
  1. graziano
    graziano says:

    Hi Matt, Just looking at the results for December,s tipping league, and the first 3 winners all at some point did not tip for at least seven days or more,please correct me if I read the rules wrong but they do state that you must bet at least 210 pts weekly. which they did not. confused… Many thanks Gary.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gary

      You didn’t misread the rules, but this became very difficult to administrate so I’ve ignored it now. It does also say that in the event of a dispute the judge’s decision is final. This rule has now been removed.


      • Gary Ramplee
        Gary Ramplee says:

        Thanks Matt, that clears that up then except I feel sorry for the next three in line who did abide by Decembers rules, but as you have stated , judges decision is final, no comeback. let hope the rules are not changed again for January’s comp. Best, Gary.

        • Matt Bisogno
          Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Gary

          I’ve already sent something to samspade, who would have won with the old rules, so no need for sympathies. 😉


  2. simonr
    simonr says:

    Hi Matt,
    All started well for my entry into this months tipping league, but have not been able to enter
    my selections for the last couple of days, or look up cards or overall position….am I doing
    somthing wrong?
    Regards Simon

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Simon,

      Alas, you’re not doing anything wrong. We have a problem with the tipping league affecting all users. It will not be fixed until at least Sunday, but I VERY MUCH hope to have everything up and running for a special Cheltenham competition next week.


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