Betfair Blueprint Review

betfairblueprintAnother week, another system, dear reader, and such is the nature of the ever-turning merry-go-round that spins through our inbox with unerring consistency.

This system is marketed by Kris Jackman's BetterBet Publishing. I like Kris' systems as I think they involve a level of common sense that is missing in a majority of offerings. That's why his Racing Secrets [Exposed] is recommended by me, and why it's one of the top-selling systems of recent times.

I also have a lot of respect for Kris as a marketer - he knows his stuff and he does very well.

But... I am not a fan of Betfair Blueprint. The first thing to say is that this is not authored by Kris himself. Rather, he is promoting it on behalf of someone else. Nothing wrong with that. It's something I've done in the past with David Peat of Horse Profiles fame.

Moreover, the system angle does have merit. It's a backing system that looks to support certain horses in the place market.

So why my reticence towards Betfair Blueprint? Well, the main reason is that I'm not able to back test it due to the convalution of the criteria (they're not difficult to understand or implement, but they are difficult to feed into a historical database).

This in itself would be fine if I could trial it for a period of time before recommending it - or at least for a few days!

But there is apparently a 36 hour curfew, beyond which Betfair Blueprint will purportedly be pulled from the market.

Such a small window doesn't afford any kind of real time testing at all, and so I have to pass on it on this point alone.

However, I also have a couple of more deep-seated reservations:

1. two of the rules will have an inconsistent effect on horses in different races. Without giving the game away, race distance is a variable and not an absolute; and, dividing race going into halves is too arbitrary to be meaningful.

2. the system requires backing horses at pretty short prices (always odds on). Whilst losers will be fairly rare, they will be expensive and - over time - probably erode one's bank. Indeed, it's this point that specifically mandates that the system needs a good trial period before a verdict can be arrived at.

So I'll be giving the Betfair Blueprint the swerve. (Actually, I have already bought it - as I always buy products - so I could review it for you in an unbiased fashion, as I always do). I won't be refunding on it, because I can't say it doesn't work. Rather, I don't have the time to verify it and offer an opinion before the door will be closing (allegedly).

Your first 30 days for just £1


Talking of closing doors, and the Betfair Renegade continues to fly in the face of 'sold out' threats, and remain available for purchase. Although this is common enough practice, I'm not a fan of it. If you say you're limiting something, you should limit it.

My last product, Horse Racing Experts, sold out in 23 hours! In fact, I sold 370 when I only had 300 available, and I had to refund people. When I say something's limited, I mean it. And I think those who don't honour such promises are disrespectful to the system buying public (i.e. me and you).

Be that as it may, I am certainly not one to cut off my sizeable conk to spite my already sufficiently blighted face. If a system has merit, and I can potentially make money from it, then whatever reservations I have about the marketing tactics (the sales page for Renegade is truly a shocker!) are secondary.

Renegade was in front to the tune of ten and a bit points when I reported yesterday, and there was a lot of action today.

So how has that affected the bottom line? Actually, not a lot. Just over half a point up on the day at Betfair SP and with commissions accounted for.

3 £9.50 £102.30
4 £9.50 £111.80
5 £9.50 £121.30
9 £9.50 £130.80
1 -£24.20 £106.60
5 £9.50 £116.10
2 £9.50 £125.60
3 £9.50 £135.10
1 -£36.30 £98.80
5 £9.50 £108.30

There are two more possible selections due to run at Kempton tonight.

You can take a look at Betfair Renegade here…


To supplement the current Renegade trial, I've also managed to acquire access to another service that has been progressing nicely - at least according to the website, Winning Selections.

The premise here is dead simple: one email a day containing one sporting selection. It might be a horse, or a football team, or a snooker player, or whatever.

You'll always be able to find a price on the event being quoted, either with your local bookie or with Betfair.

It's past history is good, as you can see from the website here.

How it fares under the Geegeez microscope remains to be seen...

Today's selection was Riguez Dancer in the 2.20 Hexham, and it finished 2nd at 9/2.

More on this tomorrow...

Happy punting.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Vic

      Steady with the ‘shame on you’ line, please!

      I clearly state:

      “So why my reticence towards Betfair Blueprint? Well, the main reason is that I’m not able to back test it due to the convalution of the criteria (they’re not difficult to understand or implement, but they are difficult to feed into a historical database).
      This in itself would be fine if I could trial it for a period of time before recommending it – or at least for a few days!
      But there is apparently a 36 hour curfew, beyond which Betfair Blueprint will purportedly be pulled from the market.
      Such a small window doesn’t afford any kind of real time testing at all, and so I have to pass on it on this point alone.”

      I then go on to list two further points (in fact, three in two parts), based on the system rules.

      On the contrary, I think it’s entirely fair. And I’m proud, not ashamed, of bringing these reservations to the wider betting public.

      It might be churlish of me to say shame on you for not fully reading my blog, but I’ll say it anyway (albeit with tongue in cheek). 😉


  1. Nick says:

    Don’t think it’s unfair. Unfair is to sell a system with limited time to test and no proof of results.

  2. Lars says:

    Hi Matt.
    I agree on when you say you close the doors you should.
    BUT… renegade seems to me that it holds what promised.
    I have paper tested it since the 3rd with a 100 lay an so far I would have made 2864, still missing the 7:20 race at kempton for today. But unlike you I have only 4 selections today according to how I understand the fairly simple rules…. I you like I can mail my selections i spreedsheet so we can compare…
    I have tested luckyseven as well but that really sucks…. And like Meat Loaf sings I Want My Money Back!!!! haha

  3. StuB says:

    I have been using Winning Selections for the last couple of months and I find it to be one of the very very few services that consistantly has winners. So it gets the thumbs up from me.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stu – long time no hear. Appreciate the comment. Very much looking forward to this one.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Matt

    I’m also testing Betfair Renegade, I seem to have fewer selections than you for today, also I only have one that has gone on to win – and one selection to go at Kempton tonight. If that one obliges, it would have been a good day for my test.

    As for Betfair Blueprint you are justified in your approach, I have been bombarded with it today – I have pressed a lot of unsubscribe buttons!
    I enjoy your site, it’s honest and good hearted.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Mark – I know from my mailbox that there are various inferences of the rules, which I thought were pretty straightforward!

      If you want to email your results spreadie to, I’ll take a look at the differences.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lars

      I’ve emailed you separately about this, so we can compare notes.


  5. BB says:

    The Winning Selections results on its website are correct. Ive been with it for over 3 months and results are consistent and have yielded 16% ROI to date.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks BB – I’ve had that confirmed from a couple of other sources too. It’s very heartening as we move into a trial.


  6. Dave says:

    Not sure I agree with comments on Winning Selections. I received the free trial and paper traded it for the duration (about 5 weeks). It made just over 2 points during the period though the first 2 weeks lost 12 pts followed by steady improvement for the rest of the trial. I was concerned that the owner’s recently sold review site almost immediately gave it a 5 star review. Others may have had different trial perods with different results but there was not enough in this to buy it.

  7. Tony Clarke says:

    Hi Matt,
    For a long time now, I have understood Kris Jackman to be in cahoots with the Rochdale Road Gang, & to be avoided at all costs. (As an ex-pat Mancunian, I know their addresses are not too far from each other, although that in itself is not conclusive proof of guilt.) So, from what you know of him, is he kosher or not ?


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I don’t know about that Tony – can’t say you’re right or wrong.

      What I try to do is separate the system from the surrounding ‘stuff’. If a system has merit, I’ll say so.

      That said, for those who appreciate good customer service (as I do), then the system in or of itself may not be enough to influence a buying decision. All entirely reasonable.

      As with Iain above, in all of my dealings with Kris, I’ve found him to be upstanding and reliable. His own systems are very good in my opinion. The recent Blueprint is not his… but is marketed by him.


  8. Ronnie Nicolson says:

    I find your reviews helpful and fair and given the hype surrounding these weekly offerings quite important.
    Winning Selections in my experience is well worth a close look though I am not a current subscriber.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Ronnie – helpful and fair is exactly what I try to make them. 🙂


  9. Dave says:

    Hi Matt

    Just a word of caution regarding Winning Selections I was offered a months free trail with the Winning Selections, which I gladly accepted. The trail commenced on Thursday 8th October 2009 and concluded on Monday 30th November 2009 and the best comment I could make about the service is it is very pedestrian.

    In the test period there were 83 selections, of which there were 34 winning selections with one none runner and one abandonment leaving a grand total of -0.06 points.

    As I said earlier very pedestrian, I feel that this was a long enough period to give the service a fair test. I also question the points profit claims on there website during this test period.

    The service is run by Ian Lewington and I have read some very interesting things about him on the internet…!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Dave – funnily enough, I’ve had two unsolicited emails from users saying it’s been doing very well.

      One thing all are agreed on is that the results on the website are accurate. So… we’ll undertake the trial and see what happens.

      Regarding Iain Lewington’s internet profile, he does have critics for sure. I’ve dealt with him on a number of occasions, and have found him to be straightforward. I know he sold bettingsystemreviews to focus solely on this service, so he’s certainly committed to it.


  10. craig robbo says:

    hi matt as any body heard of richard arlington or jeff laughton meant 2 be good tipsters but hit n miss any views???

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Not heard of those Craig, I’m afraid. I wonder if any readers have?


  11. Vic Griffiths says:

    Matt i did read it fully twice.

    But your telling me as a system buyer not to buy it because the Author has made it impossible to backtest?

    And also it is not recommended because theres not enough time to test it?

    Think back about 6 – 8 weeks how would your service that you closed quite quickly for sales be tested by other authority blogs? It couldnt because you sold it out very quickly. Same applies for the product you sold before that. Pot calling the kettle black in my opinion sir.

    I didnt expect this from you of all the people i rely on for good information.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Vic, you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself here, my friend.

      My ‘system’, that sold out in 23 hours, was not a betting system. Rather, it was training materials (DVD’s) to help people research their own betting systems.

      Moreover, the 20 angles report that came with it used information that was fully verifiable from five years of historical data.

      I do hope that you’ll continue to rely on me for good information.


  12. Brian says:

    Hi Matt

    Maybe with a bit of tweaking of the rules that you have reservations about (there’s nothing to say you have to stick to them rigidly) and not backing at ridiculously low odds (say less than 1.2) it might have mileage? Also, if you buy on Clickbank you have 60 days to get your money back and, judging by the sales blurb, there should be a fair few selections in that time. Surprised you’re much more negative about this than Renegade. Not sexist I hope!


    PS: I think you’re playing a great part in Waterloo Road!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Brian

      You’re certainly right about both tweaking and tracking in the 60 day window. I didn’t say the system was no good; rather, I said I couldn’t recommend it in the circumstances, and I had reservations about a couple of the parameters. But yes, people could buy and play with it themselves.

      The reason for my preference for Renegade is that I’ve been able to a) check it against historical data, and b) track it in real time – I’ve not been able to do either of those things with Blueprint.

      Certainly, certainly, CERTAINLY not sexist!


      p.s. Being in the States, I’m not sure what the Waterloo Road reference is about. I’m more used to be compared with Peter Barlow from Coronation St!

  13. Dave says:

    Two Daves making similar comments about Winning Selections, how confusing. Our results were slightly different for the same period – I guess the methodology was different. For completeness, I used BSP for horse races and available Betfair price when I processed selections for other sports.

    PS I’m the 1st Dave, I need a new online name

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m now officially confused Dave(1) !

      But thanks for the clarification of how you arrived at your results – it all seems legit and above board, so we’ll start tracking tomorrow.


  14. Brian says:

    Sorry Matt but your Experts dvds reminded me of Max Tyler, the Executive Head, in the programme (he also played Sam Strachan in holby city). I must emphasise that i don’t have HD!
    If you don’t watch the programme you don’t know what you’re missing!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Bless you Brian. I just googled it, and he’s a good bit more handsome than I am!


  15. Paul says:

    Sorry to barge in on an otherwise excellent article and discussion, but now you mention it…

    You DO look a bit like Peter Barlow from Coronation Street!


  16. donkers says:

    I am with Matt on this. It’s impossible to give a review of a product in a few days and pointless if it is going off sale (allegedly) within a few days.

    There is still a huge misunderstanding prevalent amongst people who pay for these products, between systems and methods. A system is set in stone. Everyone must get the same selections. A method is the tinkering about of so called ‘parameters’ leading to different people making different bets. If a system is price dependent then fair enough, but it can only ever be measured by Sp.How can it be possible to say whether the product is worth the money under such circumstances?

    And if it can’t stand up on its merits and needs to be developed by the purchaser it, its like being sold a bicycle and trying to use the components to make a car. Why not just buy a car?

    If people buy something like Betfair Bliueprint it either works or it doesn’t. Having reservations and ‘tweaking’ the rules means that you’re no longer using the ‘blueprint’ but a smudged carbon paper!! Just from the hints Matt gives about the ‘system’ it sounds like utter nonsenese…. ‘two of the rules will have an inconsistent effect on horses in different races’. And the idea of a race of two halves is not something that makes any sense at all.

    That in itself is enough to make me not want to tweak the rules, but tweak the nose of the person who devised such a mushy mess and then had the nerve to market it as a proven system!

  17. John says:

    F A O Craig Robbo, Jeff laughton Was a crook, Issssssssssssss a crook and will always be a crook!!!!! Ive had dealings with him in the past, Believe me AVOID.

  18. Vic Griffiths says:

    Mat i apppreciate what your saying

    still HRE IS a product that didnt have enough time to be reviewed and the same went for FRP… short memory.

    I’ll continue to read here and recommend here if you stop playing the goody two shoes every week whilst snidly implanting your clickbank link in the reports for those on your list that still cant resist buying.

    You cant wear the same shoe on both feet sir.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Vic, come on! Everybody knows this is my business, and that I put affiliate links in products I recommend.
      The vast majority have no problem with that, because I’d never take advantage of it. Geegeez is a ‘goody two shoes’ spot – a sort of safe haven – where people can come for my opinions.

      Note that my opinions are just that. I’m human, and I make mistakes (quite often sometimes, especially according to Mrs Matt!).

      But I’ve never pretended anything other than to take a cut from sales of products I recommend. I hope you think that’s fair and reasonable.


      p.s. I’ll be adding a page to the blog which explicitly states this, principally because it still irks me when people think its immoral that I receive affiliate commissions (not you Vic, I hasten to add). The links are NEVER snidely placed, they are blatantly placed!

  19. Lars says:

    Really bad day for the renegade system…. 11 selections but 4 number ones with high odds…

  20. jonka says:

    Hi Craig I received aletter drop from R.arlington offering a free trial I accepted Ihave received one piece of advice on26/11/09 the horse unseated the rider.Heard no more since. If this is the same Jeff Laughton, he allegedly runs a pub in Cheshire somewhere and according to the blurb I received was an owner with his own colours etc. I never took up his offers if I remember correctly he was wanting ODDS TO, so I wasn’t interested.Regards etc.

  21. David Wilkinson says:


    I had 4 tips from Jeff Laughton. They all lost. I still get the occassional call offering tips which I decline. I believe that he is a former owner and has been warned off.

    Have fun.

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