Betfair Espionage? Really?!

Espionage is afoot, dear reader, and on Betfair to boot! Actually, that's not strictly true, as you may have guessed... but I was really struggling to think of a catchy way to introduce a product you're going to be hearing a lot about in the next week or so.

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The guy behind Racing Secrets [Exposed], still one of my favourite laying manuals (aside from my own Laying System of course!), is about to launch his new guide. Kristian Jackman is his name, and RS[E] is a classic in my opinion. In fact, it's not even on sale at the moment - it's sold out.

But Kris has been working since the turn of the year on a new guide for betting exchange users. And it's called... you guessed it... Betfair Espionage. It's not available until midday next Tuesday, but I've managed to secure a copy early, and I've got one of my review team on the case between now and then.

Kevin, my reviewer, will track it's performance, and feed back ahead of the launch so that, when it's available - and if it's any good! - you can grab a copy should you so wish.

Basically, don't buy it until you've read the review here early next week.

<<<Full Betfair Espionage Review Here...>>>


Moving on, and one regular reader rightly pointed out that after my previous wailing and gnashing of teeth at the deceitful way Racing Post introduced their charging model, I had been very quiet on the actual costs.

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Well, this is true. So let me put the record straight. As far as I am concerned, Racing Post offers the most comprehensive statistical and form database available anywhere for UK horse racing.

The changes they've introduced have misjudged the market somewhat, and their website has serious usability issues which are slowly being addressed.

However, I have no problem with them charging for their superior content, as long as the price was reasonable, and appropriate (i.e. you only pay for what you actually use).

I believe that with the different package offerings, RP have actually got it about right. £7.50 per month equates to 25p a day. Their daily paper costs £1.60 (I think - don't buy it as I use the online version). So it's hard to argue that they're overcharging.

Personally, I've signed up for the full package on an annual basis, as I use it in my business and it is a fundamental tool to which I refer every day.

So... yes, we've become accustomed to a good thing whereby we've had the best for no cost. As my dear dad often says, "You get nothing for nothing, and very little for sixpence". However, for £7.50 - in my opinion - you're getting a great deal of data for not a lot of folding.


Disaster struck on Wednesday, when my tip Convallaria fell on her way out of the parade ring, and almost certainly ran part of her race there and then. She did ok in the contest itself, but was never going to be able to challenge after expending that amount of nervous energy. She was very well backed, so presumably the rationale I presented was sound enough...

Today at Newbury, I'm going to be against Deloria in the 2.00 race. She's got a very tough draw to overcome, and there are any number of potentially decent fillies in opposition. Middle is the best place to be, and on that basis (as well as the stable) Transvaal Sky is a tentative pick.

It's a similar story in the 2.35, where Emerald Commander is well berthed to run a big race. I won't be taking 6/4 about him, but I won't be against him either.

Up to Hamilton tonight, and Blue Tomato, who was formerly smart, is now down in the selling division, but at eight years young he can still give these a run for their money. One slight worry though is that he does tend to get a bit outpaced early. He's got the right chap on board tonight though, and I reckon he'll win.

Best of luck to you with your fancies, and remember to keep an eye out for the review of Betfair Espionage early next week.


4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
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  1. norman says:

    So Matt

    you pushing more useless rubbish like a lot of what you have suggested in the past……give us a break

    stick to your poor racehorse selections and stop creaming off a signing on fee to something you say is a world beater……

    then we all buy it and….surprise, surprise……it bombs !!

  2. Kevin says:

    £7.50 per month probably isn’t bad if you use it everyday however some of us can’t access it five days a week because we work at places where it is against their Internet policy.

    Plus I already get a lot of what is available with my Raceform subscription. So since you had to pay I haven’t visited their site.

  3. Andy says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just looked at the blog at 7.20, saw your post about blue tomato and had a punt. I like the horse and hadnt looked at the card.

    Cheers for that! 4.21 on the Fair 🙂


  4. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt

    I jumped in on the Racing Post an got the first pricing at £5.99?

    When I came home in the afternoon,they’d put it up to £7.50.However they sent an email saying they would not me make pay the higher for a year.

    So in my eyes a bargain at the price.



  5. Andrew says:

    Matt – Great site and always great insight from yourself . The Racing Secrets Exposed site is a great system and one I purchased on your say so so thanks for that. I can’t though agree with you on the Racing Post costs. After finding employment post the Woolworths demise , I’m now a 5 day a weeker and only study the post on a Saturday. To be faced with a charge of 7.50 a month for on average 4 days reading I think is excessive. Surely its not beyond the wit of man to have a payment structure where the weekend punter is charged a reduced fee for access on a Saturday or Sunday / both? Until that happens I’ll use the other sites to get the necessary info. Cheers Andrew

  6. graham says:

    Read and did follow the volumes yesterday on bet fair and did make some cash,but you got to be on the ball because the volumes change quickly,just like spread betting in the markets.
    if he has got a programe to set your markers short then fine it should work,lets see what his plates are set at then the picture will be there to be seen.By the way blue tom romped home as did prescots inmate which just read out more ground was wanted and saunders obliged with a nudge or too smackers in the bank.


  7. paul says:

    Hi Matt
    I am surprised and and dissapointed that you seem to think that the racing post have got the balance of things just about right.I live in Ireland and pay e2.50 every day on the racing post,I prefer to read the newspaper rather than look at a screen for hours plus I can take the paper more or less wherever I go.I find the site useful for looking at the next days cards but they won’t even alow me to have the forcast S.P’s for free no I would have to pay £7.50 a month for that.I don’t want their stats they are not as good for my needs as the ones I get for free on the Free Timeform site and as for their Tipsters and their Blogs I don’t want those either.I buy their bloody newspaper every day and I can’t get tomorrows S.P’s they are penny pinching gits and I wish there was another daily racing paper that I could buy.
    All the best

  8. mattgiffin says:

    good tips again matt considering it was the day for non runners,never had so many void bets……….

  9. donkers says:

    Tom and Norman,

    I think you must be reading a different blog to the rest of us. Either that or you expect every tip (which costs you nothing) to win. A 3-1 winner, another winner albeit at odds on and thus a no bet and one loser appears to me to be a profit of 2 points! Matt and his mate Gavin have a pretty good strike rate with their free tips and information. Some ‘professional’ services charging £50 a month or more can’t make a profit and many are making consistent losses. If you follow every bet and tip from anyone ‘blind’ then you’re a mug. Take note, do your own research on the race and make an informed decision as to whether YOU agree or not.If you do and it wins, then be greatful that you were pointed in the right direction. If it loses then accept that the theory, although sound, didn’t translate into a win on this occasion. That’s the way it goes! Losers can’t see past the present. One winner and everything is fanatastic, one loser and suddenly it is time to jack it in, blame the jockey, the horse, the trainer, the tipster and everyone apart from your own deluded desire to make a fortune in a few days or to have a magic system that never has a losing bet and requires absolutely no effort or knowledge whatsoever.

    As for buying systems Norman it is very apparent that Matt is saying do NOT buy this system yet and even if his review is positive, only buy a copy should you so wish to do so. No one is picking your pocket, no one is forcing you to buy anything and the phrase ‘world beater’ doesn’t appear in any review that I have read. Have we ALL bought these sytems? That’s news to me as I haven’t bought any! That is a personal choice, not because I think they are all rubbish, or that the reviews are biased in order to generate sales but because I have developed my own systems and methods over five years from taking the time and trouble to LEARN about horse racing. I have bought systems in the past and having taken elements of logic and common sense from them and refined them into various strategies for backing and laying I have found ways and means that work for me that I am happy with after much trial and error,

    Being dogmatic or expecting one simple formula to make you rich is totally unrealistic. You have to know what you are doing and have confidence in your own knowledge and ability to make the right decisions more often than not.

    I think a lot of systems that are sold do work until they become over-exposed and a large number of people are trying to apply the same strategy at the same time. Whether backing or laying this can affect the fine margin between success and failure through having to back too short or lay too big. I prefer to find my own angles on races, not be a ‘sheep’, make my own mistakes and learn from them the hard way. But if Matt tips up a horse and having had a look at the card and agreed it looks a decent bet then I will have a bet. That is my choice and thus my responsibility if it ends up costing me if it runs like a drain.

    Finally the RP. Again the reply ‘rubbish!’ doesn’t constitute a reasoned counter-argument as to why the pricing structure is unfair if that’s what either or both of you think. It is self evident that people’s perception of value for money will depend on how important a tool the website is to their betting. Surely anyone who needs the website in order to work their successful systems and methods shouldn’t begrudge paying £7.50 per month for access to the database? Even if you only use it a couple of days a week. If you can’t afford 25p a day you should seriously consider whether you can afford to be gambling at all. It seems absurd that people will chuck £20 at a horse in a class 6 seller then moan about the 25p they can’t afford or refuse on principle to pay, that might have made them realise, had they made that small investment, their £20 was destined to stay in the bookie’s satchell from the moment it left their hand.

    For those for whom the whole website IS a fundamental tool then over the course of a year the full package will pay for itself many times over. I happen to be able to get what I need from the RP website from the free data. There is one website in particular which is an absolutely fundamental resource for me because it collates data and ratings for all horses over their entire career and allows easy and quick cross referencing of all the horses in a race to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses over every conceiveable combination of course, distance, ground, weight. The things that really matter. It shows which horses are likely front runners, which are hold up types etc. It costs nothing but I would happily pay £20 a month for it because it is absolutely essential to how I operate my systems and methods. Another free resourse shows the effects of draw bias, which courses and distances favour front runners, which favour hold up horses and armed with that knowledge I’ve got a pretty decent edge already. E.G. laying a front runner in running at artificially short odds knowing the likelyhood is that something will overhaul it is the final furlong at course A or knowing that the hold up horses are unlikely to find the required time and space to catch the speed horses at course B. If I needed the RP to the same degree then the cost would not be a concern, and £7.50 would be cheap. But I could manage without the RP website if necessary as I mainly use it to see the racing cards and results so to me there is no point in paying for it when that information is freely available elsewhere. So it is a free market, supply and demand and one person’s bargain is another’s waste of money. There is no right or wrong. Just winners and losers.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Donkers. Very well said.

      The only thing I’d add is that – in all honesty, and bearing no malice whatsoever – I have no idea why anybody would come to Geegeez if they’re not interested in horse racing systems and tips.

      I would just think that there must be something better, more productive and more heartwarming for those individuals to engage in than a public slanging match of a free resource (

      Of course, people’s views on RP are personal to them and I respect everybody’s right to agree, disagree or sit on the fence in relation to my perspective on the issue.


  10. donkers says:

    Cheers Matt,

    I too respect people’s right to agree or disagree but only if they engage in a rational, reasoned debate and attempt to justify their point of view. I can’t respect people who speak only in black and white and try to discredit decent, honest people with simplistic statements such as ‘pushing more useless rubbish!’ without a shred of evidence to support it.

  11. Simon says:

    Hi Matt

    Any news on Betfair Espionage yet please ? – I have a link and it’s on sale from today £49


  12. leo says:

    do not bay Betfair Espionage yet…this crap about 300 only end 9 to go……take your time chek ppl we cen trast revews with resolts.
    eny way u cen get eny e-book this days on blogs. jest take your time .
    at £49 on klik bank (100% refund np)1 mast ask if he make £200-£2000 a day way u sale to me end u?

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