Betfair Giving Away Free Money…

A quick Saturday post, dear reader, to advise you that the annual 'get new customers' jamboree is under way.

Yes, in the midst of all the hype and buzz of first the Champions League quarter finals, then the Cheltenham Festival, and then the Grand National (and then the start of the flat season!), the bookmakers are clamouring to convince you to place your investments with them.

Which is good news for everyone. Because in order to persuade you to wager with them, they are offering f-r-e-e m0ney. Jolly decent if you ask me. (Obviously, they're not skint, so they do expect to recoup most of their generosity, possibly multiple times!)

Betfair has taken an early lead in the offer stakes by encouraging me to encourage you to sign up with them. Now, of course, I know that most of you already have an account with Betfair. If you do, fine.

If you don't, I'm not sure why not, because typically you'll get 15% or better odds than the bookies. Would you sooner pay £3 a pint (which I'm afraid it is in London), or £2.55? [Stupid question, I know.]

Anyway, here's the deal. You sign up with betfair using a special code, and you will get £50 if and when you bet (or lay) £50. Me? I will get £40 if and when you've had £150 matched. So, if you only ever bet £50, that's very cool: you get £50 from Betfair, I get nada.

And if you like the better odds there, and you end up betting more than £150, I'll get my forty notes. You're a winner guaranteed; I might be a winner too.

Note, you can only get the bonus cash if you use a 'Refer and Earn' code, and mine is 9ACDL9RV9

The link to open a Betfair account is here:
And you need to answer 'Yes' to the 'Refer and Earn' question at the bottom of the application page, like so:

Refer and Earn

I know this is a bit of a spammy post and for those who already have an account with Betfair, it's probably no good to you, unless you are going to open another one to take advantage of them.

So please forgive the Saturday intrusion.

Good weekend to all,


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