Betfair Renegade Preview

BetfairRenegadeThe latest wonder system doing the rounds, dear reader, is called Betfair Renegade and I've acquired a copy today with the intention of putting you straight on whether it is anything like the hype that comes before it.

Betfair Renegade is a laying system, which looks to oppose horses towards the top end of the market, based on a set of simple enough rules.

Now, first up I have to say that my immediate impression when opening the short eleven page document was, "what a pile of back-fitted junk". And time may very well bear out that initial preconception.

But let's be fair. Despite one system rule that I'd ignore if it was relevant (the rule says to exclude Catterick and Ripon, which is patently nonsensical [It's not relevant because - aside from a little jump racing at Catterick, there's nothing to exclude.]), the concept has at least a modicum of merit.

Indeed, when I ran the rules through Racing Systems Builder (my last data disks received here in San Diego with glee just yesterday), the rules returned a loss of around 20% at SP. The question is whether that's sufficient when laying at these odds and when taking into account Betfair SP.

I should also add that some of the grammar in the document stinks and if you're easily put off by such things, you might need a whisky and a chair before opening the virtual pages. Nevertheless, despite all these reservations, it will be interesting to see how the Betfair Renegade fares...

To identify the runners outright would be to pretty much give the game away, so I'll instead tell you the race and the number of possible qualifiers (there is also an odds stipulation which means the possibles may not all qualify).

Today's possible Betfair Renegade lays, including funnily enough Catterick (where there are no candidates),  are:

Ayr 1.55 - two potential qualifiers

Plumpton 2.05 - two potential qualifiers

Plumpton 3.10 - one potential qualifier

Kempton 7.50 - one potential qualifier

Kempton 8.20 - one potential qualifier

Kempton 8.50 - one potential qualifier

If you just can't wait to find out how things go, check out the Betfair Renegade here... (Warning: I have a Marmite feeling about this - we'll either love it or hate it!)


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  1. nigel says:

    I have recently bought this system, and will be testing along with you as from today. The main thing is you can try for two months and as long as you don’t go broke you can get your money back. If you make a priofit then it is ok lol
    all the best Nigel.

  2. Andrew says:

    Betfair Renegade, Betfair Millionaire, Betting Warrior, Betting Sniper, Betting Salvation etc., etc., etc.
    Aren’t they all a bunch of over=hyped crap designed and cross-marketed by the same bunch of misfits?
    Just wondering what made you decide to actually spend the time to review this latest installment from the back-fitted factory?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Andrew

      I have reviewed some of these products in the past. Typically, they turn out to be dross but just very occasionally they surprise me.

      As I said, this one had merit when I ran it through RSB it looked interesting (and yes, I didn’t expect that!). So we’ll see. I wouldn’t advise anyone to purchase it at this stage. Rather, watch and see what happens over the next few days / weeks.


  3. Edy says:

    Such overhyped crap packages deserve to be ordered and returned in a week’s time for a full refund!

  4. Colin Metcalfe says:

    GHB Lite seems to be the product that is being pushed
    at the moment. What do you think of this Bot for just
    short of £100 ?

    While we are on the subject of betting systems
    has everbody else received the ‘free’ tip on The Missing
    Link, which lost for the first time in 25 Saturdays (wow,
    how unlucky was that), followed by the offer of the free
    system for only £5 postage ?

  5. Colin Metcalfe says:

    Hi Matt, is the ‘Geegeez free 3 reports pop up box’ configurable ? It’s a nightmare for readers of the blog who catch up on the latest instalments via the iPhone ! I spend half my time chasing the close button around the screen.

  6. Paul Ruffy says:

    Hi Matt,
    I honestly believe we’d all be much better off simply ignoring these “rip-off” systems altogether, and spreading the word on how to spot them. – Rather than paying them lip service with tests.
    Its obvious to me that this is just another attempt at extracting money from people with a slick sales page and copy, but with very little or no effort on the actual product.
    The fact that the sales page has virtually no spelling errors or bad grammar but the the actual system is written very poorly bears this out.

    The only saving grace is that you can get your money back as its sold on Clickbank and if your request for a refund is ignored, simply forward the receipt to and state that you require a refund.

  7. david montague says:

    this betfair renegade…or whatever it is??…
    arent these lay betting type of systems all a bit…well not hit and miss exactly…more like win one lose ten??…
    what i mean is…and by the way ive tried these out…
    if you lay a horse and it looses…you win back the stake??…
    if you lay a horse …and it wins…you loose the stake plus the odds??…
    if it wins you loose times the odds…at say 10-to 1 that might be £30-00…to win just £3-00??…
    or am i a complete numpty who doesnt understand lay betting properly??…

  8. Simon says:

    Hi Matt,
    Hope the weather is better out there than here…

    If you look at the Excel s/heet (BR’s “past” performance) you will see a few occasions where the drawdown (adverse bank position) has been quite significant, which is of course typical for a “system” of this nature due to those high odds – SPs, so BSPs would be higher.

  9. Jack Crompton says:

    Hi Matt
    Well, good luck with this. I have been mailshot (ouch!) with this and didn’t give it a second look. And, despite your efforts to be non-judgemental, what you have written about it so far would just confirm my initial impression.

  10. Hugh says:

    These so-called systems are literally coming out every other day at present. None of them list any results, let alone proofed results.
    One that does intrigue me a bit is “At last something that works” where I get emails listing impressive recent results ( if true) but the website tells me less than nothing about it.

  11. GUS says:

    If they are all so good why dont they let you trial them for free before you pay instead of claiming your money back afterwards

  12. Jean Bennett says:

    Having bought several of these systems, I am now getting offers of new ones every week so welcome you testing them out.

    Re Colin Metcalfe’s comments on The Missing Link, yes I subscribed for 10 weeks’ selections and, following the loss, received the system free. The system then won again last Saturday so I await this weekend’s result.

  13. hugh mcleish says:

    Hi matt in regards to hughs query i have a system called at last something that works which i have had for a long time and i also have had the mailshots as well so just wondered if you knew anything about it as i wondered if it was the same system.The site has very similar wording, but the site claims im sure that this is a new system.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Hugh

      I haven’t heard of that one, I’m afraid. Re site claiming its a new system, many old systems get rebadged and repackaged as something else, so it could be that has happened here too.


  14. ron.goodall says:

    to matt i have not come across that new system but reading comments i will pass on it ron goodall

  15. Rupert Nicholson says:

    The only glossy I have received recently is from Paul Raymond Racing, who claims connections with some of racing’s top contacts… a leading bookie ( was it Hills ?) is quoted as saying I fear Paul Raymond and don’t want to be taking his bets.
    Paul says he knows he has only one chance to impress you, the potential client but no free trial is offered only a chance to pay him £37 I think it said for a month trial.
    I’m slightly vague on a couple of things here because the flyer has now gone for recycling!
    Oh that reminds me, I haven’t put the bin out yet for the morning!

  16. Rupert Nicholson says:

    …I had a flyer a couple of months ago from Sam Carter Racing offering a free trial, if I didn’t make a profit from the trial he would pay me £500, he said!
    I never heard any more when I returned the coupon. Does anyone know anything about Mr Carter?

  17. Carl says:

    It’s good to see the occasional glimmer in the gloom…but re Jean Bennet’s comment (Dec 2nd 2009 @ 10:14pm.) In the fact that I was offerred, via a management co., the free trial selection for Sat. Nov 28th. (which lost). This seems to conflict with Jean’s statement that “The system won yet again last Saturday.” Based on the claim that the system won every week from Sat 6th June until Sat 21st Nov. it begs the questions “how come Jean’s sel. won last Sat. yet mine lost! and what date did the loss occur that resulted in her receiving the system for free in view of the supposed sucesses between June 6th to Nov 21st.

  18. Kris says:

    Hello Blogheads,
    as a first-time visitor to this blog from Australia, I would like to say thank you to all those who post comments here, as it makes for informative and educational reading. There is more truth in this single blog than just about all betting/laying systems combined. I have enough copies of losing systems to wall-paper Neil Spencer’s “million pound home in the suburbs”……and also fill the boots of his “Range Rover Sport, brand new BMW M6, and his Aston Martin”…….. seriously Matt, you run a well respected site, but how could you fall for this rhubarb??
    Two things about Neil’s Renegade web-site that do not add up:
    i: first and foremost, there are no contact details….
    ii: if he has all this wealth, cars, mansions, stays in 12 star hotels where ever he goes, and makes a quarter of a mill. a year…….I will cut and paste a copy of a line on his site, where he is talking about the price for his “revolutionary system”: “Heck, I’d pay fifty grand for that, if I could afford it”. Unquote. Did anyone else notice this??
    Man, is he shooting himself in the foot, or what??
    Well, that’s just my two bob’s worth, as I see it. What, me cynical?? Never……
    Keep up the good work, Matt, I do enjoy the site.
    Our search for the ‘Holy Grail’ continues…….
    Regards all,

    P.S.: I hope the rain lets up for you guys up there.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Kris

      Thanks for your comments, and I’m glad you find the feedback from other readers instructive – I do too!

      Regarding Betfair Renegade, one of my jobs with the blog is to separate the hyperbolic BS on the sales page from the actual product, and make an objective decision on the latter, irrespective of how stomach-churning we collectively find the former.

      It is something of a fact of life that we are constantly missold stuff – thin glamour models hawking diet products, for instance.

      The bottom line is and always will be the bottom line with racing systems – does it make a profit? That’s what I’m trying to establish with BF Renegade (and indeed any other product that crosses the Geegeez hearth).

      With that in mind, I’ll continue to track it, and time will tell!

      Thanks again for your comments.


  19. Gerben says:


    I’ve tested it and It is a really crappy system!

    You win 2 you lose 1 ( but thanks to high lay prices you come out negative )

    The day after: you win 3 you lose 2 … same story….

  20. Jeff and the Mutt says:

    Ref Betfair Renegade, the usual warning bells are, “Was £199 now only £49”, and “Only 200 copies will be sold, hurry while stocks last.”
    Nice photos of the car, house and hotel lounge, I wonder whose they were, that should convince a few.

  21. ryan says:

    re. Carl
    December 4th, 2009 at 2:11 pm
    Having read ur comment the first thing that came into my mind was the derren brown tv show and how he picked all those winners in a row. If u didnt c it basically he picked e.g hundreds of people and a horse race with e.g 7 horses. He equally split them into groups and each group got selected a horse. He sent out a tip to all those people, meaning some group won. Then the winning group was split again following the same process, SCAM!

  22. peed off says:

    i have just finished sam carter racing tips trial (of my own doing) avoid this at ur cost you will never see the free bet as he is still trying to get in to profit can we stop these bogus people

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