Betting Speed Evolution Review

Betting Speed Evolution review

Betting Speed Evolution review

Betting Speed Evolution Review

There's been a lot of buzz and hype about the Betting Speed Evolution launch in recent days, and this post is my review of the software, rationale and service.

The first thing I have to do is place my cards on the table, so you know from the outset that I've been involved in a consultancy capacity with the marketing side of this product launch, and also on the usability side of the product.

OK, with that out in the open, let me tell you about the BSE.

What is Betting Speed Evolution?

Betting Speed Evolution, as the name suggests, is based on figuring out the likely fastest horse in the race, and betting accordingly. I know of a couple of speed rating services which perform very well, and I'm a fan of the concept, which is under-utilised in UK racing. (It's much more popular in places like the United States, where the Beyer speed figure, printed in their equivalent of the Racing Post, is THE number one selection tool for most punters).

How does BSE work?

Where BSE differs from other 'speed ratings' based products or services is twofold.

Firstly, it takes an iterative approach to the ratings, rather than just looking at the highest rating (i.e. fastest single race recorded). This filters out flukes and those performances which are unlikely to be replicated, and instead looks for horses which are on an upward performance curve in speed terms.

Secondly, the BSE software does all of the number crunching for the user. If you want to operate it in simple mode, just click the 'Get Selections' button and you're done! You'll have a list of horses to back and/or lay (depending on what options you chose, and how you prefer to bet), and you go ahead and back/lay those animals.

How has Betting Speed Evolution performed?

Obviously having a software tool facilitate in the hard work is a wonderful thing. But only if the 'hard work' part actually pays dividends. So what results has BSE produced?

In 2012, BSE has recorded a profit of 642 points, so far! That's absolutely stellar. This figure is derived from back to a low percentage of a betting bank at Betfair SP, and with all commissions deducted.

I've personally seen these results being compiled on a daily basis and can vouch for their veracity.

Will BSE continue to perform at this level?

There is only one reason that BSE would cease performing at the level it does, and that is that the number of users backing the same selections pushed the back choices down in price and the lay picks up in price.

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This would affect the profitability of the service. This is the precise reason that the vendor (more on him in a moment) has a strict limit on the number of licenses available of 300.

It's simply not in his interest to over-sell the product as I've seen him using it personally on a daily basis.

That said, once he's sold his licenses, and watched the market for negative impact, if there is little or none, it's possible that BSE might be offered to a few more people. Possible. But unlikely, knowing Michael.

Who is behind Betting Speed Evolution?

Betting Speed Evolution has been designed and built by Michael Wilding. Michael runs the successful Race Advisor website, and is very well regarded by his peers as well as his website visitors.

He's been teaching people how to bet better for years, and this is his first major foray into offering a software selection tool. (He has also previously released a training course called Puntology).

I've known Michael for about three years, and have worked with him in the past on a couple of occasions. He's a straight up guy and, most importantly, he really knows his racing onions.

He was involved with a number of the big American betting syndicates earlier in his career, and has brought a lot of that US racing knowledge and applied it to UK racing.

A couple of other things to note, which are probably already apparent from the above: Michael Wilding is a real person, and that is his real name. He's not one of these actors operating under a pseudonym so they can repeat the dose under a different guise in two weeks time. Michael has been around for ages, and he's a top bloke.

What does BSE cost, and is there a guarantee?

BSE has two license options: an annual license, or a lifetime license.

The annual license is available for £127 per year, which is about £10 a month. Incredible value for something which has generated over 600 units of profit. Betting at minimum Betfair stakes of £2 would have seen the subscription covered with over £1,100 left over!

Michael only wants to work with people who want to work with him, so he's offering a full no quibble guarantee with BSE. If you're not happy with it, or can't get it to work, or don't think it's a great addition to your portfolio, he'll refund your investment.

You've got 30 days - more than four full weeks - to evaluate the software and make your mind up. So you get to try with no risk.

Where can I get Betting Speed Evolution?

As long as there are licenses remaining, you can get BSE from this link:

Again, full disclosure. If you decide to buy BSE from the above link, my company will receive a commission. You pay no more for being introduced in this way, but I just want to be up front and clear about the link above.

I hope you enjoy - and profit from - Betting Speed Evolution!


4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
58 replies
  1. Johnny Cash says:

    Hi Matt,
    I got the promotion as well is sound very good for £199 lifetime if perform as it state.
    I got on silly question (no question are silly right?), why doesn’t Michael or BSE offer payment as Paypal??? This will give me the confident when request a refund – it only offer credit cards and some strange alternative to Paypal – will credit card payment have the same refund policy??

    Johnny Cash

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Johnny

      Like you say, no such thing as a stupid question.

      Let me put it like this, if Michael doesn’t refund you, I will do it myself, such is my faith in him. He’s an absolutely stand up guy, and you need have no worries on that score, should you not be happy with BSE.

      Hope that helps,

      p.s. Why not PayPal? Because they don’t very much like betting related products and have a worrying tendency to close or freeze accounts!!!

  2. Paul Statham says:

    Matt, could you please tell me when using the BSE software is it possible to obtain the selections the night before, or can they only be derived on the actual day of the races.
    Thanks Paul

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      I’ve checked with Michael and the selections are in there by 6am each morning. Not the night before, I’m afraid.

      Best Regards,

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Matt
    I read through the info and sounds really interesting especially with yourself and others endorsing it. When you join and the software is sent is it in email file attachment form or a link. The reason im asking is im on my phone at the moment and would wait till i get in if its linked to the device you purchase it from if that makes any sense?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave,

      Yes, it’s a link and you’ll also receive a license key.

      Hope that helps.

      Best Regards,

  4. Ian Hughes says:

    Hi Matt,
    Do you know if the software will work on iPad/iPhone as I work 12hr shifts and the PC’s in work are all locked so to obtain the info would need to download to iPad/iPhone

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ian

      I know it works on Mac. I don’t know about iPad/iPhone. I’ll check with Michael.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m afraid it doesn’t work on the devices, Ian, but it does work on Mac’s.

  5. Atholl Blair says:

    What are the profits to SP Matt? Level profits I mean?

    So that we can get a realistic idea of how the market will affect the profitability of these selections. You can blow smoke with backdated BFSP stats, you know, but if you want to be true to your audience, like you’ve done on all of your tests before, then surely you should be the one asking this question?

    Or is it just all smoke and mirrors???

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Atholl

      The profits to level stakes were presented in the launch sequence build up, in the section called proof. Everything Michael has done has been completely up front.

      Betting to level stakes, at £10 per bet, netted over £1,300 – 130 points – through Betting Speed Evolution.

      I prefer level stakes myself, and there’s no ‘smoke blowing’ here. I merely happen to think this is an excellent product with sustainable results.

      As a point of interest, as you may know, I’ve been helping Michael with his launch. One of the things I’ve been advising on is keeping a close eye on liquidity. That’s why a) he decided to cap the odds for selections in the software (the method finds plenty of bigger priced winning horses but liquidity/losing runs means these are less commercially viable picks), and b) he decided to cap the number of licenses.

      Checking BSP’s yesterday implies there is no effect on BSP so far, which is great news for everyone.


      p.s. regarding profits to SP, I just don’t think that’s relevant any more. If you want to carry on shopping in Waitrose, while everyone else is buying the same brands in Asda for 15% less, that’s up to you. But the smart shopper gets the best price. The best price is at Betfair almost exclusively.

  6. Robert Paget says:

    I wish people would be upfront about the actual cost , this does not cost £197 but £236

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Robert

      The actual price is £197. Alas, the Government insists on taking 20% of the sale price of most things for its own purposes, some of which are value added to the community (many of which are not, but that’s a debate for another day).

      Best Regards,

      • minniedaminx says:

        Sorry Matt, have to agree with Robert on this one. Unless you are buying wholly and exclusively for a business purpose (in which case, you would be able to reclaim the VAT if you are yourself registered for VAT), then the price quoted SHOULD include VAT. IT vendors were (rightly IMO) b*******d for quoting ex. VAT prices in adverts to consumers about 20 years ago – and on most IT vendors sites these days you will find VAT-inclusive prices or both. The invoice (or email receipt) still has to split out the Net and VAT elements, but the customer should know up front (before being asked to pay) the full price including VAT where it is charged.

        Excuse the rant, but I find it inexcusable that tipsters/system sellers should be attempting to sell their products without bothering to acknowledge the simple fact that they will have to charge their customers at least 20% more than *they* will be paid. Why should VAT be treated any differently to all the other charges that the vendor includes in their pricing (card charges, clickbank/paypal commissions etc)?

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Minnie

          It’s a personal question, really. There isn’t any standard practice, despite your reference to the IT sector. In point of fact, the de facto in the ‘information business’ which is what this comes under, is to quote ex VAT.

          I don’t have a strong view on the subject so am simply stating the industry facts as I understand them. Appreciate it won’t appease all.


  7. steve arnold.......future says:

    i suppose the figures quoted are betting ALL selections , what about leaving out all odds -on shots and betting to just 9/1 max as i read as suggested , so 2.00 to 10.00 bfsp , can you give me results for just those

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m afraid I can’t Steve. It’s not my product, so the information I have is that which was publicly available. If you have further questions, I’d suggest sending them to Michael, who I’m sure will have the answers.


  8. Kevin Stickings says:

    Has there been any mention of how these selections are being generated? Something to do with speed? There’s very little mention of it at all. Just these spectacular profits that aren’t even all that spectacular. £64,000 profit this year – get a grip. You’ve not made that, the author hasn’t made that, so you’re treading on dodgy territory just by claiming figures like that.

    (Trading Standards might have something to say about the way this is being advertised)

    It’s made 100 points or so profit this year at BFSP and there isn’t even a mention of SP profits. So for all we know if we backed them outright, without taking a price, we might even have lost this year.

    Or barely broke even?

    What are the results to SP just out of interest? Every other system you’ve released yourself has been upfront about that. Not this one. It’s easy to make a system LOOK profitable. You know that. But is it really?

    “It’s not my product” doesn’t work with Trading Standards. “you know from the outset that I’ve been involved in a consultancy capacity with the marketing side of this product launch” does however. It’s the marketing and unrealistic claims that they’ll investigate.

    Was that the part you played? In your “consultancy capacity”?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Kevin, let’s be clear about something here. I don’t know who you are or how long you’ve been talking about stuff on the internet. But people know who I am and I’ve been here – under my real name with all of my personal details published – for six years.

      I’ve never promoted anything I don’t like or don’t think is at least decent and generally a good bit better. This product is excellent, which is why I agreed to help promote. I’ve been completely transparent about that.

      Next, the product has made 130 points at Betfair SP, with commission accounted for. You can’t lay horses anywhere else (Betdaq etc notwithstanding), so why quote other prices. Which part of ‘value’ don’t you get? (If people want to take early prices on the back selections, fair play).

      As far as trading standards are concerned, are you absolutely sure you have any idea what you’re talking about? Everything about how the selections are arrived at, including the full methodology, was made available for people to download during the launch event. To be clear, nobody needed to spend any money to get full access to the product. Sure, the software does the calculations for users – saving them about six hours manual crunching a day – but if some people can’t afford it or didn’t want it, the entire methodology is there for everyone. I suggested that would be a nice way to make this as accessible as possible.

      To close, I do find it somewhere between irritating and disappointing that people crawl out of nowhere to hurl pretty robust accusations around, when I’ve been online for six years and have a blemish-free reputation (because I don’t promote crap).

      Have a great weekend, Kevin, but I politely suggest you try and find a proper cause for your moral crusade, because you’re barking up the wrong tree here, friend.


  9. Kevin Stickings says:

    >>>Everything about how the selections are arrived at, including the full methodology, was made available for people to download during the launch event. To be clear, nobody needed to spend any money to get full access to the product.

    Where is it? If the full methodology is free I’ll take a very close look.

    How do I access my “full access” without paying you £150? 🙂

    • Matt Bisogno says:


      Contact the vendor directly, and he’ll send you the methodology.

      What amazes me is that, despite this info being freely available all week, you choose to spit feathers on a subject about which you know nothing.

      Quite remarkable, don’t you think?


      p.s. you wouldn’t be paying me anything. And nothing is for sale for £150. Really, you’re not very clued up on this one at all, are you. I’ll not entertain your frippery any more unless you can actually evidence something, rather than just making noise.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Alex

      Yes, like Michael said, there was a limited number of licenses. I think there are a few others who have missed out too, alas.

      Best Regards,

      • Alex Chernyak (@Lexacher) says:

        Unlucky day for me! Yesterday my card just had money enough for an yearly sub yesterday and I was intended to buy a life-time one so decided to top up my card with some extra money and … shit happens 🙁 Well I’ve signed up for a waiting list. Hope this will help some day.

  10. jason says:

    i purchased yesterday the full licencse n it all seems very good so far, early days i guess but on friday tha auto selections ended up five or six points up n todays going ok with a couple more to go….the software did also highlight the winner that beat camelot(bsp 50plus i think) ekkkne or wotever the horse was called…..

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jason

      Yes, very early days. But 6.5 points up yesterday, and today there were winners at 7.16, 8.99, 2.77, 3.5. From ten selections. There was also a losing lay at 4.3, meaning a profit of about sixteen points today.

      A pretty impressive start. 🙂


  11. Ian L says:

    Hi Matt I was in Barcelona this week and was not in a position to download BSE although I am pleased I did still follow SotD via my iPhone! I am just starting a trial of Place 2 Win and so perhaps its fortuitous for me that BSE is sold out for the moment and I dont have to try to play both at the same time. I certainly agree that speed is not used here like it is in the USA and could give a useful advantage. However one thing not clear to me about BSE was how many bets are likely per day and whether it is practical to put them all on in one go early in the morning? (Unfortunately, work can and does get in the way of my racing and I cannot be placing bets throughout the day) Any coments appreciated BW Ian L

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Ian

      Again, it’s best to contact the vendor, but there were ten selections today – a busy Saturday. Yesterday, there were – from memory – six on another busy day.

      I’d imagine the average is around four or five, but you’d get a better answer from Michael.


  12. simon grace says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just to let you know i jumped on board the bse train and so far so good, i am realistic enough to know that there may be a few bumps in the road, however being a long term subscriber to the race advisor i have been very impressed by the content Michael provides and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, would also like to say how much i appreciate the content you post online and what i receive in my emails you send, you seem to be one of the good guys out there, am sure i speak for all of us who subscribe when i say that we appreciate the work you do and the insight you provide,keep up the good work and continued success

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s very kind of you, Simon. Thank you.

      And yes, of course, there will be good days and bad days with BSE. Overall, though, there’s every reason to expect something close to a replication of recent history.


  13. Marvin says:

    Matt, you said

    ” at 7.16, 8.99, 2.77, 3.5. From ten selections”

    I think one was a non runner, so it was 9 selections 😉

    I actually used this in conjunction with other ratings and managed to get 3/5 today, and 2/5 yesterday.

    Happy days 🙂

  14. Nigel says:

    Hi Matt ,I bought the full version and so far so good fingers crossed that it keeps it up.
    I also just wanted to add that before I stumbled upon you and your site over a year ago I was a mug punter who had been ripped off a few times by some of the con men out there BUT not anymore I now use a couple of systems suggested by your good self and I am ENJOYING my puntting and winning.Thank you

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Excellent stuff Nigel. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s much appreciated.


  15. Dave says:

    Hi Matt
    I took the plunge and bought the software on Friday night. Ive got the selections from Friday and then yesterday and its made just over 17 points profit in 2 days. Im paper trading at the mo bit thats great in anyones book. I boight this mainly because you promoted it as ive been using geegeez for a few months now so thanks

  16. Mark says:

    Hi Matt,

    I missed out on this system. What other systems are worth using that you can recommend?

  17. sandeep says:

    Could anyone please share how you are using the system. I mean simple or advanced mode? Also, are you have more sucess by placing horses ? Thanks

    • Chris Worrall says:


      I’ve been monitoring the selections produced by BSE for the last 5 days and they’ve had 9 winners from 33 = 27.3% strike rate generating 3.37pts profit = 10.2% POI.
      They’ve had a total of 19 placed horses from those 33 = 57.6% place strike rate for a profit of 8.3pts = 25.2% POI.

      It’s early days, of course, but if you were backing a say £5 per selection win & place, you’d be £58 in front after 5 days from stakes of £330 and therefore well on the way to paying for itself.

      Hope this helps,


      PS This is merely my own thoughts/opinion, it’s not an official answer!

  18. Murray says:

    I’m a bit sceptical about the 300 licenses part. I missed the initial release and went on the waiting list. Got an email a few days later saying there are 18 licenses available due to duplicate orders, so I bought my copy. It’s 4 days later and the link still works and is still selling. Are we really expected to believe those 18 copies haven’t already sold? To me, it seems like the ‘waiting list’ is just a marketing gimmick and a way to obfuscate how many copies are being sold. I’d like to trust him, but past experience is making that difficult.

    • tony t says:

      murray are you trying to say you bought something from someone you didnt trust they are people like myself who are trying to get hold of a license but cant because it was snapped up partly by people like yourself who are not confident enough to give it a go .endorsed by geegeez should be enough .

      • Murray says:

        I’ve been giving this a go with real money, so your assumption there is wrong. I trust geegeez and others that have reviewed this. I’m only suspicious because, like I said, 4 days after I snagged my copy, I returned to the link I received and it was still selling. The email said there was only 18 copies available (due to duplicate orders from the 1st release) and I seriously doubt it would take 3-4 days to sell those. It seems suss to me. The link is dead now by the way so I guess that’s something.

        I’m not doubting the system, just the claim of 300 licenses. Sellers always say they’re going to restrict copies to avoid flooding the market and affecting the odds, but in my experience that rarely happens.

  19. James Marshall says:

    Pretty average results over the last week. In fact I made a small loss (doing $5 EW bets on each selection). I got an email today from Betfan (tipping service) crowing about an exclusive service by michael wilding (the man behind bse) saying that he’s given them 57 profits in the last 2 days.
    He’s obviously not using this software then!
    I’m realistic enough to expect ups and downs. I’m in profit since starting 2 weeks ago with a $100 bank, so that’s good.

  20. James M says:

    I sent an email to Mike and got the following reply. He seems like a nice bloke.

    Hi James,

    Thank you for your email. Since launch if you had been following the staking advised then you would have made a 26% ROI over 91 bets. This has been achieved with a 36% strike rate. Please also don’t forget that the software is a long-term strategy and will continue to make a profit over the coming weeks and months, the approach to a single festival is very different, I have also been following the softwares selections every day. I have attached the results since the 14th September to 1 unit bets.

    All the best,


    BSE Results.xls

  21. Andrew Gredziak says:

    I bought the system 2 weeks ago, only on a yearly license though. Very pleased with the software. Have made more than double the cost in 2 weeks. Not bad as i work 12 hour shifts 4 on and 4 off. I use the advanced method with races consisting of less than 10 runners and use dutching set profit using Betbotpro.

    Andy G
    October 1st 2012 at 22.59

  22. Jim says:

    Totally unbiased feedback here: if you had bought this software on release and done bets on only the ‘back’ selections (not lay bets), then you would be well in the red by now after day 19.

    Currently my starting bank of $1,000 is negative $440 after doing $50 EW bets on each ‘back’ selection.

    So, to the people who missed out: don’t be too concerned

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      So you’re saying you’re 4.4 points down? Whilst slightly disappointing, that couldn’t really be considered as disastrous either, I wouldn’t have said.

      Do you really think it’s sensible staking 10% of your bank per selection? I’m surprised you haven’t lost your bankroll with such an aggressive approach, in truth.


  23. trevor says:

    I agree with jim 4.86 down after day 19 with a 2% of £50 bank,but alas its now day 26 and am now 12.61 down D day is approaching will it turn around I bought the lifetime version,stay or go the next couple of days will tell.

  24. Frank says:

    Guys,just found this review thread and am now down 25% on the bankroll for wins which is not impressing me, of course, but breaking even with place bets. Am backing all selections, irrespective of price, so may need to change this. No laying.

    I do wonder how this software can accurately assess horses chances given changes in the going and wonder if the selections actually change if the going forecast is changed overnight?

    Surely “going” should be a significant factor of a horses potential speed and which affects horses differently, not equally?

    Initial impressions are it would seem it is better to lay the backing selections and only back to place finishes!

  25. steve arnold.......future says:

    quite simply the best horse racing product i have ever bought + michael is the tops also when it comes down to helping with anything , one really happy customer

    • Frank says:

      Steve, I think we would all be interested to here further about your views.

      A more detailed review on another site indicates a 20 point loss to date on the automatic selections. I am on a 25 point loss on my backing only selections.

      Indeed, Michael was good at helping, that I found as well, but it’s the results alone that must be the sole determinant of a review. It either selects winners or it doesn’t.

      So far, it does not, but then according to the test results October 2011 was a 40 point loss and winter 2011 test results overall show little bankroll gains.

      Maybe it is better to leave BSE until the spring/summer months in order to protect the bankroll until that time?


  26. Murray says:

    I too would love to know what method he’s using in order to generate such a glowing review. I’ve been using this with recommended settings and all I’ve seen is a slow but steady decline in funds. Really hoping it picks up soon.

    • Murray says:

      The ‘glowing review’ I’m talking about is Steve Arnold’s, not Geegeez. I hit reply but for some reason my post doesn’t appear under it

      • Frank says:

        Murray, the favourable review of Steve Arnold must be a fake given the lack of follow up response. As for who Steve Arnold *is* and what his motivation is can only be implied.

        All I see on my records are red, red and more red, though today, 27 Oct, saw a 4.5 point gain for my revised strategy with the auto selections. I’ll measure how this goes.

        I do find it disappointing that the software author, Michael Wilding, does not disclose daily results records for the auto selections online for all to see, and that there is no online support forum for us “lucky” enough to be in the exclusive 300 club! Where is the guidance for the advanced user for example? Have I missed it?

        • Matt Bisogno says:


          Lack of follow up does not make it a ‘fake’. Steve comments regularly on this site. I politely remind you this is not a forum, nor a place for bitching. If you have a problem with the product, or your operation of it, the obvious recourse is to speak to the vendor, Michael Wilding, who I know will do everything he can to support you.


        • Murray says:

          I have received several follow up emails with video tutorials for advanced mode etc. Maybe they went to your spam? I can’t really fault the software or support, it’s just the results that have been disappointing 😉 So far anyway.

  27. Frank says:

    Murray, results are the *only* thing that matters as this is why we buy systems for the results, not the support.

    Matt, point taken. Apologies to Steve. But I do feel that positive comments should be supported by evidence. Michael’s service is excellent, the product well designed but its test is in the automatic results. If it is only works in advanced mode then that will be a problem for many purchasers.

    Interestingly, to be positive, I have found a reviewer who is backing to place and getting great results.

  28. Murray says:

    Yeah I was mostly joking with that comment, hence the wink. On a positive note, it has performed pretty well for me over the past week or so and I’m actually in profit now. Let’s hope October was just a bad month and it improves from here

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