Betting Supremacy Review: Scam?

Betting Supremacy Review: Scam?

Betting Supremacy Review: Scam?

Betting Supremacy Review: Scam?

Betting Supremacy the latest product off the factory line, dear reader, and it has been launched with something truly novel: a video featuring a real human (just about!)

With such a turn for the better - apparently, at least - the pre-release hype, I had hoped that the latest betting system, Betting Supremacy, would turn out to be considerably better than the usual dross we hear about each week. So what did I learn? Read on to find out whether you're about to become a supreme bettor, or being supremely scammed...

Betting Supremacy costs £47, and comes with the - by now familiar - upsell on the back-end. (Never take the upsell - the product is either decent or it isn't, and you don't need another product if it is!)

It is downloaded straight away from a secure page, and comes in pdf format. Betting Supremacy runs to 22 pages, of which the system covers three.

There are ten rules, the last three of which are ridiculous and cannot be considered remotely 'scientific'. They are, without giving the game away:

- Ignore horses who finished specifically in this position. Just in front or just behind is fine... duh!

- Don't bet at these three tracks... double duh! (they're not all-weather, which might have been acceptable. Might...)

- Don't bet in these two seemingly random race types, that have no relation to each other.

Like I say, I immediately ignored those rules as they take back-fitting to a new realm of preposterosity (taking word-inventing to a new realm of preposterosity).

So what about the core rules? Well, most of them seem to be reasonably sensible, which surprised me. There could be a sweet spot for number of days; and it is possible that older horses and bigger fields impact the results.

But... here's the rub.

These slick marketing guys have got so 'advanced' now that not only do they outsource the graphics, and the sales copy, and the video recording (I expect), but it strongly smells to me as though they're now outsourcing the actual system research!

Again, if they'd employed someone who knew anything about horse racing in the UK, that would be fine. But it appears they haven't.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Betting Supremacy is - I am 100% certain - researched using Adrian Massey's system generator. All of the rules are exactly back-checkable using that facility.

So it's easy for me to tell you exactly and specifically whether it made a profit. Answer? Yes. Despite itself, and the ineptitude of the minion who likely spent months hammering arrays of variables into Massey's machine, the system does show a huge profit since 2008.

BUT... let me scratch a little deeper...

Here is the overall picture from 2004 to yesterday (all of these figures are to £100 stakes at estimated Betfair odds):

Bets Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds
16297 2238 13.70% 104.20%

And here is the annual breakdown:

Bets Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at Est. BF Odds
2004 2169 288 13.30% 99.80%
2005 2308 287 12.40% 89.50%
2006 2714 377 13.90% 104.10%
2007 2685 355 13.20% 98.20%
2008 3032 442 14.60% 116.00%
2009 3236 471 14.60% 112.10%
2010 153 18 11.80% 90.80%

You might well have had a breakdown in some of those years!

This is what it meant in monetary terms (from end May 04 to present):

31-May-04 -3266
30-Jun-04 -889
31-Jul-04 -4267
31-Aug-04 4063
30-Sep-04 3035
31-Oct-04 4585
30-Nov-04 1319
31-Dec-04 -497
31-Jan-05 -6215
28-Feb-05 -6521
31-Mar-05 -7447
31-May-05 -11672
30-Jun-05 -18579
31-Jul-05 -22106
31-Aug-05 -18250
30-Sep-05 -22220
31-Oct-05 -21638
30-Nov-05 -24576
31-Dec-05 -24684
30-Jan-06 -21640
28-Feb-06 -23814
31-Mar-06 -25153
31-May-06 -24643
30-Jun-06 -28449
31-Jul-06 -27002
31-Aug-06 -23023
30-Sep-06 -23270
31-Oct-06 -19305
30-Nov-06 -20168
31-Dec-06 -13683
31-Jan-07 -11150
28-Feb-07 -8798
31-Mar-07 -12446
31-May-07 -22461
30-Jun-07 -24695
31-Jul-07 -21137
31-Aug-07 -20854
30-Sep-07 -14720
31-Oct-07 -20084
30-Nov-07 -21961
31-Dec-07 -18604
31-Jan-08 -13635
29-Feb-08 -14916
31-Mar-08 -15132
31-May-08 -5245
30-Jun-08 1107
31-Jul-08 6632
31-Aug-08 14399
30-Sep-08 18873
31-Oct-08 23676
30-Nov-08 25688
31-Dec-08 30053
31-Jan-09 28120
28-Feb-09 36789
31-Mar-09 44866
31-May-09 58123
30-Jun-09 60427
31-Jul-09 64461
31-Aug-09 58429
30-Sep-09 65501
31-Oct-09 66273
30-Nov-09 69680
31-Dec-09 69135
30-Jan-10 66189
08-Feb-10 67722

As you can see, at June 2006 (having started from January 2004), you'd be almost THIRTY GRAND down. Gulp.

If you take the view that something's changed since 2006, which is material to the results (I can't see what myself), then you could argue a strong case for the results since then, which show a profit of almost 800 points (truly staggering).

But that's a big 'if'.

Let me put it another way. How's the punting discipline? Would you follow Betting Supremacy through a run of 20 or more consecutive losers, and continue to shovel on the £100 (or whatever your unit) stakes diligently, losing race after losing race?

Betting Supremacy had - count them - ONE HUNDRED AND ONE such losing runs, including fully 24 when there were 30 or more losers in a row!

It takes a titanium betting bank and an iron constitution to stomach that.

Betting Supremacy Review Summary

What looked on the surface promising enough, came firmly unstuck when further scrutiny was applied to it.

Betting Supremacy is blatantly back-fitted and, whilst some of the rules have merit, the amateurish nature of the research shines through as brightly as the midnight sun in the sleepy Icelandic man's house with no curtains (arguably not my best analogy ever...)

As is often the case (I think) with these systems, a potentially golden idea is turned to lead - in some kind of weird reverse alchemy - by the ineptitude of a production line team without real betting / system research experience.

You might actually even have a bit of fun with this system, albeit to very small stakes. But as a serious investment tool and the end of your financial worries? Please, look elsewhere...

[Sidenote statement of the glaringly obvious: nobody should be looking at any betting system as the answer to the end of their financial worries. I know you know that, but I just want to be clear that we Geegeez people strongly advocate responsible betting.]


Your first 30 days for just £1
36 replies
  1. stephen says:

    cheers m8 nice to have someone out ther telling us
    ther is a lot of Scams going on ,i pay for 3 sys for the horses thats software, and gust what all the same sys,what doing is puting a new name to them,

    anyway m8 keep the good work up you do on here

    all the best to you


  2. Tony Clarke says:

    Cheers, Matt
    I was actually leaning towards buying Betting Supremacy until your email arrived in the nick of time. Phew! That was close.
    Thanks again.


  3. colin says:

    But Matt, it is those last 3 filters that are going to make the returns explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is the usual none native English speaker sales letter, just look at the Grammar and phrasing and the usual affiliate culprits are promoting it with promise of a follo up lay system upsell.


  4. Roy says:

    Hi Matt
    Thanks for your excellent review! Today there are eight ‘affiliates’ on my computer all promoting this rubbish system! I hope they read your report and withdraw their support but of course they won’t as they are all parasites and should be ashamed of themselves!


  5. Daniel says:

    I have to admit, I was leaning towards buying as well, but hung back in the hope that someone such as yourself would have given a verdict on it. Thank you for being prompt in your assesment. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dave Panther says:

    Hi Matt,the work James Fitzmaurice and yourself is invaluable to us punters,keep up the great work exposing the scammers.I think it would be a great idea if James or yourself would publish a top ten systems list in terms of profitabillity say,in the last twelve months and maybe then we could all start making some money! Cheers

  7. denis says:

    Thanks again Matt for showing us that its still not safe out there. I know i have said this before but why oh why do people still fall for this. If you put the time and effort in you can develop your own method of selection using information freely available on the net or in your daily, i did and i haven’t lost money since i started back in August 08. Sorry for the rant everyone but it so bugs me to think that people are still falling for this cr-p.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Denis and everyone.

      Firstly, thanks for the support, and it’s definitely one of the things I like to highlight on Geegeez. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time on ‘product x’ launch day to get a copy and put it through its paces (and, sometimes, it’s not as transparent as this one).

      Regarding why people buy these products, it’s quite simple, I think:

      1. Many people don’t have the time to research their own systems
      2. Many people don’t have the inclination to research their own systems
      3. Many people don’t have the knowledge to research their own systems
      4. Many people believe what they’re told in sales letters (and I think they should be able to, and so does the law!)
      5. Many people do believe that its possible to pay £47 and receive a blueprint for £30,000 a year (this part IS ridiculous)


  8. Ken says:

    Hi Matt,

    I can’t believe I nearly fell for another system, after saying never again! Your email saved the day, again. Thank you for the reveiw. Kind regards, Ken.

  9. Matt Kennedy says:

    Hi Matt, many thanks for alerting us to this latest scam. You are doing an excellect job keeping us informed and your work is much appreciated. Thanks again.

  10. LF says:

    You will be alright buying systems if you steer clear of ones that use The Template.

    For example:

    “Broke 25 Year Old Badger Keeper Finds Betfair Loophole Of Big-Time Professionals Hidden In Mao’s Little Red Book That Allows Him To Pull Down 52, 136, Or Even 289 Pounds Per Day Starting With Just 20 Pounds!”

  11. Harvey says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just a line to say how good it is in this day and age to have someone who is prepared to give an honest opinion on the continuous pile of rubbish that keeps appearing.

    I for one always take note of your comments and will continue to be guided by them.

    Do keep up the good work.

    Kind regards.


  12. Peter Colledge says:

    Well done, Matt…another first. I did watch the video and found the guy interesting; I was naturally sceptical but thought perhaps this bloke has found the crock at the end of the rainbow. Now you have proved himself a crock!

  13. James Fitzmaurice says:

    Hi Matt I was going to tackle this myself as usual your a quick worker 🙂 Splendid…

  14. Brian says:

    Hi Matt

    Cracking feedback as usual. I’d looked at the website where it sets out the rules with bits missing and as soon as I got to “didn’t finish _th last time out” I groaned and switched off. Thanks to your previous writings I can now spot back-fitting easily.

    Keep up the good work.



  15. Clive says:

    Thanks Matt. I have decided never to buy any of these again but it is reassuring of you to confirm my doubts.

    To date I have not really bought one that I have not consdiered myself.

  16. louis says:

    what i was thinking has already been said,thank god there are people like you around otherwise these slick salesmen would make more of a killing from desperate punters like myself who are hoping to find the holy grail of horse race systems.If i am tempted again i will get in touch with you if that is ok?

  17. Graeme says:

    I am so sick and tired of having this tishllub crammed into my in-box. It is coming to the point I don’t belive anything anyone says anymore.

    But,there will always be those who swallow EVERYTHING hook line and sinker. What a shame they don’t read the reviews posted on here.

  18. patrick says:

    thank you for probably the best assessment of a system I have ever seen .

    you have undoubtedly saved many people not only the price of the system but much time, stress and losses.

    people fall for these promises for the same reasons that they will fall for so many ideologies of all types: they desperately want to believe.

  19. Anthony says:

    On systems I have developed a good soccer one of my own. But have you done a review of ‘The Favourites Phenomenon?’ I have looked into it,but who can you believe these days? Are the reviewers also selling the product.

  20. John says:

    Hi Matt,
    Same here, your a star but what about denis’ system he mentioned having, which has not lost money since 2008!!!
    Any chance you could winkle the details out of him???
    All the best,

  21. jim says:

    I was looking at this spiel with a jaundiced eye and wasn’t seriously considering spending any money on it – but there was moment when i just KNEW it was a scam – just look at the 3rd picture in the testimonials section – the geezer is so obviously a model in a model pose that I burst out laughing when I saw it, I didn’t need to read any further – if they need to set up pictures of so called satisfied customers, how can I trust a single word they say.

    Carry on the good work Matt

  22. Paul says:

    Anything regarding systems that come into my inbox carrying the prefixes betfair or betting followed by life changing suffixes I just
    delete. Ask yourself why would anyone who had a such a profitable system sell it . I researched my own laying system, which makes a
    profit every month, would I sell it ? No.

  23. rob says:

    thanks matt
    was intrigued with the video but have learned(the hard way)not to buy a system until i’ve read a good review from your site,keep up the good work.

  24. Bob says:

    Thanks for your review of this scam.
    I normally tend to ‘read between the lines’ of these sales letters and you seem to do the same. At least we can have a good laugh at them.
    This is an excellent review and hopefully it will prevent people loosing their money to these scamsters.
    Thanks again.

  25. hibby says:

    hi matt….great review of the latest dross being punted….had to admit the guys video interview may have swayed me but on closer inspection of the rest of the sales letter the tell tale signs were there…this looks like a new tactic from the marketeers …its great that guys like you are helping to keep these low life out of business…well done …cheers mate

  26. John says:

    Good work mate,have you any feedback on Betting Sniper which I am being bombarded with at the moment?

  27. LF says:

    Hey John, Betting Sniper uses The Template, per my post above.

    Actual heading:

    “Former Shop Assistant Swipes The Betfair Horse Racing Markets With His Easy, Step-By-Step, £6,234.88 Per Month Super System…”

    “Imagine £100.00’s In Your Account EVERY Day Of The Week…”

    May as well select horses randomly with a pin rather than buy this system: you will end up in the same place.

  28. Peter says:

    Listen people,and listen carefully,there is and never wil be a system for horse racing that will generate consistent profits for sale on the internet or anyware else,if anybody would have a system that generates thousends a month why would that person wants to sell it for a lousy £47.00 pound or so?
    It’s not about the money they would make selling the system,they don’t need the money from the people buying their so called system,they would make much much more betting on the horses using the system.
    Also if all the people buying their system starded to put huge bets on the same horses the liquidity would go down drastically.
    Believe me,if there is a winning system out there you will never find it for sale,anywhere!


  29. denis says:

    At last, well said Peter and lets hope that that particular penny has now well and truly dropped with those that are still purchasing from these scam merchants.


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