Betting Terminator Review

Hasta la vista, dear reader, for today I've got the Betting Terminator review! And I'll also be previewing the Triumph Hurdle...

First up is a review of the much-hyped Betting Terminator betting system. It's a simple system for backing horses, both flat and jumps, both here and in Ireland. Costing £57, there are just three rules housed in a whopping 115 page manual(!)

To be fair, after the usual bluster about how to understand odds, etc., the system is presented on pages 18 and 19; the staking plan (such as it is - common sense really) is on page 20; and the remainder is given over to the results since 2003.

Again, in the name of fairness, the results I checked were accurate, and do seem to be quite consistent at around 20% a year, and an average of 80-100 points a season at SP.

But... but... BUT...!

I've just sat through the longest eighteen minutes of my life! You see, the normal sales page that was there when I bought this earlier has been replaced by... a video... with no 'fast forward' control (in fact, no controls at all!)

Personally, I think that 'experiment' - if that's what it is - is tantamount to commercial suicide, but it might work very well for them. Probably not, but it might.

But that's not all. There also appear to be a series of inaccuracies in what is - without question - the most nauseating, over-hyped, bullsh*t sales video I've ever had the misfortune to sit through.

If you manage to get through the full eighteen minutes, they should give you the bloody system for free!

All that said, the rules are straightforward, and the system might just continue to perform. I'm tracking it for a month over at to see how it goes. Click here to track its progress: Betting Terminator review. My advice is DO NOT buy this before you've seen the trial over the next three or four weeks. It won't sell out (that's just more flannel), so wait a while before taking the plunge.

If you feel the urge to flex your plastic today, have a think about my Horse Racing Experts package. It's ten quid cheaper than the Terminator, and about a hundred times better value (although there are less Uzi's!). If it's not sold out again, you'll find it here...

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Now then, back to what I'd previously planned for today. A preview of the Triumph Hurdle, the big 4yo novice race at the Festival. The trends are no better than reasonable, but I still think I've found a live one... (don't I always?!)

First up, seven of the last nine (remember that in 2001 there was no Festival, due to mad sheep disease) Triumph winners won last time out, and the other two were second. Of course, a fair few of the key protagonists will run again between now and the Festival so this is a precarious stat to employ, to say the least.

More robust is that eight out of the nine had won before the end of January, and - notably - only Katchit had won above Class 3 company prior to end January. Put another way, it's normally a horse with scope for improvement, rather than a ready-proven beast that, erm, triumphs in the Triumph.

The last five winners of the race were 9/1 or shorter, and all nine were 20/1 or shorter, so don't be looking for a huge shock.

All nine had between two and six runs and, again quite interesting, is the fact that five of the last six winners had just two or three runs prior to March.

Finally, the last SEVEN winners were trained in the UK. Given the annual proximity of a number of Irish horses to the top of the market, this might be a great eliminator stat. (As usual, I'm not saying an Irish horse can't win. Rather, I'm highlighting that usually they're a little behind the best of the Brits - or they tend to run their best as 5yo's in the Supreme Novices' Hurdle).

So what does this mean in the context of the ante-post market? Let's take a look:

Odds Horse Best to End Jan OR Trained?
7.5 Mille Chief 1st Cl3 Nov H, Kem - UK
10 Pistolet Noir 1st G2 Nov H, CD - UK
12 Secant Star 1st 4yo Mdn Hdl, Gowr. - Ire
14 Alaivan 2nd G2, Leopardstown - Ire
14 Carlito Brigante 1st G2, Leopardstown - Ire
16 Royal Mix 1st Cl3 Nov H, Newb - UK
16 According Not raced over hurdles - UK
20 Westlin Winds 1st Cl3 Nov H, Hereford 136 UK
25 Advisor 1st, Cl3 Nov H, Ascot - UK
25 Pittoni 1st G3 H, Punchestown - Ire
25 Notus De La Tour 1st 3yo H, Auteuil 122 UK
33 Cross Appeal 1st, G3 H, Fairyhouse - Ire
33 Barwell Bridge 1st, Cl4 Nov H, Ffos Las - UK
33 Sunwise Not raced over hurdles - Ire?
33 Olofi 1st, Cl2 Nov H, CD 133 UK
Odds Horse # Runs LTO Comments
7.5 Mille Chief 3 1st Due to run in Adonis, making four seasonal runs
10 Pistolet Noir 2 1st Changed stables to P Nicholls, due to run tomorrow at Cheltenham
12 Secant Star 2 1st Considered to be a chaser in the making - hurdling a bonus
14 Alaivan 2 2nd Jockey felt they went too fast lto - what about Triumph?!
14 Carlito Brigante 3 1st Wants better ground, which he'll get at Chelt'
16 Royal Mix 1 1st
16 According 0 - Unraced, bought from France (stayer on flat)
20 Westlin Winds 3 2nd Entered tomorrow at Chelt, which would be 4th run
25 Advisor 2 1st Goes straight to Triumph now, big chance (Zaynar won Ascot race last year, Binocular in 2008)
25 Pittoni 2 1st Entered next weekend at Leopardstown
25 Notus De La Tour 5 1st Not top class in France, looks limited
33 Cross Appeal 3 4th Entered next weekend at Leopardstown
33 Barwell Bridge 2 2nd Behind Advisor at Ascot, runs at Donc today
33 Sunwise 0 - Bought 135,000 Guineas from John Oxx for Highclere, trained by P Nicholls
33 Olofi 4 1st Improving sort (never ran flat), could run well at big price

As you might be able to see from the above, Mille Chief must be on the shortlist. Sure, he's not got amazing form in the book so far, but he ticks all the boxes, and will have his chance to prove his class at Kempton in the Adonis Hurdle in a few weeks time.

Further down the lists, and the one I'm really sweet on, is Paul Nicholls' Advisor. He's two from two, and will now head direct to the Triumph. The form of his win at Ascot last time may be as good as anything in this sphere. As Nicholls himself said after the race last weekend, "There have been no stars so far and I have one of the favourites in Pistolet Noir. Advisor has pleased me so much and he will not run again before Cheltenham.

Zaynar won this race which is a good pointer. I really like him. He jumps, he travels and a better quality race will suit him better."

Indeed, not only did Zaynar win it last year, but Binocular won it the year before. And the fact that Advisor won at Newbury previously adds further lustre to his chance, in my opinion.

At around 16/1, he's a cracking each way bet for the stable that won this two years ago with Celestial Halo.

As a more speculative poke, one could do worse than have a tickle on Tom George's Olofi. He's had four runs already, but when you factor in the fact that he never raced on the flat, he might be the most inexperienced horse in the race. He's definitely still improving. Whether he's enough scope in the tank is a moot point, but there are certainly many worse 33/1 shots and he ought not to be too far away at the business end of the race.

So there you have it. It's a little tricky to project how this might go, with a number of these scheduled to have their most telling examinations between now and mid-March. One who is done with his prep and will be focused on the big day henceforth is Advisor, and he's my top Triumph tip.

Selection: Advisor (16/1, general)

Alternative: Mille Chief (15/2,

Speculative each way: Olofi (33/1, general)

Have a great weekend!


p.s. Did I mention that my Horse Racing Experts package might still be available?! 😉

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Avatar
    Paul Whelan says:

    Sorry, and fair play to you Matt, but I couldn’t make it past five minutes! Did this guy used to introduce “from Norwich, it’s the Quiz Of The Week”? because I’m sure I recognise the voice. But I shouldn’t mock, until I know better. Surely though, a candidate for the new BAFTA’s award (Bullsh*t Academy of False claims, and Thieving A*seholes) I’m thinking of inaugurating.


  2. Avatar
    James Fitzmaurice says:

    Th actual sales videos leading upto the launch were robots. So this surprised me Matt, Paul…

    There is no Ian Ramsay and there is no Rob whoever either.

    Kevin Schmidt never uses his own name but he is 150% behind this I have the proof if needed by anyone, the only difference is his marketing has got slightly more advanced. Oh and heobviously outsourced and paid someone to do the main 18 min sales video.

    Some Dont like my style, they wonder why I dont just come out and say what i feel…



  3. Avatar
    tony says:

    Hmmm Betting Terminator,more like exterminator.
    First email from mailing list says how they have literaly tens of thousands on the so called hot list,next email it goes live.
    Then the follow up emails lol hurry may be gone by midnight ,tell me if i’m wrong in my maths but tens of thousands waiting and only 300 available and they still haven’t sold out =utter sales crap.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Spot on Swiss Tony, that’s why I urged people to check the trial before buying. It’ll still be available next week and the week after, I expect. Unlike Horse Racing Experts, which has sold 96 copies and will be closed again in quarter of an hour or so.

      “Selling stuff online is like making love to a beautiful woman…” 😉


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Haha, very good Sam.

      I was thinking more about valuing your customers, and demonstrating your credibility, and trying to avoid make false promises that inevitably lead to statements like, “That’s never happened to me before…” – obviously, when your system finds four losers in a row, that is! 😉


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Michael

      Roulette is an entirely random pursuit, with every spin independent of every other spin. A system for roulette is as useful as a system for the lottery, I’m afraid…


  4. Avatar
    tony says:

    HAHAHA Matt
    nice to see that you remembered swiss tony,but alas even he couldn’t sell some of the crap out there lol


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