Bettors Code Review: Read This!

Bettors Code

Bettors Code

Bettors Code is the latest offering from the 'fancy graphics', slick marketing betting system conveyor belt, and I grabbed a copy first thing so I could let you know my thoughts.

Funnily enough, I had actually quite enjoyed the freebie they put out earlier in the week, which showed how to play bookies' place odds off against Betfair. An old strategy but a good one.

So I had an open mind when I paid my £27 for Bettors Code this morning. Naturally enough (these days), I was presented with an 'upsell' opportunity: a chance to pay more money for a bonus add-on. In this case, I could receive the selections each day for a £17.

No thanks I said. So I received a second opportunity at £7.

No thanks I said. So I received a THIRD opportunity at £1 (presumably then going up in price in the future, hidden somewhere in the small print).

Having safely navigated the upsell-orama, I downloaded the Bettors Code manual, a 40 page pdf document.

Scanning the contents page immediately got my dander up, as I couldn't actually see the promised betting system.

After some usual fluff about 'how to bet', and 'how to use Betfair', the manual takes a nose dive.

There is then a magnificent (ahem) ten 'strategies' and 'systems', which collectively are a supreme triumph for quantity over quality.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

Another factor that will assure you of more returns is whether a horse is considered a top favourite this season. Many expert punters have proven that a top favourite horse has a high probability in coming first in a race. You can confirm this by checking the record of each horse. provides this to punters all over with a click of button.

Your first 30 days for just £1

What? Seriously? The favourite has more chance of winning the race? Whatever the hell a 'top favourite this season' is...

How about this one, from the 'Speed Selection Betting System'?

Contradiction in Bettors Code

Contradiction in Bettors Code

No first time starters here. None, that is, except for the two of the first five on the race card, conveniently highlighted by my arrows...

I mean, please, if releasing a betting system and promising massive payouts, at least try to make it look credible.

And so it goes on.


This looks for all the world like a collection of free elements located at various places on the internet, cobbled together by someone who a) doesn't have English as a first language (no harm in that of course, but in this case it makes the manual very hard to comprehend), and b) doesn't have the first clue about horse racing.

Moreover, it talks about things like 'trifecta wheels'. Now as an infrequent US race goer, I know what this means. But I'm guessing most of you don't. It's certainly not the idiom of the UK race track. [For info, a trifecta wheel is a permed tricast with a banker or two in its midst: for instance, you might ask the cashier for 1 and 6 over 1, 6, 7 and 10 over the field, which means either 1 or 6 to win, one of the four mentioned to be second, and any horse to finish third. Sorry you wondered?!]

I have to say that in my time I've had the 'pleasure' of reviewing so many systems, and I actually believe this could be the very worst one I've ever seen. Ever. It really defies belief that this could be offered as the method by which you're going to make '£4,122.47 On Near Autopilot', as the sales copy states in the clipped tones of the latest hired down on his luck thespian.



On a happier note, we now have just on fifteen signed up share holders for the Geegeez Racing Club 2010/11, which is encouraging. I'd really love to run the syndicate again this year, though only if we get the required numbers.

So if you previously indicated your interest, do head over to the Racing Club page, and sign up.

I have received a number of emails from people saying they'd love to get involved but the cost is prohibitive. So I'll review the situation over the weekend, and am considering a payment plan (four equal quarterly payments of £175). Please leave a comment to let me know if you'd be  interested on those terms.

Ultimately, it will be great - no, it will be fantastic - to run the Racing Club again this year, but if there's insufficient interest, then so be it.

Let me know your thoughts please 🙂


Finally, how about a bit of Thursday Fun? I watched a video this morning of a ladies' football game, and one player in particular - Elizabeth Lambert is her name, red 15 is her shirt colour and number - shows the sort of pluck and steel that I don't necessarily commend on the pitch, but that would have sorted our sorry bunch of insipid, self-obsessed prima donnas right out!

This girl is mean. Really, really mean. Ha!

That's all for today.


p.s. Do let me know whether you're interested in the part payment plan for Geegeez Racing Club 2010/11.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the info on Bettor’s Code. Did you notice that they use the same domain as Bookie Bomber – ??


  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Wouldn’t it be worth throwing away a quid to see how they can justify what they come up with as selections if there is no actual method there??!

  3. Mike Yorke
    Mike Yorke says:

    Phew, thanks for the info this confirmed my thoughts that the system was a another load of hype. I too have seen the pre-purchase offering several times before. I have also found the advice given in a PDF document “scam_course_bst.pdf” that can be downloaded from bettingsystemtruths for free to be very enlightening.


  4. John
    John says:

    Thanks for the review. Its good to see more ‘professional views’ assisting us to avoid the shysters.

    I have over the past few years purchased many systems promissing much and delivering little if anything. I was at one time concerned that Clickbank would reject my next purchase as I had claimed so many refunds. I now am getting to know the ones to avoid thanks to yourself, James Fitzmaurice and a few others.

    Everyone should do what I do and unsubscribe from any person touting this c**p. If there are no affiliates willing to push the junk then their sales will dwindle and they may just b****r off to some other unsuspecting activity.

    Keep up the good work

  5. KEITH
    KEITH says:


  6. John
    John says:

    Hi Matt,
    Its great that you giving us good info regarding these good systems that people keep advertising I nearly fell for the recent one on betfair you keep that good work up it helps mugs like me. Very much appreciated. Enjoy every thing you do.

    Many thanks

  7. Fred
    Fred says:

    Hi Matt
    I’m kicking myself for not googling Bettors Code before purchasing it. Had I read your review, I would have steered clear of it. It is a load of rubbish and some rehashed stuff. If you click on the 1 pound offer you’ll find that is only for 7 days, after that you will be rebilled 17 pounds per month! Furtunately I managed to opt out of that one. I will try to get a refund for this garbage. See if he sticks to his “iron clad” money back guarantee!

  8. albert
    albert says:

    Hello MATT,

    Thank you for all your e-mails and reviews.I have a question.Many betting systems require as filter ,the POSTDATA,in the Racing Post.So ,if a horse is not a postdata selection,it is to lay it .If it is ,has good chances to win.It is POSTDATA a filter to rely on?Another filter is the favourite.But as beginner in horse racing,my problem is that the favourite in a course is often not the same in Racing Post like and may be different also from www. should i rely on?Thank you!

    All my best regards,

  9. albert
    albert says:

    Hello again,Matt

    My mailbox is assaulted with e-mails promoting Bettors Code.Thank you for warning!

    All my best,

  10. Alex Woolley
    Alex Woolley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Are you looking at the FL laying software? (Front Line). Would be interested in your views.

    Best regards,


  11. gordon
    gordon says:

    Hi Matt, thank you for your informative messages & videos,
    I have just been ripped off by a tipster using the name Michael Callen, steer well clear.

  12. Profo
    Profo says:

    I want to say thank you about the review from Bettors code System, and i was suspended it, cause in video the name from the person who made the winning amount on Betfair, was other than David, who is the author! I just want to say that i took an offer for 10 pounds discount, and so i searc a little, and i found a half price discount offer! What real good system would be selling for only 13,5 pounds??? After this i read your review and i say that if the things is as you say, maybe not for so small price have to buy it. But if somebody want to buy, here are the link i found for half price:

    [link removed]

    I just change last number (was =1 at the first price), and from 1 to 6 there are 6 offers!!! Three of them for the picks you said! I don’t like these sites, who have so big discounts, and don’t offer them to all. It’s unfair, i think, somebody buy it for 27, another for 17, and the last one for 13,5 pounds!


  13. Fred
    Fred says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sure glad I found you! Many thanks for your advice. Just got an email from clickbank. My refund has been sent to my PayPal a/c.
    All the best,


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