Geegeez System Trials Update

BIC are on the write lines…

Geegeez System Trials Update

Geegeez System Trials Update

Hi everyone, welcome to my weekly Geegeez System Trials roundup.

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the cheesy headline and the play on words, but I wanted to draw (sorry!) attention to this week's biggest earner, BIC aka the Betting Insiders Club who made over £126 profit at £10 per point over the last seven days and they were just one of nine (out of 17!) services to show a profit over the week.

My own Testing 1-2-3 trial returned to a bit of form, as I finally got myself off the cold list and bagged some winners, making myself £83.50 over the week, whilst our weekly top three was completed by the Marmite-like Midas Method 3.0 service. Followers of our Midas review will see that it isn't to everybody's liking, but they're hanging on and made almost £70 last week.

And if nine services made money, that means there are several that didn't and the worst performers this week are as follows: Wootton Racing continued in the same vein as the previous weeks of the trial have gone, by losing more money. It was a loss of over £101 this time, which was at least marginally better than the fate suffered by Focus Ratings'top-rated selections, who stumbled to a near-£155 deficit over seven days.

The weekly wooden spoon, however, goes to NH laying service A Jump Too Far, who certainly had a week to forget, losing over £260 in the process.

And here is the complete state of play...

Your first 30 days for just £1
System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Post Racing £643.37 (at day 37) 37 £0.00 Click Here
Sovereign Racing £532.44 (at day 24) 24 -£23.13 Click Here
Betting Insiders Club £284.14 (at day 30) 30 £126.13 Click Here
Testing 1-2-3 £242.80 (at day 69) 69 £83.50 Click Here
Footy Lay Profits £143.00 (at day 37) 37 £28.50 Click Here
Football Fever £52.92 (at day 36) 36 £8.56 Click Here
1 Point Wins £52.03 (at day 49) 49 £49.82 Click Here
Focus Top Rated £51.40 (at day 49) 49 -£114.80 Click Here
TrainerTrackStats (TTS) £51.27 (at day 9) 9 £51.27 Click Here
Soccer Tip -£20.80 (at day 29) 29 £5.80 Click Here
Betting Investments -£38.09 (at day 15) 15 £0.04 Click Here
On The Ball -£46.89 (at day 36) 36 -£11.10 Click Here
A Jump Too Far -£72.65 (at day 16) 16 -£262.65 Click Here
VV Late Value Service -£80.00 (at day 22) 22 -£25.00 Click Here
Midas Method 3.0 -£83.26 (at day 44) 44 £68.71 Click Here
Hawkeye -£270.00 (at day 79) 79 -£40.00 Click Here
Wootton Racing -£296.75 (at day 51) 51 -£101.42 Click Here

(click on the name of any service for more information)

As you can see Post Racing are still our highest achievers, despite currently being on a one month hiatus. They don't provide ratings or selections in October, but there's still plenty of interesting things on their site to fill the void until the ratings return on 1st November. To date, they're over £640 to the good in a little over 5 weeks action.

In second place is Sovereign Racing, whose huge £532 profits in just 24 days have come at an ROI of almost 74% at Betfair SP with 20 winners from 72 (27.8% SR) so far at an average price of around 6.6. This week's highest earner, the Betting Insiders Club have now leapfrogged into the overall top three on the back of this weeks excellent results and at half-time in their review have hit 25 winners from 66 (37.9% SR) for £284 profit (+43% ROI).

Midas Method 3.0's good week wasn't quite enough to haul them out of the basement zone, but are now within touching distance of a return to overall profitability, sitting just £83 in the red now with still a full quarter of their review to run.

The same unfortunately, can't be said of our bottom two. Hawkeye and Wootton Racing have combined losses of almost £570 and with just 11 days and 9 days respectively left under trial, it's highly unlikely that we'll see them in the black. In fact, I doubt they get out of the bottom two.

So, that's us all up to speed and the usual drill applies here, clicking the name of a service will give you more details on that service, or you can visit our reviews section of the site or failing that you can email me at the usual address!

Have a great week,

Chris & the Geegeez Review team.

Your first 30 days for just £1